Ausgepackt und angepackt – HDMI zu VGA Adapter (Banggood)

[Google Translation]:
He had been standing in the corner for some time now and was getting dusty. My old VGA monitor that had served me well for many years . And now I wanted to use it again. Welcome to my short introduction of HDMI to VGA Converter from China. Recently I lost my display on my Linux installations on the Raspberry Pi and the Orange Pi and was destroyed. What to do now? My eyes fell on the old Nfren 38 cm (15.1 “) monitor in the workshop corner. This had only one VGA input and could not be connected directly to the HDMI output of the Pi’s. At Banggood I quickly found and ordered a corresponding HDMI to VGA adapter. And 12 days later, the product was already with me. After proven manner, I then unpacked the package from China. There was not much there. The converter, a Mantis Tek HD3 1080P, an audio cable and a micro USB cable. That was all that the Chinese had sent me. The two cables are so short, so that a satisfactory working with them is n ot possible. The HDMI cable is permanently installed on the converter. A socket for the VGA cable is on the opposite side. Then there is an audio jack that puts the audio signal on the monitor or another playback source. And I wanted to try this now with my Linux installation on the Raspberry Pi. So Pi, keyboard, mouse and later network cable put together. Then connected the converter and started up the Raspberry Pi. And it works without problems. I tested it for a short time and I am also satisfied with the picture quality. So now my old monitor again has a task and the purchase of the planned touch screen display will probably have to wait a bit. Almost forgotten. At the first test, I had not yet plugged in the audio cable. But that was done in the meantime and works great. Thank you for watching. If you are interested in my video work, then just subscribe to my channel. And if you liked this video, then raise your “thumbs up”. Goodbye and Salü from the Saarland

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