AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra 4K Game Capture – Review

oh hi guys my qa3 pixel and today I’ll be reviewing the GC 553 live gamer ultra Game Capture from avermedia let’s get started starting with a quick unboxing here we have a limited license CyberLink PowerDirector 15 keycard hdmi 2.0 cable the quick guide type c to type a USB cable and of course the live gamer Ultra Game Capture the design of this game capture is pretty cool first off it’s nice and compact and it’s built in a high quality hard plastic under the top cover there’s a red metal net that allows win from the mini fan inside the Game Capture to pass through and here we have the avermedia logo on the bottom left-hand side on the right corner it has an LED that lights up blue once the Game Capture is connected and it has a red breathing effects during gameplay recording the front and back side have a lime pattern design giving the Game Capture better air ventilation on the right side it has a 3.1 USB type-c port and on the left the HDMI and outputs on the bottom it has four rubber pads that give it better stability on most surfaces here we have the minimum system requirements for this Game Capture for PC the Intel Core i5 through 6 generation nvidia geforce gtx 1060 and for laptop intel core i7 7700 HQ and video geforce gtx 1050 Ti and both using Windows 10 64 bits and minimum eight gigabytes ram dual channel this Game Capture can stream and record a max resolution of up to 4k 30fps or 1080p with a max of 120 fps uncompressed video that features a past room of 4k HDR with 60fps so before connecting anything double check to make sure that the HDCP is off you can turn off the HDCP from your consoles video settings this ensures that the Game Capture will be able to capture everything from your console and eliminates any problems you might have with digital content protection now let’s go ahead and set up the GC 5:53 first we have to connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI out port of the console and to the HDMI IN ports of the Game Capture connect another HDMI cable to the HDMI out port of the Game Capture to the HDMI IN ports of your 4k TV then we use the USB type-c cable to connect the Game Capture to the PC once you’ve finished connecting everything you will need to go to the avermedia website and download the rec central for software install it and you’ll be ready to play a report after you open rec central 4 you will see the live gamer ultra displayed in the capture device section this software is very intuitive and easy to use and is divided into three sections the first section is capture and stream this is where you can set up your live stream scenes to stream take snapshots record your gameplay and multi stream on different social medias at the same time in this section you can choose which resolution you want by selecting your game capture and from capture device description and clicking on the pencil icon then a window will open where you can change the source name select the decode format the resolution and the frames per second the second section is media share this is where you can preview all your photos and videos and share them on your social media and lastly the third section is settings this is where you can set up where your social media will be saved create your custom streaming shortcuts hair your social media and export and import your streaming you can also find a special section dedicated to the Game Capture just select the live gamer ultra and three tabs will automatically appear the first one is to activate or deactivate the HDCP for this we recommend leaving it deactivated the second tab is for doing a performance test this gives you a better look at the stream quality limitations according to the specs of your PC and lastly the third tab will help you upgrade your game captors firmware there for whatever reason you don’t want to use rec central you can also use OBS to do this open video capture device from sources and select a premedia GC 553 video capture recording than OBS can be useful if you want to get compressed files since the uncompressed files can often be really big keep in mind that you cannot capture HDR using any software other than rec central 4 since this game capture is plug-and-play it means that there are no drivers required so if you want to use it for your Mac you can still do so by using OBS the quality and performance of this game captures recording is very stable and doesn’t disappoint at all the latency on the PC or laptop screen is so minimal that is playable as long as you’re not live-streaming or playing online as you can see from this clip of gameplay recorded with the live gamer ultra the gameplay is very smooth without losing its high resolution currently the live gamer ultra is priced at 249 dollars USD so it’s not the cheapest game capture out there but in my opinion it’s a good investment since you’re getting a high end product that is lightweight and portable so you can carry it around with you if you compare this with other 4k game captures like the elgato hd60 pro yes the FPS can be 60 higher but it is a PCI card and is overpriced at 387 dollars listed overall this game capture is a really good option for anyone who wants to take the recording and streaming to the next level the fact that this game capture can record in 4k 30fps and passed through 4k HDR on 60fps is really amazing not to mention the availability to stream or record in 1080p 120 fps making it one of the best products I’ve ever reviewed in terms of quality and price just one thing I noticed about this product is that even after you turn off your PC the game captures fan doesn’t turn off and makes a small sound that can be quite annoying after a while and the only way to turn off the fan is by disconnecting the Game Capture from your PC and that’s all for this time let us know what you think about this game capture in the comments below don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe to the channel that way you don’t miss any of our future videos if you want to support the channel check out our patreon page in the description below where you can get access to exclusive media and more Mike signing out see you next time [Music]

27 thoughts on “AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra 4K Game Capture – Review

  1. can I passthrough 4k60fps HDR, but output 1080p60fps for streaming with OBS? And can I passthrough hdr?

  2. Hey, I consider buying this Capture Device. Do you think, it will work with the last gen Macbook Pro 13" Touch Bar? Thanks a lot and great video!

  3. Hey!
    I think it is awesome that you reply to the comments on the video, that isn't something that I see much of these days, and I respect the hell out of you for doing so.
    How does this compare compare this to the AVerMedia – Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus(4K) / AVerMedia – Live Gamer Portable 2?
    Thanks in advance! <3

  4. Sup! How can i capture my party chat from Xbox since there's no AUX input on the capture card. Thanks for the well done video!!

  5. So I bought this Capture Card and everything works UNTIL I start streaming or recording. A few minutes into it and the Capture Card freezes. Tried it with OBS and RECentral, but it freezes all the time and I need to reconnect the card to my PC to use it again. Can someone please help me? I don't know what to do.

  6. When I record on this game capture its good, but i cant have any sound , like I can’t listen to my game sound. If i put all audio on my ps4 the game capture doesn’t pick up in game sound, please help

  7. I'm getting this but wtf, there should be 1 HDMI on same side as USB so you have both the USB and HDMI going to the PC & the other end just to the TV so it's more like an bridge/little adapter on an existing HDMI cable & more flush like the HD60… Don't know why AverMedia is obsessed with putting the In & Out on the same side…

  8. I'm not sure if you really have to spend so much time describing the look of this device. Everyone can see. Especially where the AverMedia logo is…

  9. Dang, You Need A Bit Of A Beast Of A Pc To Run The Thing, It Does The Job For Sure But You Just Need To Spend A lot On A Monster Pc Or Decent Laptop Before You Even Buy It Plus No Overlays? Gee! I'll Stick To My Elgato. That Is My Opinion, But Good Vid Still Thanks For The Info.

  10. Can someone please answer this question? I have GC553 and it runs like complete shit. washed colors choppy frame rates. I've been told my CP is more than powerful enough to run the card. System requirements ask foe at least NVIDIA GTX 1060. I have 1030. Is this a necessary component for the card to function properly? I'm only capturing from Xbox and PS4. No PC game captures.

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