Bad GraFx Gamers – EP 18 “Forty Licks”

where are we get dirty dirty Aaron
Jersey the old Betty Thunder cares is just coming right off over now and so
fucking strings birth onto my skin I found them in the parking lot of our
hotel 4d each busy have little nipples are big nipples little you got little
nipples stepa at that are we start this adventure out going to cleveland ohio
ak’s a dump of Ohio James Jones check us out on the web www a little website you
can mean we don’t need a website because we got that faceless all right we got
James James the house fuzzy who’s that all right after we set up we’re going to
mosey around the conf floor with old James he’s about 10 to 20 see I beasts
next games away from completing his collection boxes haiti babi money were
killed watching well you better right no I didn’t get I
didn’t make that matey but all 174 something I wanted experience 4780 9525
we pay him ya know I got Liberty or death don’t protect you is feminine asta
q kv james also got a shining of the Holy Ark that we’re trying to buy from
he’s trying to taxes filthy filthy clevelanders a man had I’ll do 90 I said a hundred over 290 let
me see it again here’s what a goal or does when they look at it watch this hey
let me see that demons crust oh oh you see the auto I don’t want it anymore
siemens press so give me 180 here 90 and 90 what else you go all right after
getting our deal done with old James games we got our first customer Oh Cuddy
he is interested in a Nintendo game how much cash you got down there it’s
also near business sector anither 10 on $17 game I guess it’s a scratch I can’t read
scratch my back then give me a good scratch holding out a deal why are we
doing this MLM scratch my magic because you are you can’t take my shirt invited
gonna go is this going to be worth it yeah my shirt off people typically we
like to take our customers out of their comfort zone but sometimes i like to
make old gear get out of his comfort zone he didn’t seem too happy about this
one all right literally oh look at them in the eye that’s 42nd Jess patricians I
feel violated got the brand new factory feel Shining
Force DD crispy got a buyer here where they getting open it ready oh not that
your family to point out all right off to the next show a video game con in
parsippany new jersey yeah so you like ryan garko love it yeah that’s my
favorite hand yet oh yeah my favorite because either stand it up so have fun
Oh what’s on the end 104 as you see rygar pick it up a little higher rate it
gives a get the audience and synopsis of Rygaard okay so be it society side sides
throwing dice rolling shootin lagaya right so you’ll you’ll
make your way and you can choose you but there’s a trick farm robot you formal I
farm the robot all the way up soon and then from there you make your way to the
snail with snails like ollie all tails you can you over the desk you just gave
them how do you cut easterling and ha ok let go like they’re like you spin don’t
say much she likes curvy is rough you got experience and ro gets like a finish
like that’s wrong yeah it goes from here to here no doesn’t oh this is covered Oh
problem it looks like a scar right now are you gonna unless you ever occur can
really do alright we’re back at retro palooza for and we couldn’t fit the rest
of the footage in so we thought we just slide her in here are you doing their
old Mikey Dora are you looking at this loger Moore the germs right now o thinkin of goin Jen chieh let me get
that out for you perfect I’m going to cheat give a little kiss in my key so
open to 50k a month I’ll have to do a counteroffer enough now you don’t have
to come out if you want you’re trying to harder I see it in your eyes also
reported 40-man 12 bucks off about 45 hey is there is the drink I drink of
cognitive map made for you really a shot according to 40 kuna shark gonna put them both in your mouth and
you’re going to switch them around for at least 30 seconds our dirty laundry in
the dish what do you want for the good all right this is called a cement mixers
now the texture is quite familiar to the females I don’t want to get in any
detail of what that texture may or may not be like just use your imagination
it’s not a pretty sight think comes a funny word fucking Saturn
thank you right my man I’ll make sure you get in those portions
keep switched get a thick stone your lips get some modest all thought it long you eager
jatate it on our team is it what is it just keep skating I got a big mouth
without too much your how to lose that big in your mouth I’ll pop you smell
carry give me some alcohol right man all right this next bit I didn’t even know
if I wanted to put it on YouTube it’s gross so if you have any kids or you
have a weak stomach you’ve been warned so y’all need to hide your kids has a
wife a hug because they rapin everybody out here this this is this possibly a
new low for our show and I love of belief that the lower it is the better
the video is I’m going to kick you in the face in an advocate if he won’t let
you do it Jordan will cattle a continuous tone oh yeah now
make our decision i’m gonna watch the floor no no no no no let’s do it yes or
no unilever do it oh we got error here he’s going to be toh toh bang in Jordan
feet whether what I don’t know we’re giving them a heavy hitter don’t give
your mega man to run it in my work that’s you know $75 value you now right in my left toes be okay he
says you gotta make money now I get the other one old don’t all 10 toes all you
got to get the soxhlet oh wow that is grown look this is worse than that here
no headway all right would you rather put your ass here on your forehead or
lick dirty sock length off of someone’s stinky-ass sweaty feet answer answer
below let us know ass here do you want to link someone’s feet give his own apt
hair this is someone else’s fucking feeling still here and I don’t put back
otama if you’re eating it you made it look let some dude some of your food is
your ass alright see you soon let me ask you a question when you fart you like
that smell because it’s your fart so fucked i go dressing Oh what is you know damn oh damn now is grow your feet paint
fast a good legs under Eric what is what did you take place I will say this I’ve
had girls beat that were a lot worse even than that violator was loathe let’s
slam you’re out you know what I’m really enough that I’m not ashamed of it a lot
of people watching this do a lot worse behind closed doors right may Jordans be
gayer than that no we gave away a Mega Man 1 to them intended son instantly
regretted it mega may award Louise 18 God why thank you now i just hit number
five I think that’s a heavy hitter right there get that discount of free he’s
green would you get it I got my toes would be
ours and broke that the end of the week bill to the situation is bliss mostly
stomach rumbling hunger pain struggling mother meant to myself out of 100 none
of the party none of the stress fiddling at the first mom told me I was less just
a broke college graduates over that was the Mega Man suit oh this is
what kazoo kazoo how long even blown to do for about a year or so what’s the
biggest to do you blown around the sides I have a couple others have you ever
blowed to kazoo ease at one time well we can I want your very change do you think
about that heroes good morning very much Karim bichri thank you that was quite
easy puzzle thank you triple H is coming

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