BAD TATTOO? (3 Free Games)

Y’all want some games? Who provides the most quality original gameplay? That’s right! ME MOTHERFUCKER! Look at all these fuckers playing the same goddamn game LIKE A BUNCH OF LOSERS *spits* Disgusting! Be creative! Be original! and for fucks’ sake *brainfart* have some goddamn integrity *SWAG* *swag hurt eye* *different swag* you bitch *get rekt* a- anyway today we’re gonna play 10 second tattoo this is pretty exciting because we’re probably the first one to have ever played this game ever in the video game universe *EARTHQUICK* Ten Second Tattoo, baby *Too much Mtn Dew* I’ve never been a tattoo artist before but I have at least two- tattoos so that means IT MEANS I’M BETTER THAN ALL THESE PUSSY ASS! BET THEY WOULDN’T EVEN GET A TEN-SECOND TATTOO! I’D GET A TEN SECOND TATTOO ON MAH FUCKIN’ ASS! “Hey, I’m looking to get a cartoon flag” How does it work OH SHIT Oh Mah Gawd A cartoon flag Lemme just fill that in for ya Aaaand Omg *laughs* ahahahahahahah ahh uhh halp “I’ve given this a lot of thought, I need a thorny squid.” Papa Poods gotchur back *my lips are tasty* This looks nothing like a fucking squid. Are you fucking kidding me.. “I’ve made a huge mistake” Yea you’re fucked. *laughs* hnghts “Do a Satanic sea monster” Dude this is way too HARD!!! like mah dick Oh I know I got a good idea *buzzzz* And then the gills Dude that is so cool man! You look fucking awesome! another one WUT DA FUK PANIC!! Alright I’ll do a keut-ass fucking cat Heyyy! That’s pretty good *Laughs-pewds is proud of his cat* That is a happy cat man.. 8D I want a geometric fruit basket! 😀 Uuhh.. Aw! Oh shit! :0 Um.. I’ve been wanting this FOREVER!, a sexy kitten! ;D *wtf?* Holy shit, me too 😀 Let’s make this, and let’s make this right! 8) Groovy music intensifies THE GROOVIEST MUSIC EVER 😀 OH YEAH PEWDS… PFFTAHAHAHAHAHAHA AWH MAN! 😀 AWWH YEAH!! You look fucking man!! YOU’RE WELCOME! 😀 Quick! What’s the worse tattoo you could possibly get.. Done! 😀 PPFFFTAHAHAHAHAHAHA x’D Actually i’ll take that back, i’ll take that back.. That’s not funny xD THIS IS THE WORSE TATTOO YOU WOULD POSSIBLY GET! 😀 How about.. Like just crying… A pair of balls Okay, we clearly lost all form of committee at this point :T Next game it’s called “The body” It’s supposed to be sad.. 🙁 Alright! I’m walkin’ home.. With my coat, my tre- trench coat in the back… It’s a pr- pretentious little art game.. Ayyyyy i was- ehwas-eh, we’re walkin’.. That’s how you walk! Just move your knees.. Brake your ankles every time you take a step! 😀 Aaand now we’re back tooo the.. What i now think is a body back! 😀 I’m pretty sure it’s a body back! o.o Also and you can make anything sad to Max Ritcher alright? Like i’ll prove it to yah.. Cute cats.. Nouh.. Look at those cute cats… So cute O_O Look at his furry little fur head *-* This one looks like it begs for food D: I bet it’s homeless T_T This one is clearly dying! This one wanted to become, a lumber jack.. This one was just straight up weab.. Aand.. This cat… I’m pretty sure this cat is possessed by satan ._. Alright that was uhhh.. Kinda ruin it, didn’t i? xD Pfftahaha x’D That was rid.. Alright..Next time we’ll amours our self in a better move- NEXT GAME PLEA- Wtf Pewds? xD We’re gonna do a horror game! 😀 This one takes places in a Swedish modern home! 😀 Game’s called “Notes of obsession”.. Wow.. See this look really fuckin’ cool man O_O This look amaaazing! 😀 This remind me of… Allison, Road or whatever.. o.o Is that..Oh wow O.O This is so immersive! That is a nice ass couch, looks uncomfortable a bit.. THIS IS SO DOPE!! 😀 And i never use that word, you know it’s legit man! x’D Alright what we’ve got here… Hand-boken for… Nyb-(What?._.) Okay so handbook for New-Newrlie, parents Fuck me man, i could’ve… OH MY GOD.. 6 Years u_u 6 years i’ve played horror games.. I still get scared… By a shutting door 😀 (Gg Poods xD) Hey look at this! I’m living the Swedish dream man! Good for you man! 😀 I LOOVE THIS- THE- THE FEEL OF THIS.. Like.. You really feel like you’re exploring a home! And so far… It’s fun! 🙂 So far… I mean exploring in games is fun! x’D As long it doesn’t go on for too long -_- It’s goin’ on for too long isn’t it? -__- JESUS CHRIST I’M BORED .-. This feels.. Oddly familiar Like it’s freaking me out man, i don’t like it D: Okay something’s making that noise! O_O Woow O.O So i think.. By looking at the hands, we’re a female=.=This is so cool! O_O Waat.. Does that mean?! o.o Now why would i do that?.. I’ve never seen anything like this! Okay i interacted with a satanic symbol… WHAT THE FUCK!? OH MY GAAAAAHHHHHHH.. What am i doin?! D: How about the closet? o.o *Gasps* Wow :

100 thoughts on “BAD TATTOO? (3 Free Games)

  1. My back screen is PewDiePie when I zoom in you know it's press full screen the black is actually PewDiePie for me

  2. i saw in the list Jack and Dan lol XD so Felix i've got to say your not the only one who has played 10 second tattoo even some people in the comments have played it sooooo Felix your not th only only one proof 0:48 lol.

  3. OMG I ACTUALLY ALMOST SCREAMED I LITERLY YELLED WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT AND THEN PEWDIEPIE YELLS IT but omg its hard for me to watch him playing horror games because I panic a lot and need to pause it to breathe and calm down because its the chasing its if someone is chasing him I panic and freak out but I don't think I'm particularly scared maybe?

  4. 5:30 was Poods wearing an engagement/wedding ring? I know sometimes he wears rings but… It looks like a wedding ring

  5. Jacksepticeye is actually pretty freaking cool stop roasting them you just hating I'm sorry sweetie pie just that I used to watch him all the time stop roasting him he's your friend he just wants to make YouTube videos that just wants to be popular

  6. Jesus can you fake more reactions? No disrespect tho. But this is why i love new pewdiepie more then this pewdiepie. So staged so faked. I hate fake reactions. But now he shows he is just he. Real felix. Instead of this faking reactions for youtube money bullshit.

  7. You think you are better than any other youtuber in this website but you suck a lot of regurgitated shit you give up too easily i beat i
    wanna be the guy i bet you could not even pass the final boss you worthless thing that cannot be called human being all these channels are better than yours jacksepticeye would be god compared to your channel worthless shitty abomination

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