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– So what is the best
video editing PC this year? In this video, we’re gonna be checking out a build from MSI that is insane, to see if it lives up to the title of the ultimate video
editing machine, coming up. (electronic music) Hey, what’s up, Sean
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consider subscribing. And hey, at any point during the video, check out show notes and links in the YouTube description below. We’ll list out all of the
components and specs of this build as well as other resources as well. Let’s jump into the video. So I’m super pumped to be partnering with MSI for this video. They sent out all of these PC components to help us build the ultimate
4K video editing machine here at the Think Media studios. And we’ve been expanding our team, and we’ve really wanted
to have a pro setup. Now, a disclaimer, is
this isn’t a budget setup, but it actually is pretty reasonable considering the performance. And after a few weeks of testing this out, we have been blown away
by the performance. We edit in Adobe Premiere Pro, all settings are set to max resolution, and it just has effortless
scrubbing on 4K video files. We’ve stacked multiple
video files, added LUTs, added blend effects on
multiple layers of video, and it had no frame dropping whatsoever. And I also caught Kyle
testing a few games on the PC, and it crushed those as well,
so much so that he actually was able to export a video project while playing Battlefield 1 and didn’t see any performance drop. That’s ridiculous. And, when it comes to
exporting 4K video projects, this build is insanely fast. On Kyle or Omar’s MacBook Pro’s, even the newest version, and
my other video editing PC, a lot of times, a 10-minute
4K project will take around two times as long or
two and a half times as long. If you add LUTs or any
kind of effects on there, it might take even longer. But this machine consistently
was exporting 4K projects with heavy effects in about half the time of the project length. Crazy. So where does all that
performance come from? Well, let’s jump into the
components of this PC build and talk about some 4K
editing tips as well. So the first component of any
killer video editing machine, of course, is the motherboard. And this is actually something
I notice a lot of people kind of overlook, because
you gotta keep in mind, the build is only as
strong as the weakest link. And this one is built out
with the MSI X299 SLI Plus and this is an incredible motherboard. It has support for the
latest X-series CPUs with up to 18 cores, so all
the latest Intel processors. And it also has new technology including the digital power phases,
and it will support two M.2 drives, and one U.2 drive. Now, we’re going to
touch a little bit more on why that’s awesome a
little bit later in the video. And of course, this
motherboard is SLI compatible, meaning, if you want to
put in two video cards, two GPUs, you’re good to go. But one of my favorite
things about this motherboard is all of the I/O ports, right? As content creators, we
use a lot of accessories, we use a lot of external hard drives. And this one comes packed with
eight USB 3.1 generation one, three USB 3.1 generation two, so that is the latest
technology there, super fast. And eight USB 2.0 plug-ins as well. And two of those ports
are lightning USB 3.1, which enables you to transmit data up to eight gigabytes a second. And I love having all
those ports because one, you’ve got the new technology
with USB 3.1 generation two, meaning you can have blazing fast speeds as accessories catch
up with that new tech. But then, you also have
plenty of USB ports so you don’t need to use a hub, you know? You want to avoid any
bottlenecks in your system, and a hub is just a, one USB port that then splits off multiple devices. It’s nice that you can have everything go direct with this build. Now, another cool thing
about the MSI board is two gigabit ports. Now, one of those is where you’re going to plug your internet in,
but having a second one means that you could also
have super fast speeds if you had, like a
server, and you could have isolated channels
communicating with that server. That’s what we’re planning on building here at our home office, so that we can have local storage that multiple PCs can pull from and this board is ready to handle that. The second component that we see in this build is the CPU, the processor. And this one has an Intel
i9 processor with 10 cores. Now, to put that in perspective, my previous video editing PC
has a four-core processor, and that’s one of the
biggest reasons why you see insane performance out of this PC. And so, again, this processor has 10 cores and actually 20 threads. And one of the ways that I
heard that explained the best is that your processor’s
cores are like mouths and your threads are like arms. And so you can imagine,
if I only have one mouth and two hands, and I was
trying to feed myself, I could chomp data with my mouth, and I could serve up food with my hands. Well, the more cores you have,
the more threads you have delivering data and the more
cores you have, you know, chomping and processing that data is going to influence performance. And so, this PC is
insane for multi-tasking, for fast rendering, exports. It affects every aspect of your workflow. And if you’re thinking about upgrading and getting a video editing
PC this year, remember this: The more cores, the better. The third essential component
of any video editing PC is the RAM, and this build
comes with 32 gigabytes of HyperX Predator DDR4 RAM. Now, experts say that
if you’re editing HD, you typically want at
least 16 gigabytes of RAM, but if you’re going to be editing 4K, or even 6K footage, that
you want 32 gigabytes. So it’s awesome that it
comes ready with that. Now, additionally, MSI has
technology on their board called DDR4 Boost, which
just means that the board and the RAM work extra well together for increased performance,
speeds, and stability. Next up, we have the GPU, the video card. And this build has a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 with 8 gigabytes of memory,
and this is a killer card. Now, we use Adobe Premiere
to edit our video files and we love the Mercury Playback Engine. Years ago, when Premiere implemented that, it meant that video editing
software could start using your GPU memory for
rendering in real-time and speeding up your workflow. And one of the things that Premiere sees with that, is CUDA cores. This card has 2560 CUDA cores. Now, you don’t even need
to know what those are, you just need to know that if
you have more, it’s better. Additionally, one of
the things that I love about this card is the outputs. And as a video editor
and a content creator, you might want to be
doing multiple monitors. We’re actually going to be adding additional monitors to this setup. And so, this card has an HDMI output, DVI, but I’m most pumped about the
three DisplayPort outputs. And the technology in there
is DisplayPort 1.4, which, at the time of shooting this video, is the newest technology. And DisplayPort is really better because it supports 4K at 60 hertz,
they are locking connectors. It has a lot of other features in there, but that DisplayPort 1.4
will actually support 8K. (explosion) Mind blown. And for the setup that
we’re building here, we ordered a ViewSonic 4K IPS monitor that’s super great for color accuracy, because, of course, if
you’re going to be doing graphic design, motion
graphics, 4K editing, you want a great monitor to
support the entire setup. Now the fifth category of a killer 4K video editing PC build
is of course the drives. And the foundational drive in this build is an Intel 600p 256 gigabyte M.2 drive. Now, this is newer technology that you may or may not have heard about yet. There’s of course solid state drives as they get a little bit smaller, there’s the traditional
larger hard drives, and then there’s these
M.2 port type of drives which are really more like cards. So the drive is actually underneath the video card right now, and one of the powerful things about
M.2 drives is they’re connected directly to the motherboard. So you have increased
speeds and performance and overall results when it comes to multitasking and video editing. This Intel drive has reads speeds of 1,775 megabytes per
second and write speeds of 560 megabytes a second, blazing fast. Now this drive runs at 7,200
RPM, so it’s super fast even for a much larger drive,
for storing your media files like 4K footage, all the media components that go into editing, and together, having the operating
system running off that blazing fast M.2 drive,
having your media files on the Seagate Barracuda, is
a killer combo for editing. And as we mentioned, again,
everything scrubs fast, you can access your files really fast, it’s really impressive. And what’s cool is this
case is also primed for storage and drive expansion as well. And so, you have two
standard hard drive mounts, the Seagate Barracuda is
in one of those right now. And then you also have three
solid state drive mounts. Plus all of those SATA ports, you can add even more drives than that. But the point is, all
of your storage needs and future expandability options are ready to go for the future. And then, of course, the
final component is the case, which of course, holds
everything together. And this is a Cool Master case as well as a Cool Master
750 watt power supply. Now, what’s crazy about this build is that it’s actually very efficient. At any given time, it’s actually only using about 50% of that 750 watts. And when we run it with intense
video editing, or gaming, we’ve noticed that it only
got up to about 60% to 70% of the power usage, which
is really, really cool. Now, as far as the Cool Master case goes, you actually have a hybrid
of liquid and air cooling. With the two big fans on the front, as well as the liquid that is
cooling down the processor. And one of the most important things when it comes to editing 4K is making sure that all these components stay cool. One of the biggest causes
of crashes is overheating as well as, even bigger damage than that, and potentially a complete system failure. And so, a very thoughtful
and intuitive design for this entire build. So that pretty much covers the
components of this PC build, and as far as my final thoughts go, this PC slays 4K video, period. I mean, MSI has done a great
job of pulling together components that are really thoughtful and they all work together, from the CPU, to the video card, to the motherboard, to the RAM, to the cooling. It’s a system that delivers results and has a lot of synergy
amongst the components. But you might be wondering,
what is the investment for a 4K PC build like this? And if you add all of
these components together, you can pick up everything for right around $3,000 here in the US. Now, of course, components and
prices change all the time, so check out current prices
of each component listed out in the YouTube description below. And so, this is definitely
not a budget 4K editing PC, but rather, an investment
for professionals. You know, I think about
people who make a living from freelancing, from
doing 4K video for clients, for using video production
and content creation in their business, and if
that’s the case, speed matters. I mean, it’s the kind
of PC that you work on all day, every day, five days
a week for years to come. And if you can speed up your workflow, you speed up your business,
and ultimately, your income. And I think about even
here, at Think Media, as our team grows, as our content expands and as we’re doing more
things in more places, we’re discovering that when
we have faster workflow, from upgrading our internet,
from upgrading the components that we’re using for content creation, that it absolutely impacts the impact we’re making with our content. Additionally, what I love about this setup is the new technology and
the expandability options. Again, if you’re gonna make
an investment like this, you don’t want it to be outdated in matter of months or
even a matter of years. And so I love the fact that
there’s plenty of space to add more drives, add more components as well as lightning
USB 3.1 generation two, the M.2 ports and things like that. So that you can level this
machine up as years go on, but you also know that you have a machine that will deliver the performance you need for many years to come, right now. But that brings us to the
question of the day, and that is, what do you think about this
4K video editing PC build, and do you think it lives up to the title of one of the best 4K video
editing machines this year? Let me know in the comment section below. So thanks for checking out this video. Subscribe for more videos just like this. And if you want to check out a video about the cameras and the gear that
we use to shoot 4K video, click or tap the screen right there, for another video from Think Media, click or tap the screen right there. Until next time, Think Media’s
bringing you the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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