Best Engineering Student Laptops 2017 | Best Laptop for Engineering Students Engineering Laptop 2017

Are you about to buy a new laptop for
the upcoming school year? Well in this video we go over the top five laptops
for engineering students in 2017 a 1% Heyy 1% nation i’m Jake Voorhees and you are watching episode 28 of the 1% engineer show where we empower young engineers to
rise to the top 1% of their career choosing the right laptop can seem like
a daunting decision this is why I made this video to give you some guidance
give you some ideas tell you what to look for in a laptop so you can pick the
best product for you I know a lot of you guys are going to
understand what makes a good laptop versus a medium laptop versus a smaller
less powerful but maybe portable laptop but really quickly let’s go over a
couple facts about computers a lot of people think they need a big fancy video
card or something like this but the reality is for an engineering laptop you
just want it to be fast you just need plenty of hard drive space you probably
want an SSD so you need to concern yourself with CPU the processor you need
to make sure you have plenty of RAM probably 16 gigs at least 8 gigs of ddr3
RAM today it’s nice to have a solid-state drive so your operating
system is on that and your programs are on that but all of your files your
storage your lab stuff your music your videos is on another hard drive that’s
most likely internal you probably have an external hard drive as well but you
don’t need some big fancy video card if you plan on doing a lot of gaming like I
did in school the big Diablo 2 player back in the day Starcraft so if you’re
going to be involved with a lot of that you should probably get a good video
card along with your laptop for example not just onboard video which is not
going to support a 3d engine very well otherwise you don’t really need it you
just want it to be fast you just want a good CPU you want good RAM plenty of
hard drive screen is something that a lot of people are confused by they’re
attracted to a 17 inch screen but the reality is if you go too big it’s going
to be heavier and you may not be as likely to take it out of your dorm room
and that defeats the whole purpose of getting a laptop then maybe you should
get a desktop and you don’t have any portability but you’re going to get more
bang for your buck for the processing power so consider that think about your
lifestyle as a student do you live on a big campus
are you going to be walking to class or if you drive or ride your bike maybe
you’re a little more likely to want a bigger laptop because you’re not going
to actually be carrying it and lugging around like hiking up mountains or
whatever people do who go to college in the mountains so let’s jump right into
it guys here the top five laptops are engineering students in 2017 enjoy I
want to let you guys know that this video is written by Roberto el djem from
turbo futurecom and I’m making the video version of it let’s jump right into it
with laptop number one HP Envy 17 T as an ultra HD display 17-inch monitor
starts at about nineteen seventy five seven ten Intel i7 processor with at
least 16 gigs of RAM so it’s a pretty good deal comes with a hard drive that
you can choose between 120 and 1000 gigs we’ll highly recommend that you get more
storage space the best recommendation like mentioned in the intro is for you
to get the 500 gig SSD plus the eight gigs of additional RAM that way you have
16 console with an Nvidia 950 M graphics card so that’s going to give you a
little bit extra boost if you’re playing games or if you are rendering things in
3d spaces so it’s pretty solid and it comes with Windows 10 64 bit next up we
have the Asus video book pro this Asus comes with the six generation I 5
processor with 256 gig SSD drive also comes with a one terabyte hard drive
along with that SSD some of the key components here that it’s 4k ready has a
pretty fast Nvidia graphics card with it it has a USB type-c port which is extra
fast in addition to its USB 3.0 ports has a backlit keyboard and Asus is cool
because it comes with no junks no extra third-party programs just Microsoft
verified the Microsoft Store version for the vivió book is 779 3 the lenovo y
700 this is a touch laptop for those of you who are into that powerful
lightweight version so for students who live on large campuses or maybe walking
it’s a really good idea has a dedicated 2 gigabyte graphics card power
by Nvidia to 960m and it has a hybrid SSD drive the Y 700 comes in at about
nine hundred and thirty dollars again this is an all arounder because it is a
15 inch screens a little extra light weight touchscreen is cool so for those
of you who are into that great call for the Acer Aspire 15 gaming laptop this
comes in at $9.99 it’s a mid priced high powered laptop it’s got 16 gigs of DDR 4
RAM has really strong battery life for those of you who are on the move and
want to be really taking advantage of a powerful computer comes with the NVIDIA
GTX 1050 TI graphics cards so this thing is souped up for you gamers out there
free mechanical engineers who are going to be using SolidWorks and anyone else
is going to be using animation environments this is a good laptop is a
good option for you and 5 v recommended laptop for 2017 is the Dell XPS 15 has a
true 4k HD monitor so for you guys are into Netflix and really like to watch a
lot of videos this is a good choice for you comes with Windows 8.1 so that’s a
consideration here if you want Windows 10 that does not come with this laptop
it only has 8 gigs of DDR 4 but ddr4 Ram is a lot faster than ddr3 so I would say
that’s ok it comes with the i7 CPU and also a half a terabyte so 500 gig SSD
drive I want to also mention that the XPS 15 has the NVIDIA 960 M so it has a
dedicated card for people who again are going to be gaming or doing anything
three-dimensional animating rendering things like that Hey 1% nation I hope
you enjoyed that video about the top 5 laptops this year if you like this video
consider subscribing because I make videos for young engineers every
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engineer Cheers you
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100 thoughts on “Best Engineering Student Laptops 2017 | Best Laptop for Engineering Students Engineering Laptop 2017

  1. Hey Jake… I'm an aerospace engineering student and need a new laptop in a few weeks. I will be starting to do CAD this year and want a laptop that will last me for the next 4+ years. I do watch movies and play a few games on my laptop on occasion. Someone recommended the lenovo p51(budget isn't a huge issue) which is an absolute beast but seems quite heavy and in some ways too much. I'm a little partial to Lenovo right now because of their awesome student discount but I'm wondering what you would recommend for me.

  2. Nice video I can't believe you don't have way more likes and views, liked and subscribed

    Now what's you recommendation? I'm studying engineer in sustainable development but I always get involved in mechatronic projects I need a laptop that can handle solid works and auto cad programs but don't get slow over time I was thinking in a MacBooks pro 15inch and maybe partition it to use windows so I can get best thing out of both worlds but it also way too expensive so…? I don't know what your recommendation would be I also don't want to be buying a laptop every 2 or so years :/

  3. What is your opinion in workstation class laptop such as Dell Precision series and Lenovo P series for engineering student? Doest it worth the price?

  4. hello Fam , I major in Me Engineering. I'll need a laptop for Cad works so obviously I need a dedicated graphics card. What is the best choice for a 800-1500 $ price range ? thank you

  5. How is it with win 10 home edition? I know it is some problems with win 8 home and engineering. I always go with pro editions. But I don't know about win 10.

  6. There are way better picks than these here. I'm not saying the list is bad though. But for Engineering student you want to go hard on battery life too. Also the list could include 2 yoga devices since they will be becoming very competitive in the 8'th generation Intel processors.

  7. Hello Jake! Really good video, I'm subscribing!
    I'm an industrial designer student, possibly mechanical engineer in the future, and I work heavily with Inventor Solidworks and 3ds max. I already have a desktop pc, so I'd need a laptop mostly to move around work and keep my projects with me at college. Not sure if I'd need it for modeling but could be a possibility. My question is, what specs should I look into when purchasing my next laptop? Or which one would you recommend to me?

  8. Hi , Jake ! I have ordered lenovo ThinkPad p51 in the shop receintly . I ve not bought it yet.
    I need it for CAD programs specificlly for SolidWorks . What do you think about that ? Is this laptop good enough for this goal ?

  9. I’m in the market to buy a new laptop for school. I’m a M.E junior and will be doing some CAD with it but I want something light to carry around in school. I was looking at the HP Spectre X360 13.3” with intel UHD graphics 620 or the Spectre X360 15.6” with NVIDIA GeForce MX150. But I would prefer the 13.3” option better . What would you recommend?

  10. Operating solidworks on a portable laptop is not a good choice. I would just go for a cheap laptop with 8th gen processor and use the computer clusters.

  11. hii..tq.. this video is more useful. .and I wanna ask one question i,e. which laptop suits best for mechanical engineering students

  12. hii..tq.. this video is more useful. .and I wanna ask one question i,e. which laptop suits best for mechanical engineering students

  13. hi jake, I'm a mechanical engineering student and planning to do matlab ,ansys,solidworks autocad 2d etc stuff like that but I really like macbooks so can we run these softwares in macbook? please reply,nice video btw.

  14. Brother I am studying civil engineering .
    I need buy a laptop for software like CAD ,REVIT,STADD ,PRIMVERY ETC. And Related to civil engineering purpose which is best configurations.

  15. Jake Voorhees What is your opinion on Asus Vivobook 2 in 1 Laptop. Is the touch screen and drawing abilities worth it? I'm a Mechanical Engineering student. From Louisiana.

  16. what are the generic specs i should look for in a laptop? not a specific model but in general what is everything i should look for?

  17. Need a laptop under 35000 INR ($549) Going to diploma in computer engineer…..which one will be best…please give me max 3 options….thanks bro by the way nyc video but not fit in my budget…..

  18. Hello, I'm a engineering student, more specifically, I'm studying programming
    From now, I'm just doing the basics, as C++ and C#, but years after I'll get into deeper things as 3D modelling; I also wanted to get into videos editing (I'll try After Effects) instead of gaming
    So which laptop would you recommend me?, one of the mentioned or any other that you now?, I don't really care a cool looking thing nor the size, I just want to work properly without any lag and be able to save many works
    I'm looking forward your answer, and thanks for making that video

  19. The asus ux430 is also a great option. It has a 14 inch screen and under 3 pounds. Great portability.
    $799 option has 7th gen i7, 8gb ram, and 256 gb ssd (sold on B&H)

    $971 option has 8th gen i7, 16gb ram, and 512gb ssd (this version is on amazon and you’ll have to pay taxes so it comes up to $1050)


    Iam going to have this course next year and I am about to buy a new computer. As a student, I am on a thight budget. I would prefer to get the computer which may get the work done that I need to do and play some games from time to time such as League of Legends. The computer I am interested in is the one who in total gives me the most for the least money. Laptop or desktop PC does not really matter, I prefer to work on desktops but laptops are more convinient.

  21. Hey! I am taking software engineering in the next few years. Any recommendations? I'm not much of a gamer, but I do edit a buttload of videos and animations. I am considering the Dell XPS 15, but I'm kind of tight on the budget. I also considered the Apple MacBook Pro 15 (which is more expensive), but I heard it doesn't work well with Adobe Premiere, which I prefer more than Final Cut Pro. Would really appreciate your insight on this. Cheers.

  22. Hey Jake, I’m going into aeronautical engineering next year, which laptop would be good for software like AutoCAD, Matlab, SolidWorks, ANSYS. Thanks

  23. Hey Jake, your reviews are really helpful! I'm an experienced programmer planning to buy new laptop; I work on Visual Studio mostly as well as web development along with browsing. I'm looking for
    Dell 7567 – 16 GB, i7 7th gen, 15.6FHD
    Dell 7559 – 16 GB, i7 6th gen, 15.6FHD
    Dell 7560 – 16 GB, i7 7th gen, 15.6FHD, 128 GB SSD
    Can you suggest which one from above is good? Or any other model you can think of?
    My criteria: 16 GB, good battery backup, multi tasking, SSD would be good, FHD.
    Will dual core do or should I go for quad core?
    Please let me know.

  24. I have a laptop with i7-7700HQ
    Nvidia 1050ti
    16 gb RAM ddr4
    1tb hdd 128 ssd
    I want to know ist good for cad ?

  25. Hey, I studying civil engineering for two years and think about buying new laptop. I cant deciside if i really new powerful video card (geforce GTX series) or i will be enougt with weaker videocard ( MX series.)? I think I need a lot of power of my processor and video card, because I will use a lot of 3d sofware (autocad, revit). So, what is your opinion. Thank you.

  26. Hello !! I'm first year aerospace engineering student in TU Delft in the netherlands and I don't know what to choose,my budget is max 1.4k
    Should i go for a macbook or windows computer?
    I'm really thinking changing to apple but I'm not sure yet,keep up the good work buddy!!

  27. Are all of these good for mechanical engineering? Does anyone have info so I can narrow it down for ME like brands, etc.?

  28. Hi jake! I'm resuming my studies in mechanical engineering soon and planning to get an xps 13 instead of xps 15 due to portibality reasons. Im having doubts weather the graphics card (intel 620) is sufficient enough to run solidworks or other modelling software. Should i go for more powerful g card? (Sorry for bad English)

  29. am going to start my Civil engineering course this year in china, but my friends say that i should change to other,engineering courses because Civil engineering job opportunities are limited these days

  30. please help me, I am going into engineering next year, I am thinking about either the xps 15 or the surface pro. I think in terms of performance xps obv wins, the only advantage I see in surface is its portability. I wonder whether that portability can boost up its usability in comparison to xps's performance

  31. You probably not still answering on this video, but I will be starting a BEME at SUNY Maritime College, and my 4 year old laptop just died. I was looking at the Samsung Notebook 9 Pro 15" with an i7. How well would that one work? I know the stylus would allow me to take better notes on it.

  32. Jake Voorhees!!! I just watched your video. I am a Mechanical Engineering student, using solid works. I just went out and bought I laptop but I want to make sure I made the right choice.
    I bought it from best buy. here is the description: Asus – 2-in-1 15.6" 4K Ultra HD Touch-Screen Laptop Intel Core i7 16GB Memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M – 2TB HDD + 512GB SSD – Sandblasted matte black aluminum. If you could help in anyway that would be awesome. I really want this laptop to last me a long time, not be slow, be durable and just overall be an amazing laptop to solidworks and 3D work. I need help ASAP!! Thank you! Just need to know so I can return it and look at my options.

  33. I'm a mechanical engineering student and want a laptop to run inventor or solidworks…which laptop do you recommend?

  34. Hey in the fall I'm gong to be starting college and major in mechanical engineering am planning to buy a new laptop abs have been thinking about the hp envy but just wanted to knits what you think would be the best laptop for my major?

  35. Would a smaller screen of 13.3” be alright if it has good specs? I’m a weak one and would rather not carry around a 5 pound laptop everywhere. I’m looking at the newest HP x360. What are your recommendations?

  36. Jesus Christ, fellow engineering students, GET A QUADRO (or amd firepro), those drivers are incredibly useful for cad and ESPECIALLY civil 3D and solidworks. And if you are a gamer forget those Gtxes, you’ll be fine with a Quadro.

  37. I am seeking for a fast operating laptop. I work on cad, 3dsmax,Revit. But my laptop lags time to time. It takes hours for completing a task. The softwares doesn't respond time to time. If you could tell me a better option. Thank you

  38. Hi, I’m starting my mechanical engineering degree in October 2018. I’m looking at a MacBook 12” with i7 processor, 512gb SSD and 16 gb ram. Please can you advise if this is a good buy. I’ll put windows on it so it can dual boot.

  39. hi jake
    I am a CAD and CAE engineer i wanted a laptop of 16GB DDR4 Ram, 2 or 4 GB NVIDIA graphics, 3.0GHz or above clock speed And Min 256GB SSD and TB HDD, Drive
    Can u help me by telling ur opinion which laptop match to this configuration and I am strictly in Budget

  40. Hi jake,
    What sort of specs would you recommend for an ultrabook to be able to handle most single parts and moderate sized assemblies consisting of around 20 parts in CAD? Because I'm after something that can not only handle that but looks sleek and cool too (think I'm asking for a lot LOL!) something similar to the hp spectre x360 but with higher specs possibly?

  41. Im gonna be doin electrical and electronic engineering. I really love using macs. But i dont know if i should buy that.

    If not a macbook would a dell xps 15 with gtx 1050 i7
    16 gb ram

  42. Hi, i study Civil Engineering here in my country, and now i'm looking for a new Laptop that can run all the programs i use really smooth (revit, Autocad, civil 3d,……) ¿what laptop should I get?

    Thank you, awesome video by the way 🙂

  43. Can you make another one for 2018 please since the new school year is coming up again? Or is this list still good? I'm just looking for a computer to have inventor or solid works that I can also play occasional games

  44. 5:05 is a gtx gpu like the 1050ti fine for solidworks? (With i7 7700hq/k 16gb ram and 256ssd and 1tb hdd?) ive seen something about realview not working with them?

  45. Hey I was just wondering, is the Microsoft Surfacebook 2 or any Microsoft computer good for Mechancical Engineering

  46. Can i buy macbook pro
    I am an mechanical engineer i use software as catia and solidworks.
    Please sir reply soon

  47. I am planning to buy a mac but want your opinion about it. I'll be studying masters in industrial informatics n will have to deal with software like matlab, eagle,keil, python, Arduino,labview, simulink etc what specifically i should look for mac or Windows

  48. Sir , I want to buy a new laptop. During buy laptop in which things we have to care core i3,i5processors or the generation of computer.

  49. I would like to give a side note behance the videocards.. As a mechanical engineer and you are using solidworks CAD and an Invidia GeForce videocard it wont help… this because solidworks works with openGL cards and GeForce does not have that but a Quaddro card does. So I would recommend using a quaddro card and high storage for a better working solidworks.

  50. I’m really late on this video. But I am planning on majoring in electrical engineering and want to look into getting a laptop that is not too costly. Do you have any in mind?

  51. You didn't go over the type of graphics card. I bought the Asus thinking it was great. If you game, sure. But if you are using this for mechanical engineering it sucks! For CAD software you need a Nvidia graphics card. Not an Intel graphics card. I had no idea about this when I bought my computer. Now I am stuck with this expensive computer that is almost impossible to do CAD on.

    I wanted to know which laptop to get for a mechanical engineer who will be using a lot of solid works and other software for the program.
    I'm leaning towards the Dell XPS 13, what are your thoughts and would you recommend otherwise? I'm really open minded and would appreciate feedback, thanks.

  53. Hello, I am not an Engineering major. I'm a Computer Science major, but I decided to try and ask here because you seem very genuine and eager to help the STEM community. So far I have learned the basics of C++ and have used Linux server and VS 2017. I'm not sure what other programs I will be using in my future courses though.

    I'm expecting to do lots of coding and when I transfer to a university, I will be taking a few engineering courses required for my Bachelor's in CS. I figured a laptop/tablet that works for an engineering student would be more than enough for me. My budget is 1K, maybe a little more than that if I find something that would really fit my situation.

    I want something that will hopefully last me a long time. I have a generic $500 HP laptop and it's already giving out after a year. The specs I would really like would be i7 processor, at least 16GB RAM, 256SSD. I am trying to look for a 2-in-1 because I really want to do digital notetaking so that I don't have to haul around paper and textbooks. Would those specs be reasonable for my situation?

  54. can intel core i3 do for an aeronautical engineering student dealing with softwares like ansys,mathlab etc,i'll appreciate your respond

  55. Sir Iam Civil engineering student should i go to acer aspire xv or del xps 15 …. which will be best for coding and autocad also all rounder laptop

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