Best of the Best Nintendo Switch Accessories

(mythical digital music) – I love the Switch ’cause there’s this really great balance
of being something that has that nostalgic fun factor, but also doesn’t feel quite out of date. So it gave you all those
games that you love from back in the day and
new ones that are awesome, but gave you more freedom to
play them where, and when, and how you wanted. (peppy electronic music) When it comes to functions that the Switch is missing that I wish it had, one of the biggest things would be built-in wireless headphones for it. (imposing digital music) So a lot of different
companies have found ways of trying to address that problem. The first one that was really popular was GENKI, but the problem was that they were a Kickstarter program, but once the GENKI actually came out and people started being
able to really use them, it definitely became the best option to bring that feature onto the Switch. Now the big thing that
a lot of people have with using wireless stuff,
especially with an adapter, is that you’re gonna have
a lot of noticeable lag between what’s happening on the screen and what you’re hearing,
and with the GENKI, that’s something that entirely depends on what headset you’re using. There’s different kinds
of Bluetooth signals and coders that can be used, and as long as you’re using
one of the better options, the right kind of headset,
you’re not gonna have any kind of noticeable lag. What’s great about it too is how it’s able to use a lot of different
kind of headsets, I mean, like I said, some are
better or worse than others. For me, I think the easiest option that I really liked is that
it would work with my AirPods, they’re already AirPods
I would use for my phone or even just tablets, whatever, and because I can use
those with the Switch now, I do have to kinda re-sync it each time, but it ends up giving me this
really low-lag experience with something that’s really
nice and completely fits, so that way, if I just
wanna play on the go, and with headphones, I don’t
wanna involve people around me, that’s just a great choice. (subterranean digital music) Another thing that’s
not like a huge problem, but it does get annoying over time, is that the way the Switch is designed makes it small and portable, but not always super comfortable. This is a thing that has happened with a lot of Nintendo handhelds, and something that a lot of companies have released to address that is grips, like protective cases
that go around the body and give you real handles. There’s a lot of these that
have come out for the Switch in a lot of different shapes, and have different ups and downs. My personal favorite,
though, that I think has all the right balance of features for me is the Skull & Co. grip. So there’s a couple things
about the Skull & Co. grip that I like more than
other options out there, and some of this is just
purely personal preference. I think its design does
a really good balance between being comfortable,
but also offering that little bit of extra
protection for the Switch, where if, hopefully not,
you accidentally drop it, it’s not gonna just be
absolutely destroyed unless it lands straight on
a pointy rock or something, but the other thing is the grip shape. This varies from person to person, not every option’s gonna
be the best for everyone, but I find that the Skull & Co. has the most comfortable grip
for me out of what I’ve used. It actually offers two different choices that you can swap in or
out, so kinda depending on whether you got bigger or smaller hands, there’s choices that you have. It’s not just, this is how it is, and those are your only choice. I get why the Switch isn’t built that way in the first place, because of the idea of
how to keep it portable, How Joy-Cons dock into different things, and I understand the
shape the Switch is in and why it didn’t choose comfort over just the kind of size, and
the way it all slots together, especially with the dock system, so I think the grip is the right way to go to just kinda balance it out. I don’t see Nintendo ever addressing or changing that in their main design, and I don’t think they need to. (majestic keyboard music) (plastic clattering) Oh, yeah, this. So there’s a lot of controllers that come out on the
Switch, like a lot, a lot, kinda something we
emphasize on our channel, there’s just all different
options that are out there, and a lot of them have their
merits, their strengths, some of them definitely
have their downsides, too, but for me personally, the one that I’ve been going back to a lot that has become my favorite is the POWER A GameCube style controller, and there’s a few different
reasons why that is. First off, there’s just that
hard nostalgia for GameCube. I’ve always liked the design
of the GameCube controller, it’s something that’s
just a little different from what’s kind of become the standard, especially when it comes
to the A B X Y layout. It’s a controller that’s
used a lot for Smash, that was part of the
reason why it’s so popular, but it’s having an option on the Switch that is updated to be a modern controller, but has that form factor, ’cause you can use a GameCube controller, just an actual old school
one on your Switch, and there are good reasons
to do that as well, but I think this strikes a great balance of being something that
you can use on any game and leverage the benefits
of how it’s shaped, and it’s not really just
a thing about nostalgia, of like, oh yeah, I love
GameCube, and GameCube games, and playing on this controller, no, I really do think there
is something to be said for the layout and design
of the GameCube controller. It’s a style that, depending
on the game you play, it’s either a massive
upgrade, or a big downgrade. You have to make sure
the games you’re playing are designed with this
kind of layout in mind, because it really heavily
emphasizes the fact that you use the A button a lot, and you have easy access from there to the other three buttons,
so with that in mind, some games definitely
feel a lot better on this, other ones, I’ll probably switch over to the Switch Pro controller,
or even just use Joy-Cons. Hah, I was ready this time. Okay, so I have to clarify
something about this. I don’t really care about
intercoolers on systems. I’ve always thought it’s
kind of an unnecessary thing, you don’t really need one
’cause the system is designed to vent its heat just fine. If you’re having a problem,
either get the system fixed or stop putting it inside of a drawer, and give it space to breathe. That being said, though, I
do like this intercooler, not because it’s an intercooler, but because of how it changes the way that you use the dock, and what I mean by the way that it changes the way you dock, normally, you’re docking just
straight down into the Switch, which can work for certain setups, but it’s kinda an inconvenient
design if you put it in like a lower shelf, or
something where there’s like a ceiling to deal with, so what this does is it changes the design
to being sideways, but just diagonal a little
bit, ’cause straight sideways would be really annoying,
but it’s lifted enough to where then you can just kinda slide the Switch down into it so it’s easier to put away
in situations like that, which adds a nice little kinda freedom to where you can set the Switch dock up. (train horn blaring) So one of the things that’s
become really popular with the Switch is carrying cases, the ability to bring your Switch around along with games,
controllers, cables, whatever. A lot of them are just the small ones that are meant for carrying
just the Switch by itself with a couple of games,
maybe the charging cable. If you want to be able
to bring a lot of stuff all at once, though,
definitely my favorite go-to that I have is the PDP
Elite backpack for Switch. It’s this backpack that’s designed to be basically for the
Switch specifically. The version before it, which
is just the non-Elite one. That one was definitely just designed for Switch in mind
alone, the Elite version offers a couple other additional pockets, and even a little place to put
like, a laptop or something, if you want, so it runs
the balance a little more of using it as a backpack, and using it as a Switch carrying case. Personally, I’ve been using it more for the Switch specifically a lot now. When it first came out, I was
using it as my main backpack, but I’ve kinda moved to the point now where I have my main backpack for all my other gear and stuff, and then if I wanna
bring a full Switch setup with the dock and everything, and bunch of games and controllers, that’s where that backpack comes in. Something I really like about it too is that it’s not super over-the-top with being a gaming themed thing, especially with a lot of
the smaller carrying cases for the Switch, you get
into stuff where a lot of it is heavy themed, which
is cool, that’s fine, but for something that you’re
actually wearing on your back while you’re walking around places, it’d be nice for it
not to be super flashy, so I really like that it’s this kind of just very plain looking gray. It still has branding on
it, it’s not entirely like, not Switch related, but I
think it does this good balance of being actually a good looking backpack at the same time of serving
this gaming-focused purpose. What’s great about the Switch, too, is that as much as I love all
these different accessories, this is just what’s come
out in the first two years of the system, basically, so
there is so much more to come, and I’m really excited to see what else we get in the future. (mellow digital music)

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