BEST SD Card For Canon EOS R For 4K Video

What’s up Film Jammers? It’s Tuesdays with Ash And today I’m going to show you the best SD cards and my favorite accessories for the Canon EOS R. What?! Let’s get it. Film Jams The Canon EOS R, such a fun mirrorless camera to shoot with. But we’ve heard through the grapevine that some people are having a little bit of a speed issue. Having the right SD card is key to making this little baby sing. La la la la la la If you’re looking to shoot 4k video and have the least lag when shooting stills at high FPS, then you need a fast SD card for your camera. I’m not talking about 30 megabytes I’m not talking about a hundred megabyte. You kids better get yourself a 300 megabytes per second SD card. That’s what mama needs. We’ve got links below to the card so you can pick them up and shoot fast. For the Canon EOS R this is my favorite SD card to get. The Sony 64 gigabyte SD XC UHS 2 class 10 memory card. The UHS 2 is really important for the camera to function at its optimal performance level. My EOS are always gets one of these babies. It’s a really simple way to get the most out of your camera and it’s like putting gas in your Oldsmobile. You got to put the premium in. glug-glug One of my favorite accessories for the EOS R is this little mic called the mofo. It has this windscreen included and it’s under $40 with great sound. It fits right on top of the camera and it’s pretty cute like a little gremlin. Most EOS R owners will have some sort of adapter for their EF lenses, but my favorite would be the control ring adapter. I’m at mine to the ISO. So you can adjust it in the field. It’s pretty sweet. Alright film jammers Well, I’ve got to go. I have a photo shoot with Popsicle Paulie. *Screaming* If you want to find any of these accessories, all the links will be in the description. Thank you guys so much for watching. This has been Tuesdays with Ash and I’ll see you next week. You gotta put the premium in and you know, you’re not gonna be stalling out with this car

10 thoughts on “BEST SD Card For Canon EOS R For 4K Video

  1. From the manual (going off memory) , you should be good with uhs-ii rated at v60 or higher to shoot 4k in clog. Great video, funny and not too serious.

  2. Love the video, need them fast SD's! But not gonna lie, wish Popsicle Paulie got his own April Fool's Day Episode

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