Best SD Cards for The Panasonic GH5

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  1. This is amazing! I've been contemplating getting a Ninja Inferno but I just wasn't sure of all the benefits. The storage alone makes it seem worth it, not to mention the other features you get. Thank you! Also never even considered cost per minute but I will definitely be using that in sales pitches with clients to help them understand why videography is expensive!

  2. I have been using a Sony 64gb card that came with my gh5 that’s 300mb read and 299 write, as well as a Sandisk 64gb 280mb and both have done well. I haven’t tried recording in full C4K 400mb yet, for that I would step up to the faster bigger cards.

  3. I have 2 128gb Lexar 1000x both will 400mbs all-i for about 30 to 34 mintues and then stop. But only in slot 1 oddly enough. This is acutally fine in my situation since when I'm shooting stuff at that high of a data rate it's normally in a controlled senarios. Tested with 2.0 but not 2.1 yet.

  4. Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-II 64GB works great.    I still go on reputation vs. some sketchy company's made up "fake" specs.

  5. A few months back, Lexar closed it's memory card division as it wanted to focus on other product. Someone else acquired the Lexar trademark name but I don't know what's going to happen with that (August 28th, 2017) ? I'm still waiting on 'Close Out Deals'.

  6. What about the Sony M Series? There is a 128GB Version with read speed of 260 MB/s and write speed of 100 MB/s. On a site there wrote that they could write 73.3 MB/s with the GH5 in continous photo mode. The card cost only around 100 USD! So anyone testet one of there card with the GH5 for 400 Mbit/s?

  7. Not to mention the ability to record 10bit 422 4K 60p to the ninja inferno. I also use false color as the perfect tool for setting up interview exposure with multiple cams. I haven't even upgraded because 99% of my stuff is external with internal for backup during interviews.

  8. I have the Delkin 128gb v60 card and Lexar 64gb 1000x and haven’t had any issues with either recording ALL-I yet. Strange how much results are varying between users eh.

  9. I Now understand why it makes sense to get the ninja inferno b ut its way to big imo specially on a gimbal.
    and heavy

  10. Sorry but just saying v90 cards is a bit simple for this video. Any brands that you like or some real world scenario speed tests on these cards?

  11. I've been a strong SanDisk support since the GH2 and BMPCC days (best cards for spanning and handling those high bitrates reliably). Tried numerous other brands, always come back to SanDisk. They might not have official V60 or V90 class cards, but they work just as well. The UHS-I R95W90 cards were later given the V30 badge. I'm sure the UHS-II 300 MB/s and R280W250 cards are capable of V60 or even V90 just as well… same top out speeds as the Panasonic/Delkin cards. Logic/deduction dictates ~ factor 3 for V-class. Minimum recommended for V60 therefor 180 I'd say writespeed. And V60 is the classification you'd want with the GH5 with FW upgrade being capable of sustained 400Mbit/s -> 50MB/s. Btw, SanDisk cards have a little table on the back with how many minutes of footage the card can hold with 4K 500Mbit/s. So SanDisk, the reliable brand I came to love & no mark-up in price because it's got the rare 'V'-classification. Always my pick. I would be a little concerned with any cards below 180 writespeed. They might work initially. But new cars don't break down immediately either… and when they break down, it's usually at the most inconvenient time. Plus, you'd probably want your cards to be futureproof. And cameras and readers improve all the time, so it can't hurt to get some on the V60~V90 side.

  12. i have the sandisk extreme pro 256gb and shoot 4k on my g7 just fine.. never had an issue.. also because its not a micro sd its like $130.. can record fir close to 5 hours on that card in 4k.. highly recommended

  13. This is a v60 and works beautifully for me. All-I/400mg/sec. they look like they're from the 70's but I'm shooting a short film now with it and no issues whatsoever. They're at Amazon.

    FreeTail Evoke Pro 1000x 128GB SDXC UHS-II/U3 Card (FTSD128A10)

  14. Adata 256gb will record till 34:11 mins and then stop recording at 400mbit. I have two and tried both several times in relay as well as backup mode. Always same result: 34:11 mins

  15. i record at 17 Mbps in my Sony A65 and render in Sony Vegas at 10 Mbps. If the recommended bit rate for youtube is 10 Mbps (for 1080p 24 fps) why should one record at a higher bit rate? if i record at 28 Mbps is my video going to look better in youtube?

  16. That's a really interesting aspect to take on this conversation. Thanks for doing the research on those man! Trying to hold off on getting the inferno myself, but this video makes me wonder if I need to reconsider it.

  17. This is off topic, but I have a question on lighting in which he made a video for a while back.  I need to photograph commercial equipment in a warehouse. I need to bring a light with me that is battery powered. Ive looked at several below $100 but haven't been quit sold yet. I would like to have 5600k daylight setting, battery powered, and wider beam. Please let me know if you have any experience with any of the newer led lights.

  18. ADATA V90 cards come with a lifetime warranty, so if you have any problems recording GH5 400 Mbps footage I would immediately return the card for a warranty replacement. I have had no problems shooting 400 Mbps with my ADATA cards, including their MicroSD V90 cards. and both stock these cards. ( Canadian shooters can buy the ADATA 256GB V90 MicroSD card with UHS-II SD adapter for $299 Canadian from )

  19. Actually, my Delkin V60 64GB works just fine with 400Mbps, it will record at a constant time untill the card is full.

  20. I am using a Delkin V60 64GB and in all the 400Mbps modes no issue to record any time. Theoretically and according to Panasonic a V60 should be fine, rather already having some reserve in bandwidth.

  21. Thank you for the break down Caleb. This is a great video. I am curious what cage you have on your GH5 and if you are still able to use the GH5 Microphone Adapter on the hot shoe?

  22. Hey Caleb, thx for this vid. FYI, I've spent 2 hours to translate your video and to add FRENCH subtitles on YouTube ! It looks like it still under validation but when it will be unlocked, it should help all french guys to enjoy your vid 😉 See ya.

  23. Thanks for this video it is really helpful. I intend to purchase this camera along with the Nikon D750 and the Canon 80D.
    But back to the GH5 in my retail shop we sell sandisk 4k sd cards which are 16gb, 32gb, 64gb, and 128gb. Would these cards work well all the time in my future GH5

  24. Cool review, but does the ANGELBIRD SDXC AV PRO USH-II 128GB 300MB/s Class 10 really record at 400mbs 10b 60fps without crashing/stop recording? Its a safe buy?

  25. V60 SanDisk UHS-II works perfectly for 400Mbps video. You tested a shitty card and that's probably why it didn't work. SanDisk V60 works 🙂

  26. I just placed an order for an A-Data v90 128gb based on your video. Also A-DATA provides a lifetime warrantee, so if I run into a crappy card I can get a new one (in a week probably)

  27. Tell me please, how does the camera write to the memory card a file with a long and continuous record of 40 minutes or more? The file is divided into several files (for example, 30 minutes or 4 GB each) or written in one large file as a whole?

  28. Bro this channel is a GOLDMINE of information!!
    Every time I want a non biased affordable option and even expensive, I find it here!
    Keep on!

  29. Very helpful…but All-I 400mbps is not a viable solution for filming documentaries until we get a 500GB v90 card on the market.  I've used (2) 128GB and that barely got me through part of the day at 150mbsp.  What's with Panasonic coming out with a 128 GB v90 card for $500 (and it's not out?)  Is that what's driving up the price of these cards?  They are even higher today than when you made this back in October.

  30. Hey Caleb, what is the actual math calculation to help us figure out time length on other settings? FYI, I just read about the GNARBOX that is supposed to allow you to dump your data on the spot without the need for a PC.

  31. Curious about some real world tests for this. Griffin House said in a video that internal recording makes smaller files on the GH5. Have you done any A/B testing for SD cards and SSD drives?

  32. Hi Caleb. Great video as always. I wonder if you could help clear something up for me.
    As you said in the video, recording 400Mbps to a 128GB card internally, I get 40 mins recording time.
    But when I record to a Ninja Flame (4KUHD25p, ProRes HQ) onto a 256GB SSD , I still only get 40 minutes, not double and also thats only recording at 220Mbps.
    Any ideas greatly appreciated?

  33. Okay wait i'm all confused now.. I can't get the 400M option on my GH5 on any of the video formats. The highest is 150M.

    I have a Pixtor memory card that says 90MB/s but shows V30. Is this taking away quality from my images?

  34. DON'T GET THE ADATA (second link)

    I'm having writing issues with my GH5 on all 4K options.

  35. Don't buy the Adata. I have one and it hasnn't worked since day one. I am sending it to repair for the second time

  36. I think Max recommended the Sony M series SD cards for the 400 mbs codec. You can get them in a two pack 128 gigs so I took the plunge because I could return if they didn't work. So I tried it on a local shops GH5 at the 23.98 DCI and recorded the full card. No glitches or drop outs.. But you are right most people will likely not do a continuous record for a full card so under 10 min is likely fine.

  37. PLEASE HELP! Just got my GH5 and I order a ADATA V90 128GB with it and it doent read it! It only says "insert SD card again".. I mean wtf?! I just spend like 150 dollars on that card. What should I do?

  38. V60 works only if it is an UHS-II Card. An UHS-II Card has more connectors, so it is phyically build different. That is the reason the GH5 rejects to record even on very good and fast Cards if they are only UHS-I. I heard Panasonic, for some unknown reasons, had limited the camera to reject UHS-I Cards even if they technically should be able to work. That is why the Lexar 1000x works, it is not V certified but writes at constantly 80+ MBps because it is UHS-II, sadly exactly this company is gone…

  39. I've used the SanDisk extreme (not pro) 90mb/s on my other camera. Would that work? I noticed that one he had was like 120 mb/s and I can't find anything like that online

  40. Everyone who screams "The latest model of XXXX brand does not have 4k video!" should watch this explanation lol. BTW, if I buy a camera for $2000 and it doesn't accept the cards it's supposed to, I would strongly consider returning it.

  41. the lexar 1000x works great here. Got 2 of then, never had a failure ever. All bitrates, also longer recording

  42. Also, SD cards will have wasted space because you change them before full. The GH5 does not have the 30 minute limit, another reason to invest in SSD.

  43. You never gave an opinion as to what 2 cards were the best.
    But to save you time. It's AngelBird V90's and Adata V90.

  44. I use the Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS II 64gb (I believe). I ONLY shoot in 4K, majority 4K 60fps. I have never had any issues, and I've only filled the memory card once. Panasonic GH5 user Defiantly worth the price imo. The card can handle 10 bit 4K although my computer couldn't lol.

  45. ummm…..megabits, not megabytes. Big difference. You keep bopping back and forth between the two data descriptions….be clear, tell the people which it is….

  46. sandisk is the best i always use them the failure rate is so little and the performance is better even in the same class comparison somehow they have some magic, also in burst mode it makes the camera faster and i am comparing it with a fast card from other brands.

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