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Izzy here at Digital Goja Showrooms Well now I’m going to go over a frequently asked question about the Canon EOS Rebel T6S remember if it helps you out hit me up with a like button underneath and subscribe to our channel for future frequently asked questions such as this and don’t forget if you’re in Miami come say hello at Digital Goja Showrooms What kind of memory cards can I use with my T6S? Well it’s still an SDXC that’s been around for seven years now so stick with the UHS-I that’s going to give you the speed that it’ll be able to handle you’ll be able to shoot again class 10 here’s a 32 Gb that will give you more than enough for stills but if you want to do some great video you can step up to the 64 Gb again UHS-I SDXC will work perfectly and it slides in on the side here clips it holds it and there you’re ready to go so now when I turn it on I have the capability of depending on the
setting up to a thousand shots with one memory card Well I hope I answered your question about the Rebel T6S but if I didn’t please place a question in the comment section below and now get to its answer for you and come say hello at Digital Goja Showrooms

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  1. Hi, I'm planning to purchase a "Lexar Professional 1000x 128GB SDXC UHS-II/U3" for my Canon T6S. Do you think it's a good choice? Thanks.

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