27 thoughts on “BEST Windows LAPTOP for VIDEO EDITING (guide)

  1. Jordy please make a video about free video editing applications, for small scale video editors without watermarks etc

  2. Wath do you think about Msi Leopard Gp63 for editing i7 8gen i think is good for travel and editing in casual desktops ? 🙂

  3. But how is 64 gb enough?? I have 500gb hard drive and its almost full by my AE project and video. I think for video edditor importand thing is battery which is good and hard drive is bad in this computer

  4. Notebook nunca é melhor que desktop para edição de vídeo. Tenho um Acer muito melhor que este e ainda assim esquenta muito. Notebook não tem espaço ideal para refrigeração em uma longa renderização

  5. LG Gram does not have a dedicated GPU. So this is absolutely not suitable for any video editing. DaVinci will kill this machine. 2019 laptop dedicated to the video editing (as we can state from the main narrative of thi video) and You tell people to use proxy? xd I can't even comment on this.

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