Betjen Ronin-S Gimbal, med Xbox- eller PS4 Controller.

Episode 3 of the Nerds Tips & Tricks is about, how to operate this one with this one. I have had the DJI Ronin-S gimbal,
ever since it was launched in Denmark. Unfortunately, I have to admit, that I haven’t used it,
to the extent that I expected. Fortunately, DJI releases updates constantly, as well as adding new functionality, which they did, as late as last week. Latest version for Android and iOS is currently version 1.2.6 One of the exciting new features is, that it is now possible to control the Ronin-S, using either an Xbox
or a PS4 controller. It was initially my thought that this episode should be about
Force Mobile and Active Track, that were released in the version before. I will probably return to these features
in an upcoming episode. Let’s take a closer look
how to set it all up. It’s actually quite simple. First, it must be ensured, that your
Android or iOS device runs the latest App. version,
which is version 1.2.6 I will use an iPhone, since that’s what I use on a daily basis. I have been an iOS developer, for more than 10 years ;0) On iOS, the version is checked
by clicking the hamburger menu, then select firmware. At the top of the screen,
the current App. version is displayed. If you are connected with the
Ronin-S at this point, you will be able to see the firmware version
just below the App. version. My firmware version is Now we can connect the
PS4 controller with my iPhone. First we need to put the controller in a state,
that makes it visible to the iPhone. This is done by holding down the PS button and
Share button for 3 seconds, until the top of the controller starts to flash. Next, go to settings ->Bluetooth ->and the controller
should be visible a few moments later. Click on pair units, and the settings will be saved so this step is not necessary, going forward. Now it’s time to connect to
the Ronin-S Gimbal Turn on the device, open the app on the iPhone, and select connect. Go to Create, and select Gaming Controller, and voila now you can control your Ronin-S
with the PS4 controller. You pan with the left joystick,
and control the roll axis with the right joystick. It is possible to trigger Zoom and Focus, if the camera supports this,
and is connected by cable Other options include recording re-centering as well as the opportunity to take photos
with one of the other buttons. There is an excellent overview of the
available features of the App itself. I’ve chosen to set the smoothing pretty high, otherwise I thought it would be a little too lively. Fortunately, it is a matter of taste. Don’t close the Ronin App, since it is necessary to be running in order to make it all work. There are many ways
to remotely control the DJI Ronin-S. You can use the virtual joystick on your phone. There is Active Track,
where you put your phone on top of the camera, that tracks a person or subject,
wherever it moves. There’s Force Mobile,
using the phone’s built-in gyrometer, to control the movements. Then there’s the new feature
using a gaming controller, which I explained in this episode. Finally, of course, there are a lot of other ways one can
pre-programming camera movements. I think I will mostly use Active Track. The feature is still so new,
that I haven’t had the opportunity yet, to go in depth with this feature. I try to keep these episodes reasonably short, for the topics I address. It will be great with some feedback
regarding the length of the episodes. Are they too short, are they too long? I have a lot of ideas for new topics I can bring up, so if you want to be absolutely sure not
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