BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 H2O OC Video Card

Alright we’re doing
the BFG GTX 295 H2OC and this is a nasty card.
Let me tell you guys if you guys are hardcore enthusiasts
this is for you and if you’re not
get out of here, this video is not for you.
This thing is massive, I can’t tell you how heavy
this thing weighs. This is basically a GTX 295 by BFG.
It comes in at factory frequencies even though it says OC on the box
which kind of confused me but it does have a
Danger Den designed ThermoIntelligence 100% pure copper block in there
sandwiched between the two and it is incredible.
If you guys want a liquid cool, a dual GPU card like this one,
this is the way to go. Do not even think about
doing it yourself because it sounds like
the way to go, people are like oh you know
I did the custom memory thing, you know my loop is custom,
my pump, everything is custom, don’t do it. This so much better
and I’ll tell you why. First of all for the price of
a Danger Den block and a GTX 295, the price is the same as this one
that is already pre-packaged and done for you.
Better part of it this has a lifetime warranty
so even if it breaks, mind you this is a very expensive
graphics card, if anything goes wrong
you have a lifetime warranty as long as you register
within 30 days, so that’s the second thing.
Also very important is risk, taking, cracking open a GTX 295
is no easy venture. It’s a little bit complicated
and installing water blocks and doing all the work is
a) time-consuming and b) it’s risky.
You could break something. It’s also important to note
that BFG gives you a trade-up program so if something new comes out
within 100 days you can actually trade up,
sort of like EVGA step-up program except they give you
an additional 10 days. No big deal, so those are all
very important reasons. Now another thing that’s good
about this is I saw a review on the internet
actually on Guru 3D, where they took it apart
and it shows you how they put it together
and it was incredible to see the quality of work
that went into putting it together. The thermal grease was smeared
completely smooth over all the memory, over the GPU, all the cores,
it looked abolutely perfect. They did a really good job and
this thing is just pretty incredible, I’ve got to give it
to you. It’s got to weigh at least,
maybe like 4 or 5 pounds, your motherboard
should definitely be thick. Don’t put this
on a flimsy motherboard because it will just snap right off,
this thing is absolutely incredible. Alright now I’m not going to give you
the regular review that I give you because if you’re even considering
a card of this caliber and of this price
you already know all the basics about the GTX 295.
What I’m going to talk to you about is about frequencies
and overclocking and temperatures because that’s the reason
you would buy this card. A liquid-cooled graphics card
or even two of these in SLI provide you wtih a host of benefits,
a) it’s quieter, b) it’s going to run cooler
temperatures with a higher overclock, it’s going to give you
cooler case temperatures so you can run a faster CPU overclock
so those are all very important things and if you’re going for benchmarks,
if you’re trying to beat out you know, vantage scores,
that’s what you want to have. You want to have the ultimate
performance in games and you have big fat wallet
this is right up your alley. You’re going to love this.
Let’s talk about these frequencies. I got these frequencies
off testing it, off the forums and off Guru 3D’s reviews.
I got my scores, I got two other people
on XtremeSystems.orgs overclocked, and I got the Guru 3D overclocks
and I averaged all of them out to give you a good number
and let’s go on with those. First of all reference card
has a 576 megahertz core clock, these guys are running
at 705 megahertz. There’s 240 shaders per GPU,
that’s 480 shaders in total. On a reference card
they run at 1242, these overclocked cards
are running at 1615 megahertz which is a huge overclock
for your ALUs. There is 1792 megabytes
of GDDR3 on this board, it’s reference clocked
at 1998 megahertz effective, people have gotten this up to
2580 megahertz so 2.6 gigahertz. Of course everything else
remains the same. There is two 448-bit
memory interfaces, it’s a 6-pin and an 8-pin
PCI Express connection right there so you don’t need
to have two 8’s, it’s just a 6 and an 8
which are right there. You’re going to need about 700 watts
to run one of these, and if you want to run two of them
you’re going to need about 1000 watts so definitely do not skimp out
on the power supply, I highly recommend Corsair
and PC Power and Cooling, they probably make
the best on the market right now. You need about 50 amps for one card
and 70 amps for two cards. As you can see everything else
is really cool. Your fittings over here,
it is all copper, it’s called
the ThermoIntelligence block, it is made by Danger Den.
It does cool all the memory, all the GPUS and all the shaders and
it is huge and heavy and it’s awesome. Also so you know,
included in the bag are fittings so you don’t need to worry
about getting the appropriate hardware. You got clamps and you got
three eighths of an inch and half eighths of an inch fittings.
You also have the micro-fittings which are these over here,
the small ones. Those are for SLI because if you’re
going to run 2 of these together you’re going to have one
coming out through here and it’s going to go
right into the other card and then back out over here
and then the bottom of the next card so those are really really small
distance to cover so they have those micro-fittings
in there included which is great. Everything else is about standard
for a GTX 295. You got dual 400 megahertz RAMDACs
powering 2 DVI dual links there. They do 2560 by 1600
max resolution on each. You also have
an HDMI port right there which will have no problems
doing 7.1 channel HD audio through there
if you use the S/PDIF cable which again is also included
in the package right here, it’s your S/PDIF cable
or your audio loop cable, however you want to call it.
Also included in the cable, a very nice HDMI cable.
They didn’t have to do this but they did it,
which I think is great. You also get a dual 6-pin to single
8-pin PCI Express converter cable. You get dual molex to 6-pin
PCI Express converter, you get a really nice
instruction manual, you also get DVI to VGA
conversion dongle and that’s pretty much it,
so that’s pretty good. And then you know,
the other features that you expect to be in a card like this
are still there of course, DirectX 10, Shader Model 4.0,
CUDA Physics, quad SLI with this card, you can only run 2 of these in SLI
because there are already 2 GPUs per, so it’s going to be quad SLI in total.
You do have that connector right there, you see there’s only one instead of 2,
so it’s quad SLI is the max, which means two
of these cards in total. PureVideo HD for decoding
blu-rays and HD-DVDs and HD content off your PC,
HDMI support with HDCP support of course,
let’s you do that 7.1 channel HD audio and your copyright protected videos
out to your television if you have an HDCP cable
and an HDCP TV that will work no problem. And besides that
that’s pretty much it and finally, the last thing
I’ll talk to you about is the incredible
temperature differences. Now the GTX 295
has 2 GPUs running in there, when they’re fully loaded temperatures
can get extremely extremely high so it’s kind of curious to see how
this card can bring something down. Now the first GTX 295 that I had
was kind of in a I’d say crappy case. It was running
above 95 degrees centigrade which made me scared,
that’s really hot, that’s when I was running
FurMark on it, it would run a little lower
during games, probably like 80 degrees,
still really hot. This card, this is just
the testing that I did, not on anyone else’s testing,
47 degrees at full load centigrade, and 33 degrees at idle.
You know that’s just ridiculous, super-low temperatures. So pretty much
you’re maxing out the card based on how highly it was binned
to the memory, the GPU and the shaders
and not the temperature, you’re not having to worry about
that upper thermal limit, you’re just worrying about how far
the actual components can go in the card.
So if you’re hardcore, if you want
top of the line performance, ultimate temperatures, quiet,
all that good stuff, this is the card for you.
It’s the GTX 295 from BFG and this is
their H2O version. If you have any questions
on it email me, and I will see you guys
next time. For more information on the
BFG GeForce GTX 295 OC H2O type in B52-0299
into the search engine of any of these
major retailers. For ComputerTV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Channel: TigerDirectBlog

100 thoughts on “BFG NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 H2O OC Video Card

  1. The HD 5870 is very scare right now but its price is 389$ were the GTX 295 is 500+, right now the 5870 and 295 are neck and neck but around christmas the HD 5800 and 5700 series are supposed to get a boost in performance. So I would consider getting the HD 5870 is you could.

  2. 4890 is a good card too but the performance gain the 5870 has over it is very noticable, and by the time the new nvidia cards come out prices might drop or nvidia will have top card, wait till they release.

  3. do u just install this card and it just is liquid cooled i dont need to attache anything or active anything it will all do it self?? and when is nividia coming out with DX11 cards?? can a card become DX11 thru drivers??

  4. all u ATI fuck are poor people who have shit PCs with AMD processors in them the reason i say this is because nividia 3D destroys ATI DX11 and if ATI has more speed right now is that really gonna make a difference in modern day games visualy? no so nivida will always win because 3D gaming is amazing

  5. The funny thing is I have 2 GTX 285's and a i7 920 so why are you quoting me with this shit? I'm sorry im not completely biased one way like you are, im open to both sides and the HD 5870 is doing real well right now.

  6. The old GTX 200 cards will have no DX11 support and DX11 is from the OS. You have to have a reservoir and pump to go along with this card, don't put in your system with nothing but power connected to it and expect it to work.

  7. Thats an insane amount of power that it needs. I'm sure the card kicks ass, but ill stick with my 4870 until there a big price drop on these higher end cards. Plus most intelligent people understand that you dont get that big of a jump on cooling with water over a good air cooler. Its totally not worth it, and only a nub would buy this card.

  8. No im not wrong…Stock coolers on 4800 series cards were trash, you upgraded to one with better cooling. You would have seen nearly the same jump with a good air cooler. Vs a "GOOD" air cooler, there's no reason to get a water cooled card. BTW when you were running your card you should have set your fan profiles 80+ may not be damaging, but its unacceptable.

  9. Thats true, but I OC'd my e8400 from 3 to 4 GHz on air with no problem at all, if it would have been water cooled sure it might have had some lower temps, but its not enough to pay the money for a kit. 50 dollar's vs 300 for a kit.

  10. Nice thats what voltage im at on my OC, I haven't tweaked it much more. I feel that 1gig more out of it was plenty lol. It was my first OC too, which was fun. I def noticed a big jump in load times n stuff.

  11. Did he mention what size fittings this card has for water cooling? If he mentioned it and I missed it then my bad.

  12. Been hearing bad things about the longevity of these expensive cards. The boards crack, they leak, power fluctuation, failure for no reason, etc.

  13. I´m running a MSI N295GTX its millitary edition single pcb
    At: Core clock = 720 mhz
    Shader clock = 1577 Mhz
    Memorery clock = 2450 Mhz

    Its fan speed never tops 48 % its tempature never tops 59 degrees celcius.
    Turning this fan all out (very noisie) Keeps the temps well within the 40 to 50 degrees range..
    Even if I clocked it even more (cant change voltages though)

    So fuck this watercooled card buy some real quality

  14. hi! i have a Gainward 295 geforce and have heat problems when i play heavy games.
    What can i do to?, too cool the card and stop making it niosy?

  15. WTF, i don't know much about what he was talking about, but i need a Video card that runs my game at high resolution and very high graphics, if any one knows a good one, i want the card to Run, COD2 MW2, GTA4, and NFSS

  16. @TRUCKERmassaker but still, this is a powerful card nonetheless. And the liquid cooling is a nice feature, but i do mostly buy ATI.

  17. -Evga X58 Sli LE
    -Corsair Hydro H50
    -Cooler Master Storm Scout case
    -LG dvd-rw
    -seagate barracuda 1.5tb
    -OCZ Platinum ram 1333 DDR3 Dual Channel
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    -Cooler Master Micepad
    -Logitech G9x
    -Intel 80gb SSD
    -intel i7 920 2.66GHZ Lga 1366

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    -3 XFX Ati Radeon 5770 1GB DDR5 Running in CrossfireX
    Will This setup be good to play BC2 ,Just Cause 2, and the other high end games Plz Reply

  19. @TheMadOrc i have done but it says the store is temporarily closed, and i need a new card asap :s any other ideas?

  20. is it easy to remove and install video cards? i got a dell xps 8000 desktop wtih radeon hd 4350 and im thinking of upgrading to this card. I dunno if i can cuz i got a 350W supply but dell claims i can upgrade to that card.

  21. I got one of these cards, it fried… I sent it in and im still waiting for a replacement 1 month later, great card ridiculous RMA process "We are waiting for stock these cards are hand built BS!…. just send me a 480 FFS!!!"

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    running 2 of these?
    i mean cmoooon the people from NASA gonna get kinda jealous 😛

  24. Btw, lol this guy keeps touching the circuit board… It's not good, it can damage it… im not saying it will, but it CAN.

  25. @OmegaFuckingWeapon Yes they are. Their tech divisions doesn't exist/sell video cards anymore. This is noted by the fact that their webpage is now down.

  26. @TheSkizsus Congratulations, you forgot to think about the fact that the 295 is a dual GPU card, so you can theoretically multiply all of the 295's specs by 2.

  27. @TheSkizsus Shaders is everything, yes, I must agree, which is definitely why you didn't mention them at all in your other comment.

  28. I remember when I bought a brand new BFG 8800GTX, was the shit for a long time.. still doing it big now with 2x gtx 590 hydrocopper quad sli.. miss BFGtech, sad to see them gone.

  29. Looking at this video we have come far in terms of technology now, Our video cameras are wayyyyyy better I can tell the quality difference in the lens and at the date I am posting this AMD has there new HBM memory that just came out, we are coming along nicely I mean yea there's the Titan X and such but HBM is new so it needs the highlight.

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