Biostar TPower X58 LGA1366 Motherboard

Alright here’s a new board.
Check this one out. A Biostar X58. They’re calling this
the T-Power. And, I’ll admit it, you know, I haven’t been
the biggest Biostar fan all my life, this is an awesome board.
It’s very, very cool. It’s got an extremely clean layout.
It’s got a lot of cool overclocking features. It’s got 12 phase power,
it’s got SLI and CrossFire. It’s got very capable cooling.
It’s got the little on/off buttons, and the little LED screens,
and lots of SATA ports. It’s actually really cool.
And it actually holds a couple world records, if you look over here.
I don’t know if this is current, but, 920 right there ,they got it
to 4,662 MHz, and they got a 940 up to 48 MHz.
That’s a 64% overclock. So that’s pretty impressive.
I’m not sure if this is up to date. I think they might
have beaten that by now. But, it just goes to show you that at
one point in time, they were in contention for world overclocking records.
And this board does overclock like crazy. So, it’s very nice. The test one that I had,
that I destroyed and I took apart, did very well. It actually
overclocked very high. The… host frequency went through
the roof, it was above 200. So, it performed very, very well.
Now, let me do my basic rundown that I always do
with all my boards here. Alright, first of all, socket, LG 1366
Core i7s, 920s, 940s, 965s, and anything that’s 4.8
or 6.4 giga transfers per second. 6 DIMMs, right over here.
Good job zooming out quickly. You’re getting better at that
camera work Producer Dan. Good job. Yes. Alright,
1333 is your maximum speed. You can do 1600 with overclocking,
or you can do 1866 with overclocking, and it has two phase power for
your memory, which is awesome. X58 northbridge is
right down here. And this is very capable,
all copper cooling. It is all connected,
which is nice. And this is more than enough to
cool the northbridge of the X58, which runs very cool because
it lacks a memory controller. Now, what I was going to tell
you about the cooling on this thing… That’s about it. Let’s talk about phases of power.
1-2-3-4-5-6. 1-2-3-4-5-6.
That’s 12 phases of power. Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
that is a lot of overclocking potential. You’re gonna get very clean power,
very stable power, and that makes sure that your
overclock can run stabile-y, it’s not going to crash on you. The
ICH10R, which is all the way down here. No, no, no, right. Right.
There ya go. That’s it right there.
Is very awesome, as well. It’s a die shrunk ICH9R. It gives
you six SATA ports on the side. And it does do RAID 0, RAID 1,
RAID 0+1, RAID 5. All through there.
Now additionally, you are going to notice that obviously this board
has three PCI Express X16 slots. Orange, orange, and white.
If you populate all three, you’re going to get X16, X16, X4.
Instead of X8 like some of the other boards. So, it might not be the best
for a triple SLI monster. But you know what, nowadays,
the GTX295 is king of the hill. And you’re only going to put two of
those and they’re gonna go right here. And they’re gonna run on X16.
Besides that, you do have a PCI Express X1, right there.
And two green PCI 2.2s which are a cool color that I like.
Now, moving down here, in this little corner, right,
there ya go. Power, reset. You got some USB headers and
Firewire headers down there. So, that’s four USB ports
on these two headers. Your Firewire. You have
your floppy disk drive. Yes, I don’t know why
that’s there anymore. But they still use them. And, right back
over here, your little LED to tell you your postcodes and any other information
that might be relevant during your boot up, your initial boot up sequence.
Now, if you move all the way up here, you see that up here?
Over there? You still got an IDE. So, just so you know, in case you’re
a dinosaur, or you’re just the most awkward person on the planet
and you’re buying this like, super hi-tech awesome motherboard,
to use like, your 20 MB per second IDE drive from the,
you know, late ’90s. It is there for you. Let’s talk about, a little
bit about the back panel connectors now. Starting off from the top,
you are going to see that you have two very nice
USB 2.0s right there. Another two very nice
USB 2.0s right there. You have your Firewire and this
little thing that I forget the name, and, who cares, PS2, whatever.
You got a couple eSATAs right there, that are pretty awesome. Analog
and digital audio, which is actually, kinda useful sometimes. You never
know when you’re gonna need that. And I actually like this feature.
I like to have both. I think it’s a sign of a quality
motherboard. You get the S/PDIF that’s optical and digital,
and the analog and col-actual. Moving down, you have another
two USBs, another two USBs. That’s eight, in total, on the back. Plus the
four there, that’s 12 on the board, overall. And Dual Gigabit LAN,
7.1 channel HD Audio, that’s all really awesome.
And, in case you were wondering, right up here, eight pin for your
12 volt. Right there. Okay? Very nice. Alright, let’s move on. I’m gonna show
you this little pouch that comes with it and all the stuff
that they give you. So, normally I, I don’t always show
you what’s in the motherboard, or what comes with it.
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. This time I do because they gave me a
pouch, and this made my day interesting, because they never give you a pouch,
and I’m very happy about this. So, ooh, there’s some interesting stuff in here.
Alright, let’s see what we’ve got. Biostar Velcro-y thing. I like that.
With the molex to SATA connectors. You get three of those and they convert
pretty much, two molexes to two SATAs, which is great. Alright, next.
Instruction manual. Whoa. And drivers and utilities CD,
as well. That’s pretty cool. And input/output shield, very plain.
Made somewhere in Asia. You also get a piece of steal
that has been bent. And, what this does is that…
is that ah… you ah… Yeah, okay you also get a IDE cable,
and you get a two-way SLI bridge. Very nice. And you get orange
SATA cables. Those are hard right there. Check that out.
That is very awesome. And then you get to
keep the bag for the future. You can put whatever
you want in here. So, Biostar X58.
Here are the good things: It’s more affordable
than the rest of them. It’s only got two PCI Express X16s.
It will run on X16 if they are fully populated, If you’re gonna run GTECH’s 295s,
and you’re just crazy anyway, you don’t need
that third one. You can put a bunch of other stuff,
including a RAID card in there, maybe? So it runs at X8, or X4.
It’s still plenty for a RAID card. So, it’s affordable,
it cools well, it does SLI and Crossfire, the memory
goes all the way up to 1,866 with overclocking. It’s got all the great SATA features, but a lot of
times you don’t need the extra controller for eSATA and all this other stuff.
So, it’s just got the basics. It does have power on
and power off buttons. And it does have an LED poster,
or whatever you want to call them. It does support 24 gigs of memory.
And it’s at a great price, one more time. So, very awesome.
The X58 T-Power by Biostar. Good job Biostar, I give you much props.
This is the best, the most exciting motherboard that I have ever seen from you guys.
And I think it’s awesome. If you have any questions on it, Email me.
And I will see you guys next time. For more information on the
Biostar T-Power X58 Motherboard, type in:
B450-2236 into the search engine of
any of these major retailers. For Computer TV, I’m Albert. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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47 thoughts on “Biostar TPower X58 LGA1366 Motherboard

  1. lmao i lold irl. man i hate ide and molex. seriously when its around the corner in your case its so fiddly to plug in! after having sata for like 4 years i had to fix some ones computer with an ide hdd i almost paid for a sata drive for them so i didnt have to see the monstrosity

  2. 1 for adsl or modem or internet outlet and the other one for LAN ?

    Most gaming computers in the cyber cafe are doing this…

  3. I think that 1366 sockets are useless, its 775 its fast already especially with Quad Cores, and 775 is too famous to be changed.

  4. The bent piece of steel as you put it albert , is for holding the sLi bridge nice and tight on top of your 2 cards . Its actually a very handy thing to have and looks cool too .

  5. im going for the p6t deluxe v2 =D much better then this one and it supports my 1600 mhz ram without overclocking ^^ (gonna overclock anyways :P)
    which one are you gonna chose :P?

  6. 6 ghz 😛 the price difference isnt that much btw =O but i dont need 4 pci express ffs. but if you can run them in quad sli or sth that is awesome =D
    p6t ftw 😛
    also stay cool ^^

  7. i feel very sorry for such a reviewer that supposed to have a quite good technical information , whatever ;; the piece of steel is just holder to support the installation for your SLI or Crossfire X technology from ATI ( which is dual VGA's or Triple in that case ) but that holder supports only two VGA's , and btw it comes with many high-end motherboard models that have a multi PCIE graphics slots ,,

    thanks buddy for the video ,and don't be angry at me 🙂

  8. uh.. the guy presenting this motherboard thingy is kinda cute though.. but I think my brain just froze, lol am not understanding that Devil language he is speaking some shit about Gigabyte :-/..I thought this whole tutorial was about food -_- what the deuce? yo this guy should work for Tiger Direct, oh wait I think he does…**awkward silence**..uh yea.. D:

  9. wow never seen anyone this excited about electronic,yea someone cruising for a raise lol just kidding..just keep in mind once aliens discover a way to create human androids with a micro motherboard implanted in their brains..and find a way to take over the world…by then I would have created myself a zombie proof bomb shelter out in an undisclosed area having the final laugh MUAH HA..HA..HAH..**does a Dr.Evil laugh**..

  10. Fascinating.  That reset button next to the power button on the board, does that just reset the BIOS to manufacturer's default on what?  I wonder if my x58A is running properly and wonder if hitting that button is going to sort it out.  I don't want to wipe out the whole machine in the process…. 🙁

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