Black Desert Online Gameplay – Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC (1080 Ti)

18 thoughts on “Black Desert Online Gameplay – Alienware Area-51 Gaming PC (1080 Ti)

  1. Hey I got black desert on my 4K display Alienware 17, but so far unless I change resolution to 4K, the game will minimize it's scale to the center, and the rest part of the screen are all black. Don't know how to fix it

  2. YESS! Doom performance videos on different systems, maybe a recreation of that demo with the GTX 1080… 😛

  3. I play on my Alienware 17, but my 660x is a bit dated. Searched for if an gpu upgrade is possible, but I keep getting mixed messages? Help?

  4. Hello , sombody maybe got 7 days key ? I would like too test it before buying if anyone got please msg me thanks 😁

  5. Everybody is wondering if the graphics amplifier will be compatible with the GTX 1080. Would love to play BDO on max settings with that set-up. When will you guys give an official statement?

  6. I can suggest Open Broadcast Studio (OBS) for recording … works quite nicely for me, and it's open source / multi platform and even free!

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