Borderlands 3 on Low End PC gets a bit weird

On one side if you are a fan of borderland
games they made a new one, 7 years late. On the other side, it is timed exclusive to the epic store. (THIS COMMENT SECTION) On one side, it is apparently pretty good. (WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS TO MYSELF) And on the other side it has the minimum requirements
of a modern AAA game, but there are some things you can to help
with the performance at a cost. Kinda. It’s complicated… you see what I mean in
a moment. This is Alex the LowSpecGamer. Let’s explore what lies under the configuration
file of the newly released Borderlands 3. This game runs on the now very common Unreal
Engine 4 with its configuration file located in the document folder rather than the usual
local app data folder. Here is the bad news: most Unreal Engine 4
games allow some variables to add to scalability.ini to tweak the game graphics with sometimes
dramatic results, such as we saw in cases such as Vampyr or Dauntless but Borderlands
3 joins the ranks of games like Fortnite or Gears 5 or PUBG in blocking or
ignoring this file, which is a shame. Furthermore, all Unreal Engine 4 games have
access to a resolution scaler that allows reducing the resolution of the ingame elements
without affecting UI or having to change the external resolution of the game. Which is scaled up to look ok. It is not Control’s miraculous temporal scaler
but it is pretty useful in low-end systems. This is usually controlled with a slider or
a variable in gameusersettings.ini but not in Borderlands 3. Here you can only select 100%, 75% and 50%… That’s it. The variable that usually controls this is
completely ignored in that game in favour of this guy who only takes values
50, 75 and a 100. As to why they would block one of the most
basic modern game features is confusing and my best guess is that unorthodox values screws
with some of their visual effects but… I have no idea. You can still set a custom low external or
full program resolution with these two lines, as long as you add that resolution first to
your GPUs custom resolution list in the Nvidia, Intel or AMD panel. Ok, so what is left? After exploring and experimenting with most
of the variables on gameusersettings.ini on the lowest settings usually allowed by the
game there are a couple of examples that have an amusing effects. Interesting enough 4 variables on scalability
groups remain on maximum values no matter the settings sg.AntiAliasingQuality seems to do nothing
since Antialiasing is controlled by AntiAliasingModeIndex further on the file, and so far I have not
noticed any difference in effects no matter the value of sg.EffectsQuality. sg.PostProcessQuality does control some post-processing,
as setting it to 0 makes the colors and illumination much more subdued. This is a tricky one, because one side disabling
this does bring a noticeable improvement in performance but it can make indoor scenes and nigh time combat
so dark that it might be difficult to play so I only recommend this one as a last resort. The other one is is sg.ViewDistanceQuality. Originally this had me duped since on every Unreal Engine 4 game I have tested
changes in draw distance can be noted when certain objects stop being drawn, but this
never happens in Borderlands 3. Instead, when setting sg.ViewDistanceQuality
to 0 what essentially happens is that everything still gets drawn at normal distances, but
it forces the game to use reduced LOD models with fewer polygons. Now when this happens it is usually very obvious
and easy to notice but there is something about the Borderlands graphical style that
hides the low poly count until you look really close …or you look directly at a human character
without a mask. You can definitely notice how it only loads
the full model when really close to the player and this effect is notable but easy to get
used to as enemy models usually wear masks or are moving too fast. And, since there is less stuff to render there
is a positive performance impact to this change as well so, this is a useful change if you are willing to pay the price Now, what sort of performance did I get when
all was said and done? My first instinct, as usual, these days, was
to try on the Athlon 200GE and its integrated GPU paired with 8 GB of dual-channel 2666
MHz ram. Interestingly enough the game would regularly
crash with out of memory errors until I manually assigned 2 GB to VRAM in bios. In 99% of the cases, this does nothing since
the game just takes RAM as VRAM as it needs it but on this specific game it seemed to
mitigate the errors on AMD integrated GPUs. This was running on 720p and 75% resolution
scale and the changes to force low detail models and no post processing effects. As you have likely noticed average performance
is between 35 and 40 fps which is fantastic for this little guy and you do not really
notice the low poly models… probably because how dark this is without the post processing
and it gets worse the closer you get to nighttime in the game. As I said, last resort For a setup like this one I actually preferred
to leave the post processing on for better visibility. Now you can notice the low poly models but
it is easier to see on a variety of scenes. Performance was indeed lower but it rarely
if ever dropped under 30 even while under fire so pretty fantastic results. To add a bit more variety, I also gave it
a go on the Intel UHD 620 on the Dell XPS 13 laptop The IntelHD quickly bottlenecks the laptop
i7 but on the same 720p but internal scaler reduced to 50% it can almost work. This is weaker to the integrated GPU in the
athlon so here both tweaks have to be used and performance initially seems fine except for stuttering that happens every time something loads in the background which may point to some VRAM
bandwidth issue. But hey, no game crashes with lack of memory
errors! In that sense, memory management seems to
be working. Reducing the resolution entirely to 960×540
does not entirely fix it but makes them less frequent and almost at the border of being
playable. However, I do have to point out that the scaler
on this game is very basic and it does not pull the amazing results of Control in low
resolutions so you are looking a quite a blurry result with the advantage that Borderlands
3’s clear visual design makes it easier to see enemies. Now, are there more performance secrets hidden
on this configuration file that I did not notice? Maybe, and if something gets discovered well, you know what to do. But in the meantime, this turned out to be
quite an interesting experiment on how the use of Unreal Engine 4 has evolved. Thank you for watching this video all the way to the end. Hopefully you found it interesting. See you on the next one.

100 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 on Low End PC gets a bit weird

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    good thing Alex does lol

  6. While most people diss that its only on Epic store, many forget Unreal Engine which was used to make the game is owned by Epic Games

  7. You state, two or three times, that the scaling only supports 50, 75 and 100% yet in the video you clearly show it also having a 125% setting in the options.

  8. hi can i make this work on AMD Radeon R7 200 Series and a i5-3470 CPU @ 3.20GHz, just wondering? or does it at least work if i get the min recommended processor

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  10. Low Res is one thing, but downloading 75GB worth of files?!

    As a gamer using 3rd world internet, it shall be difficult, and may result in downloading it in bursts, but my love for Borderlands 3 shall not stop me!

    I will wait for the steam release though, because my bitter hate for Epic demands it

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    Ps: saludos desde Ecuador

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    I can buy physical PC games right now from places like EB Games and Walmart, yet I still need to download Steam and download a digital version of the game. How could the reasoning for defending this be anything other than mental conditioning?

  24. Its funny to see this after all this time
    For a long time i used all your videos to play on my potato, now i have a great pc so i no longer need to do any of this but i still see this, feel the sadness 😂

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