100 thoughts on “Brawlout – Release Date Trailer | PS4

  1. I'm glad PS All-Stars fans are being vocal in the comments. I def. want this game too, but the real show has yet to begin.

  2. i got it on switch payd it 11$ and i want to cry every time i think about it, just don't give money for this NEVER!!!

  3. Why isn't the Pre-order showing up on the preorder category? I had to type in the name on the search bar to find it and buy it.

  4. Wannabes are saying that this game is a smash bros clone and not worth playing, I bought the game, played it, liked it

    2ndly, look at it from the developers perspective, we may see it as a smash clone, perhaps they admire a game like that and wanted to make their with genuine new characters, do you think they were developing this title with the intention of it being a smash clone? if you're not a game developer then I'd like to see you try putting in all the hard work to make a video game

    Laymen…… 😂

  5. The games where you knock people off the stage should be in a genre of its own, not called a "smash clone" open your minds a bit people.

  6. wha? another battle royale!? man, PUGB should sue this plagiarism game
    (2019 E3 gon be like, "we got something alot of you asking for….ehmmmmmm its….SMASH")

  7. I have questions, do u have offer more than 4 players to verse each other, what's the limit ?
    Do you have team battle?
    What customization options you have ?
    What other modes are there?
    Questions are exploding out my head?
    Because I like the way it looks and gameplay but I need more info before I buy!

  8. Sony, take just a small fraction of all the money you’re making and use some of it to make a sequel to PlayStation All-Stars.

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