Build MIDI Controller with 400 Keys (Arduino and PC Keyboards)

Request video #1! Cesar Nova asks, “can you make a music keyboard
with a pc keyboard? if yes, plz make a video plz”. Well, Cesar Nova,
NO, because that would be incredibly lame. Can you imagine what a dweeb you’d be if you
walk up on stage with a computer keyboard? But I’ll tell you what,
We’re going to build the quadruple keyboard MIDI device,
to turn not one keyboard, but 4 keyboards into a MIDI device. Now here’s a man who knows where he’s going
with his life. Let’s do this! For this project we’re going to need:
CARDBOARD! Let’s start with adding a few wires to each
of the four PS2 ports. Then glue them together!
Next, we’ll add a resistor to the MIDI port and solder some more wires. Then we gotta plug everything into the Arduino,
just like this. The PS2 ports go to the digital pins, and
the MIDI port goes to the serial output. TADA! Now we write code!
This code monkey already wrote the code for you, so download his code!
DOWNLOAD HIS CODE! Now, we glue everything onto cardboard, and
after that, we glue the cardboard onto the cardboard and pray that what we end up with
something that somewhat resembles a box. That’s good enough for me! PART 2! Now we’re going to need…
Wood! Screws!
Keyboards! Align the wood pieces.
Glue the wood pieces. Then attach the wood pieces with a huge ass
board. And we done! DAAAH! And now we’re going to plug in ALL THE THINGS! Welp… I hope you enjoyed this video.
I post videos every Thursday, so if you want to see more garbage turned into slightly strange,
but totally impractical devices, then you can subscribe!
Or check out some of my other projects, over here! That’s all I have for you today,
I’ll see you next week! BAAAI!

100 thoughts on “Build MIDI Controller with 400 Keys (Arduino and PC Keyboards)

  1. can it use USB type A input instead and use USB keyboard or make it multi control like a USB hub but it is a MIDI Controller hub for any one who have a single USB A port ? thank you .

  2. .Evankale i need help can u make a video about programming games for game boy like real gameboy i want to learn how to make it but there is no videos or any tutorials around the internet

  3. First of all you're both crazy and amazing
    Im really interested on actually making this. Couple of questions if you got the time to answer.

    Can i switch all ports with simple usb type A/ B ports (including the midi out port )?
    Can i also configure those keyboards to me shortcuts for other software like solidworks, etc ?

    Thanks in advance
    A much, much less intelligent individual

  4. Well well, one keyboard is not enough for jamming in fruity loops…. so four you say? Challenge accepted.

  5. hey, Evan, your videos are great ! can I ask you something? Can i use this device made whit keyboard as a lunchpad on Resolume for control video??

  6. hi, we follow all the stepsm wich sound program are you using? i try to use with LMMS, but doesnt works.

  7. Can you plz plz tell me that how to make a 61 KEYS midi keyboard from a computer keyboard for FL STUDIO. Please reply

  8. Incrível,muito autêntico e original o seu vídeo, parabéns e boa sorte um grande abraço de um espectador região metropolitana da grande Porto Alegre, sul do Brasil!

  9. Is it just me or when he started playing it sounded like he was gonna play I was made for lovin’ you by kiss like if you agree


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