Buying A Gaming Laptop for 2018 – What to Avoid?

100 thoughts on “Buying A Gaming Laptop for 2018 – What to Avoid?

  1. Hello Mr. Lee, I'm looking for a gaming laptop but not for gaming. I would like to run SW Simulations on it.
    My solidwork specs tell me i need i freakin monster… like 32GB Ram, At least GTX1070ti or RTX2070 and a i7 6700 (8core or above)
    256GB SSD M2 and a 1TB SSD Sata III would be preferred.. budget max 2500.. any recommendations..

  2. Great,thx i want ask please,i am console gamer but i want to buy gaming laptop budget under 1000 e or bucks,can you me give suggesties?thx i never use before keyboards and mousse,thx

  3. For my birthday I’m getting a model in 2-3 days called the ASUS TUF Gaming FX705GM 17.3. I’m not very keen on this stuff, but is an example of a good laptop?

  4. Help me please i can't decide btw "acer nitro 5 core i5 8300h w/ 12ram and gtx 1050" OR "Asus rog gl753 core i7 7700hq w/ 16ram and gtx 1050TI" wich one and why? 🙁

  5. Luckily I got myself a Lenovo Legion Y530 w/ i7-8750H & GTX 1060 6gb + 144hz for €1449 in early 2019 – Not a bad deal at all.

  6. If you walk into Apple with a broken anything your going to walk out being charged more than a new one would cost, or having bought a brand new device.

  7. Does this laptop category worth it for someone who just want a future proof power house with the chance of upgradability without spending premium prices for the premium devices other than gaming laptops..

  8. legion y530 is best performance of entry level price is good and also portable y540 will be better as it will have rtx 2060

  9. in my opinion , 120 hz refresh rate screens , will drop performance overall , because the gpu and the cpu will have to push the game to 120 fps , if you play with v-sync on for best image and video stability. however , 60 hz will make the laptop run somoother , quieter , cooler and longer lasting. i will just drop this here

  10. I want buy a gaming laptop which is best & I used high level design software for that what one is best

  11. Buy gaming laptop link is

  12. Thanks for this super helpful video. I decided to get a laptop for gaming and would like have things like an i7, 144hz, geforce 1060 and am hoping to stay under $1400 do you have any recommendations? I have seen some laptops with these features and in my price range but I am worried I could get one that could get too hot or not be good for what I want. I would greatly appreciate to hear your thoughts on what may be best for me?

    Also, I mainly play FPS like Destiny 2 and other similar games.

  13. Well, shoot. I just ordered the Lenovo Legion Y530 (it-8750H w/ GTX 1060) and it's got a 60hz screen. Instant buyer's remorse for not finding a 120+hz screen instead?

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  15. блядь, подпись на русском, а пиздежь на английском, нах так делать.

  16. Hello
    I want to buy laptop for engineering performance (AutoCAD, program for FEA . Etc)
    For 2000$
    What you recommend 😊

  17. Laptops are shit in general. I had 4 Laptops so far not 1 of them lasted longer then 2 years without having lagg / starting issues or whatever. Rather spend 500 bucks more on a real PC which will technically last forever if you take care of it.

  18. you are right except apple 😀 i know many apple user have horror stories too. Just recently saw how a genious bar employee broke when try to fix a laptop and give it back as nothing happen XD

  19. I just want a cheap laptop for YouTube and video games. I don't care about graphics. Is that to much to ask for?

  20. Dave, could You pls share Your wallpaper (which is on TV screen)?
    I have no chance that You will do so after so many time, but i still have a hope! 🙂

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