Calibre GeForce 9600 GT OC Video Card

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. . . . . . . . . . . . . Hi guys check it out, Steam Punk has made it’s way to CPU coolers. Check out the Calibre line from Sparkle. You saw me with the 9600 GT review, this is something very similar. It’s the 9600 GT Green Power. And the reason for that is pretty much this little device, which lets you power down the GPU and the memory to very very low settings, so when you’re not playing a game, it will let you drop it down. So as you can see you have a Standard, an Overclocked and a Green. So Green is going to knock down the frequency to 300MHz with an 800 MHz memory. If you go to the regular mode, the standard you’re going to get 650 and 1800 which is a little bit faster than a factory made 600 GT, and if you go OC, you get the full 700 MHz Core Clock with 2000 MHz memory, which is very quick. And check this out, you’re going to love this cooler. If you don’t know what Steam Punk is look it up. I can tell you it definitely made its way, this thing looks super industrial, and check it out, it’s got a non-reference cooler, it has 3 heat pipes. Two that go to each cooler, and then one down at the bottom which you can probably see it right there. See that copper? These are actually copper but they are plated, and well, let me just show you. Let’s say you are running in a single, a dual slot mode, and you have an SLI video card or a Crossfire, in this case it’s going to be SLI. It’s gonna sit like this. That’s going to let you stack up two cards, no problem, and give you the excellent inter-cooling. But if you only have one card, and you are going to overclock it, you can do this: Check out how cool that is. That’s called the Dual Fly System. And pretty much as soon as you bring those up, you get an additional increase in cooling performance, it drops you temps. It will run in the overclock mode either way, but you’ll get lower case temperatures if you do it with these fans all the way up. So very cool little device, and you know, combined, both of these two technologies, a little bit cooler running GPU, this kind of little, what do you call it? Front panel green thing. I mean if you get this card you love the environment and good for you , ’cause we need it. They have a whole shpiel on what they went through. Not only, like, in the design of the card, but in building it, in the box, this is all a green box. It’s recycled paper with soy ink, and they do all this crazy stuff to make this whole thing as green as possible, which is really important and it’s great for your efficiency, your computers need a little bit less power, save a few buck per year, it never hurts. If you haven’t switched to CFL lightbulbs yet, do that. Let’s talk about some of the other stuff you get on here, let me give you a quick tour. Let me show you the power. Power is right there, see it? It’s right there. 6-Pin, so your regular 6-Pin PCI Express connector will go there. You need about 400 Watts to run this. You know most of the boxes say 450 and 500 Watts, you can probably get away with even a 350 though, a good quality one. But don’t call me crying when it doesn’t work. Minimum requirement is 450 you are going to need that 6-Pin PCI express, and obviously this amazing 600GT it will run SLI, so if you want to add and SLI and add a second card, you very well can, right there. Now as far as connectivity goes, look on the back, you have two different colored Dual Lync DVIs and those will do the same thing. They are going to do a maximum of 2560 X 1600 resolution, and you also have this S-Video, which will do 1920 X 1080i. And you can either use the S-Video cable that they provide you, which is a Digital 7 pin S-Video, it will do 1080i, but that’s not the best option, this is the best option right here, this is your Breakaway cable. Excuse me. This is your Breakaway cable, it goes to Components, S-Video goes in there, and thisgives you 1080i. This thing also has HDMI support, So if you want to put a DVI to HDMI Dongle, you can out it right there and that would definitely work. And then also if you are kind of keeping it old school, and you have a VGA monitor, well you can still use it with this video card no problem, because you do get this DVI to VGA Dongle in the box. Then the last thing you get in the box is this little cable which might be alien to you, but it’s not. It’s just a cable that hooks up the video card to the front panel connector so you can get all your settings. Now, if you are going to be using this for any type of home entertainment system, or anything like that. You do have HDMI support, you do have high band width digital contact protection support, which will let you stream Bluerays to your television and it’s going to play all your games at regular 9600GT speed, which is pretty much more than fast enough to run just about any game you want. Unless you have really big 22 24 26 28 30″ monitor, if you are 17 19 20 22, you’ll be fine with this card on just about every single game on the market except maybe for Crisis. And even then, if you run it on medium or low settings at a low resolution, you’ll have no problem getting it to run. So awesome card from Sparkle. Let me double check that I have nothing else for you. I think I pretty much hit it all. DirectX10, using Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1 and the last thing I’ll tell you is awesome warranty. Most video cards have a one year warranty, a few manufacturers provide lifetime warranties, but these guys put a three year warranty here. So that’s excellent, it’s much better than a year, and three years is about as long as your video card will go before you replace it anyway to get an upgraded and better one to deal with the new games also. Awesome card, it’s the Dual Fly Overclocked 9600GT Calibre Series, by Sparkle. If you have any questions email me right here. And that’s it, I’ll see you guys next time. The Sparkle gForce 9600GT Dual Fly Overclocked Green Edition Video Card is available from the retailers listed here. Or for more information you can type in S15-9602 into any major search engine. For computerTV, I’m Albert. . . . . . . . . . . . .
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42 thoughts on “Calibre GeForce 9600 GT OC Video Card

  1. I actually think im going for the Radeon 4850. Everything about it is better. yeah, its 80 bucks more, but i think its worth it! ^_^

  2. yeah, i mean, if we have enough money for christmas, then im prob gonna get the ATI, but if not, 9800 is deff the way to go.

  3. The heatpipes are NOT inter-connected with each other, the outside 2 are independent & hinged.
    I have mine clocked @ 800 core and loading @ 57c after 1 hour….show me a better cooling system……

  4. This is the best card I've owned, got it clocked up to 9800gt speeds, playing everything on MAX.. Looks BEAUTIFUL IN THE CASE !!

  5. looks god damn good!i like the heat pipe and the overall cooling system,specially the gray part.XD

  6. yup server can play games if its spec meets the requirements from what game your going to play.. but most likely servers are not to play games or about graphics.. its the memory that most needed. it needs lots of memory to run clients.. so you don't need a high graphic card on a server, but you need a high graphic card on a pc gaming..

  7. @pranitd2 ofcourse….. every videocard works in windows 7, even S3 trios. for Aero, you will need at least a geforce 6 series

  8. i have an evga 9600gt that i OC beyond SSC specs (750/1000mhz core/mem) pretty easily.. and i like the looks of the eVGA cards better

  9. First off this isn't steampunk. Sorry!

    Second off, CFLs aren't green, they're actually horrible for the environment because so many people throw them out, and they contain mercury, which seeps into the water table from landfills.

    It's still a cool card, though.

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