Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

100 thoughts on “Can We Find The Name Brand? (GAME)

  1. I love how they added "juggalo favorite" when mentioning Faygo. They didnt need to. But they did. Two whoops for GMM

  2. Lol @ rhett trying not to drink same spot as link when theyve been breathing in eachothers skin cells since grade 6…

  3. This is the only channel that can legitimately make me laugh. Not like little giggles but like I have to pause the video because my cheeks hurt kind of laughing.

  4. Oh my god, you had Faygo! Faygo pop is the best pop. I usually say soda, but when I talk about Faygo I gotta say pop. By far the best pop ever made. It's from Detroit and I was born and raised in Michigan, so I grew up on the stuff.

  5. Red Thunder can be found at Aldi. and if you look at the ingredients on a can of Red Bull and a can of Red Thunder they're exactly the same. Not sure where Red Bull is produced put my can of Red Thunder says it's made in Canada.

  6. These are 40 year old men who have been friends their entire lives… and they still refuse to drink from the same edge of the cup 😂

  7. Is it bad that as soon as they started round 1, I immediately answered that it was the left one based on appearance?

  8. The reason they all taste the same yet people “choose” which ones they want to buy is because of brand loyalty. You can say you’ll be able to tell the difference all you want, but everyone thinks that and rarely anyone can. They taste the same.

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