CES 2018 – The Thinnest Laptop + MONSTER Displays!

Hey, how’s it going? Dave 2D here. So CES day 1 I got to check out a couple events. Now, before I get into that stuff I need to talk about the image quality of what you’re looking at. I’m shooting this on a smartphone. I actually went to CES very light this year. I brought two smartphones: Pixel 2XL, and an iPhone X. And the image quality is significantly worse than I thought it would be. So a lot of event spaces are dark. I knew they’d be dark, expected it, but I just thought the image quality on these new smartphone cameras would just be a little bit better, and it’s just, it’s just bad. I apologize in advance. OK, first thing I went into was the Acer event. They have a couple of new devices this year. The one that stood out to me was the Acer Swift 7. So this has been updated, but it’s now a little bit thinner, a little bit, just better across the board. And this is a really well-built ultra-thin laptop. It is literally the thinnest laptop in the world right now. 8.98 millimeters, and it’s a 14 inch screen, but a really nice keyboard. So, a lot of devices that are this thin just have to compromise on the keyboard, just the typing experience isn’t very good. This feels like a regular Ultrabook, with nice key travel, back-lit keys and everything. The thing that’s a little bit weird about this keyboard is the backspace key. So if you look up the top here that delete is Right beside the backspace so if you’re not used to the keyboard it might be a little bit weird the trackpad Does not click so there’s a tap mechanism? But there’s no actual physical movement when you tap there’s literally no tactile response when you tap it It’s just like tapping But it’s a very good trackpad, Windows Precision drivers The whole laptop though is surprisingly expensive. This was $1,700 and it’s I mean the market for this thing has got to be really nice, but if you’re looking for someone That’s really thin, and you want something. That’s literally the thinnest laptop in the world right now. This is it There’s also 4G LTE built right into the laptop so we can use a nano SIM or Isom And you can basically have this thing connected to the Internet all the time without needing to tether it to your phone or anything like that
Now the thing that might be a deal-breaker for some people is that this thing is using a seventh gen Intel CPU and I thought? A little bit weird because 8th gen is already here, but for devices that are this small and this portable I don’t think there’s gonna be a big difference between 7th and 8th gen performance now another thing that I saw was the new Acer Nitro 5 and what makes this thing special and it’s running an AMD CPU the Verizon 5 and an upcoming AMD GPU now the actual GPU is undetermined But it’s going to give performance similar to the GTX 1050 or the 1050 Ti so that kind of budget gaming laptop range? If you have other things like the Chromebook They have this blue Chromebook with USB C port which is kind of cool if you’re into that stuff But that’s basically the gist of the Acer event so another thing I went to was the Samsung event and they had this huge TV that they call the wall and what makes this one special Well, it’s 8k micro LED. It looks incredible a lot of like the OLED and Q LED TVs Just look really good But this one’s probably the nicest one I’ve ever seen but the thing that really Impressed me about this thing was the AI so they have this technology for other TVs Not just this one, but a lot of their higher-end TVs this year But they use it as an algorithm to basically upscale lower res footage into 8k So they can take some crappy 480p footage look at this database kind of figure out what needs to be upscaled and how to upscale each Component with this algorithm, and then push it out in what seemingly is 8k content, which is crazy the last thing I saw was another really big screen It’s the Nvidia BFG displays, which is probably a reference to doom, but they actually call it a big format gaming display It’s basically the 65 inch TV shaped object, which is it’s essentially a TV? But the panel is amazing for gaming It’s actually not meant for TV like it’s not geared towards having the best image quality for media consumption But it’s freaking amazing for gameplay, so they have this thing connected up to a PC and they were demoing destiny, too And it just looked really really good like you’re looking at 4k 120 Hertz really low response rate It’s basically a giant high-end gaming monitor with g-sync. It looks it looks so good so it’s always gonna gear to everyone it’s more for people that are building like some kind of like man cave and they want just a single display to do all of Their gaming on so console gaming PC gaming and obviously it’s got streaming capabilities, but it’s got HDR support And they have this really cool demo where in destiny – there’s NPC that’s welding but because of the high brightness on this man I think it hits a thousand nits the spark on the welders tool was super bright It was actually this Blinding brightness that was emitted because of how bright the screen can get and it’s all g-sync and able to allow for some really smooth 120 Hertz gameplay But it’s gonna be expensive They didn’t release pricing it depending on the partner you’re gonna purchase it from like Asus is making one Acer HP Omen is making one. They’re all going to be price. I imagine, but they certainly won’t be cheap I’m looking for screen like that though like that’s something. I really want for myself Assuming it’s not too expensive, but yeah, okay, so that’s basically CSD one again I apologize for this amazingly high res and crispy footage I’ll see you guys in the next video at CES

100 thoughts on “CES 2018 – The Thinnest Laptop + MONSTER Displays!

  1. The GIANT 65" Nvidia gaming displays are freaking awesome. Definitely the coolest thing for me so far. What are you guys looking forward to from CES?

  2. I'm not sure if you're sarcastic regarding the video quality on your smartphones, but I think they are superb for vlogs. I can't even tell that this video was recorded by a smartphone.

  3. Don't apologize! I wouldn't have noticed the camera quality if you didn't point it out. Thanks for the great content Dave!

  4. $1700 for that crap, would anyone buy than when they could save a couple hundreds dollars with a few more milimeters

  5. Definitely not bad quality for phone video. That Display sounds killer, I didn't even know there were any 4k 120hz panels yet.

  6. Dave don't worry about the phone video quality. We're all here to see your take on what's going on at CES. Keep up the good work!

  7. Acer sucks! Never buy ACER. I never had any acer product that didn't break at least one time. NEVER, all of them low quality, even laptops of £1500 broke so many times I lost count.

  8. Why computer companies are still making ugly laptops ? Why don't they just make simply and clean Design like Apple do on the Macbook Series.

  9. That 8K Samsung TV with AI sounds cool. Probably over 99% of movies, TV shows and videos etc. in people's collection are not even in full HD, let alone 4K, so to be able to enhance existing content is definitely an important innovation.

  10. For what it's worth, the phone footage looks perfectly fine. I feel like casual viewers likely won't be able to tell a huge difference from higher end models — I know I certainly can't (but I'm a filthy casual)

  11. WHAT THE WHAT?! Been subbed since like 100k, and since I started college I haven't been keeping up as much, but wow, 1 million?? I'm late, but congrats!!

  12. Honestly just add a light or two and this footage would look fine. Don't beat yourself up too much and thank you for the video.

  13. 2018 is going to be the year where console peasants will drop the myth of “the human eye can only see 30 fps” with all this high refresh rate goodness coming up!

  14. Donald Trump must be creaming his pants looking at "the wall".

    Jokes aside micro-led and 120hz has to be the best things announced this CES. Cannot wait for burn-in immune phones, monitors and TVs.

  15. Hey everyone. At the moment i'm trying to figure out what is the best laptop choice for under 800$. Please i need help. (using for gaming)

  16. Hey Dave, can you please help me I am trying to find a good laptop for gaming, Music production, and editing but I don't know what I should get. Originally I wanted to get the Acer Predator Helios 300, but I'm not sure if that is a good enough laptop. I also really wanted to get the New Razor stealth but that's not really good for gaming. Please help.

  17. wtf, "terrible footage." well, my Internet is measured in kilobytes so yah, 480p. Be thankful that you have good Internet and not dsl.

  18. Hi, the new acer nitro V seems to be interesting, but i barely understand AMD gpu compared to nvidia ones. So Dave lee if you can make a video comparing AMD and Nvdia in term of laptop gpu it will be nice.

  19. Quality is not that bad actually. Noticeable difference to the other videos, but travel is about light and easy or let's say about a quick first impression 🙂

  20. Hi Dave. I think the image quality is quite good, despite the exposure jumping up and down. The problem is the audio quality, that kinda sucks, the mic filtered out some low end freq and made your voice sound thin. But it's ok still. Love your videos.

  21. Please, make a video "Best Gaming laptop under $1500."

    Make the video a little bit long, so that we can understand all clearly.

    Please please please. Do this.

  22. I think BFG was a poor choice on NVidias part, there's no way I can't think of the BIG FUCKING GUN when someone says BFG

  23. Dave Lee, next CES if you haven't learned your lesson & you're not hauling around a Sony PXWZ450, Sony HXCFB75SC, RED Weapon/Helium 8K S35 with all the add on's or, dare I say it something ghetto like a Sony AX1 or Canon C200… then I'm just gonna have to fly down to L.A. & beat that ASS! Stay crispy.

  24. The thinner the laptop (as in thin as it can get), the more harder it is to repair by yourself, the more expensive it'll be, the more it flexes and need extra protection as well as the more easy it'll heat up. Nope

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