100 thoughts on “Chainsaw Origin PC Unboxing!

  1. Justine: flamethrower
    Me: GIRL NO

    Also… if there was an apocalypse, would she be fine or absolutely toast because on one hand… Siri operates all her lights. On the other… she’s got enough knives, chainsaws, and flamethrowers to be pretty well set 😂

  2. I'm just glad you didn't hit a screw or something metal when you used the chainsaw because then it could have come smacking you in the face & gone very bad.. Never use chainsaws on anything that have any mental.. 😮

  3. Oh my gosh she used a flame thrower she contributed to global warming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought she was a liberal

  4. I started to move around my phone and I noticed the camera was all moving and I’m like this camera person is bad and then u announced the camera you’re using and I noticed I’m the one who is causing the moving 🤣👏

  5. Haha, I was about to comment that you need to teach the whoever one who recorded the video, to focus on what you’re doing and not shoot the ceiling only… until I realised my mistake 😂😂😂

  6. I was enjoying this video until my vertigo got triggered. What a shame, it was fun but then I couldn’t move much or I’d get dizzier. 🙄

  7. Omg justine!! I'm so in love with your casual sporty outfit style its sporty and casual and I seriously love it❤👚👟❤ and a huge fan here I love all your videos their soooooo cool ❤ #ijustineisthebest #ijustine #bestunboxer ❤❤❤ LOVE FROM USA DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OR DMV ❤❤❤

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