Checking out ROG gaming laptops: Zephyrus S and Strix Scar II

all right so what do we got here looks
like two new computers yeah we have two new computers this is a brand new Asus
Zephyrus s of course you know the world famous Zephyrus super thin but only in
17-inch version a su said hey a lot of people like these 15-inch laptops we are
going to make a 15-inch version that the names air first belongs on and this is
what we have this is a zephyrus s it’s got all the zephyrus like features I’m
going to show you of course the signature move check it out
watch this if that little vent hinge little vent hinge helps you suck in air
keeps the laptop cooler keeps it thinner in fact they say it’s probably the
thinnest one out there and let’s find out because I have next to it the razor
15 which razor of course says is the smallest 15 inch gaming laptop I can
believe them because it’s tiny it does have these pretty big thick feet though
to keep it elevated so it cools off do you count that or do you not count
that I don’t count it because you know if you were to lay it up you get a
better sense but it’s a little tougher this caliper because I’m not gonna get
all the way to the middle of the body what do we got there we got about maybe
17 point 8 millimeters all right is our first same thing we’re not gonna get all
the way to the center but it’s a fairly flat design that’s John you’re not
opening it up I’m not so it’s fair it’s close so we’re both close about sixteen
point three millimeters since I’m all around well I mean you know I think
razor is saying we’re smaller because it depends on what the definition of
smaller is because it is still smaller it might actually be smaller by volume
because it’s definitely you have the Zephyrs who is larger don’t talk about
the blade too much but I won’t do point out to people on the 1070 max-q version
you get a bigger bottom what they do is that the bigger bottom looks and put in
the bigger GPU more cooling etc but we’re talking about the AC we are
talking about the a seuss the Zephyrus s back by not popular demand apparently
but big Cup because they need to is the side mounted trackpad personally I like
the side mounted trackpad the original Zephyrus it was like this you had the
keyboard here you had your side mounted trackpad
but then on the Zephyrs m which was the updated version with coffee lake the
keyboard bat went back up to here and the trackpad would here with the Zephyrs
s hey sue said hey we need that space for the cooling and the GPU and the CPU
and all that so we’re gonna move the keyboard back so we got the trackpad on
the side you of course do you get your cool little 10 key for somebody so they
need in accounting the keyboard self is for zone for zone RGB so not perky
inside of course Coffee Lake i7 a soos is not gonna put iodine in here this is
yeah we know we’re not gonna play that game i sevens great for gaming so six
core coffee like H GPU options 1060 or 1070 max Q eight gigs in motherboard one
single MDOT to slot inside not fun to get into of course but it looks like
there is some like kind of venting or what’s going on behind no so there’s I
think there’s additional venting there’s some four speakers the other thing
that’s really kind of different with the Zephyrus is people will turn complain uh
we think the body shell is a little thin so they actually made this check out we
have really narrow bezels oh wait screen 1080p 144 hertz 3 millisecond gray to
gray no g-sync mostly for battery life of course right
but let’s get into this they say a lot of people said oh the original is how
far is little light weight we want something heavier duty so what issues
does with this as they start with look at that that’s pretty solid nice chunk
of aluminum aircraft grade because apparently all those aluminum cans in
the world go somewhere else and then takes about 17 minutes so many mills out
from this solid piece of aluminum billet to get this nice cover they don’t
actually have any drop spec mil spec ratings yet but they are currently gonna
get them they actually think they may get this gaming laptop to get a mil spec
drop rating you can see all the intricate solidly milled details of the
cover so the lesson is we heard you we you wanted a thicker body on the Zephyr
so the Zephyrs s actually pretty thick so it’s actually how much does it weigh
there are some laptops so this is about 4.6 pounds okay not the lightest but it
actually feels very solid the lightest that I’ve seen of course is a GS 65 msi
lovey-lovey laptop but you do wonder about how it’s going to hold up if you
grab your by the corner this one feels pretty solid does it feel like it’s
gonna fold up on me when I show off the ports what do the poor people love the
ports people oh the ports USB 5 gig I believe a USB 10 gig in the USB see
looks like DisplayPort as well on the back HDMI 2.0 a Kensington lock then
aside we get our pry terry or standard a soos barrel charger I will show you the
power brick in a second another USB 3 110 gig port and then to Taipei’s in
craz analogue audio port interestingly there is no Thunderbolt 3 port on here
they said we’re not gonna put on there I’m not sure why I guess it makes sense
who’s really using Thunderbolt 3 in this gaming laptop form-factor
should have enough graphics inside already yeah should have plenty graphics
and of course the reason is all of this cooling they actually bought brought by
this nifty demo unit of the cooling that’s inside this laptop let’s not
scratch it but put the fans in place clearly this is the GPU side you can see
the array for the gddr5 memory this is probably for 1060 or 1070 max-q and then
what we get is this array it’s super thin they actually said they added I
believe 12 more blades into the into the fans to increase airflow probably at a
lower rpm also the fans here are 12 volt motors so they said to hey we’re using
12 volt motors so they they say they can drive them at higher rpms in a 5 volt
motor that other people might use and look at that we get basically looks like
three shared heat pipes for the CPU and GPU and then each of the and then the
GPU and CPU also get their own separate heat pipe and of course on this side as
we were seeing the cooler for the memory so you get a
little bit of heatsink on that other fan on the right side I believe which
actually is in here like this is that right did I flip it over the wrong way
no that’s correct so this does have dust channels a little hard to see but I
believe they have these little dust channels that dust is supposed to be
blown out of in here today to lower dust or dust bunnies yeah it keeps out you
know cuz you don’t want to take this thing apart to service it to get the
dust out of weed people do live in dusty climates and it is a serious issue we
all laugh about it but it’s real so of course that’s a crapload of heatpipes
crapload of copper that’s what lets them run at 1060 1070 max Q and a coffee like
i7 in here I haven’t tested it but I got a good feeling it’s gonna it’s gonna
beat up the core I nine MacBook Pro pretty easily right let’s let’s let’s be
honest about that panel again 144 Hertz three millisecond gray to gray no g-sync
for battery life in Stingley battery capacity is about 50 50 watt hours I
want to make sure I get that right let’s look it up 50 watt hours which is a
little bit in the small side so I like on the gigabyte arrow 15 15 X they’ve
put in 97 water our huge batteries some of the other batters he are about 80 so
I think the battery life of this is gonna be it’s real oh yeah not the
greatest but you don’t have G sink which doesn’t kill battery so it’s probably
reasonable you know you’re playing this one in there you’re keeping it plugged
in you keeping it plugged in and they have the new armory crate control panel
that lets you sync up all the LEDs you got the LED logo and back if you have
the brand new Asus head set it will also sync up the College of that this power
brick is pretty big though I got to say this is a 230 watt power brick which is
pretty normal in a 1070 max-q laptop but it’s pretty thick let’s compare to the
razor drastically it’s more of an optical illusion I gotta say they’re
probably about the same weight but it just looks like oh this looks a giant
but it probably pretty razor large yeah they’re both comparable so not that bad
so 15 inches you know how much it’s gonna cost yeah
so one thing I don’t know is how much it’s gonna cost how much last year’s
last year’s if you’re in a ten seventy max Q it’s up over 2k I imagine it’s
gonna be very similar it is a premium super thing gaming laptop I mean look at
this let’s just take this out again it is I mean that is just super portable
but if you can’t afford this one and you can’t afford it a sue said hey we got
this which is the brand-new GL 704 then make sure I got that right here because
I there’s a lot of numbers Rivera yep GL 704 discs Alex why is this one look
nicer than this one a loss oh it’s just because it’s an optical illusion from
the color because you like it this way it might not call it that dark or color
it is looks like a brushed aluminum lid I’m not even sure it is it may actually
be a faux aluminum because this is obviously a more cost-conscious gaming
laptop 17-inch panel 144 Hertz three millisecond greater gray it’s a V a
panel it does not G sink as well it’s not G
sink again but is it the same panel as the other one it’s it’s the rough au au
panels made by a you optronics they make that panel for both of those so they sue
they work with them to get the that response rate to just be just super
excellent of course obviously you got your Watson keys that are lit up the
keys do you line up maybe we need this thing
so RGB keys as well or is it these are this is own linings well it’s not perky
I believe I can’t light it up one of the problems is this is an early unit so all
the functionality the software is not quite there coffee laid six core up to
16 gigs one end up to 2.5 inch drive bay and I’m gonna guess two sodium’s for
your ddr4 memory and with a keyboard up to the top so it’s a little bit
different yeah so this is a more of a conventional laptop as you can see it’s
thicker right about I can’t like this up because this looks like it lights up
here it’s about 6 pounds kind of a standard issue you know you know aiming
for factor for 17-inch and I got to say for people who like don’t like 17-inch
gaming laptops if your eyes aren’t that great 15-inch
gaming laptops are not fantastic to play on it’s nicer to get out of a bigger
panel if you’re a little bit older and you don’t have the vision for it let’s
do the ports again no Thunderbolt 3 maybe controversial micro SD or actually
SD slot USB C 10 gig another USB type a probably 5 gig Kensington lock
courageous analog audio port 3 Taipei’s HDMI 2.0 mini DisplayPort 10 gig
Ethernet and then of course your standard barrel charger it is another
200 way it’s not 10 gig Ethernet or just regular sorry don’t get me excited me
excited it is it is Gigabit Ethernet we are not to the days of 10 gig Ethernet
on a laptop yet so it is plastic and construction that doesn’t necessarily
mean it’s bad it’s not gonna have the same premium feel as the Zephyrs s of
course that is a nice laptop but you know their pitch is like you’re going to
college your parents may not want to drop 2 K on a gaming laptop for you to
take no pricing on this one exactly but what are you thinking I’m gonna think
you know 1060 coffee like 16 gig 256 to 512
you know 12 probably you know 12 for your bucks 1,300 bucks it’s hard to say
there it is only 1060 version but you know concerning the size of this chassis
you could obviously put a bigger GPU in there if they wanted to but probably for
costs the 1060 makes a lot more sense ya know g-sync interestingly
oh and sixty one hour battery so you’re gonna get slightly possibly better
battery life than the zephyrus s but you know it is a bigger panel all things not
being equal it may get similar battery life in the end cool when do you think
they’re coming out and they’re gonna be announced I think this week today and of
course you know probably available for order very soon which is not definite I
can do my own work

66 thoughts on “Checking out ROG gaming laptops: Zephyrus S and Strix Scar II

  1. what consumer carries a caliper and cares about 1 mm thickness difference ? review what actual people care about when they want to buy products, stop with the dumb things like this vid.

  2. PC World i would not recomend ASUS ROG laptop.. Software is very hard to uninstall – My Mcaffe coul not be unistalled , the harddrive in the laptop was unknown and still is ( for windows 10) , Asus own software cannot be installed due to someting like no .net or whatever
    thier problem is – harddrive works at 100% loadalmost always – the 960m is not a gamingcard even when it was new -If I installed update to spectre or whatever they are -if Windows did not then not and I dont care Im just waiting for the faulty grapihicsfan to give up its last breath . For the money it worth only 2 years of use then throw it aways snce its just ….

  3. asus missing the point….a zephyrus m with smaler bezel and bigger battery would be perfect.
    (ore am i missing something?)


  5. Yes i have original. Like the design. I still think M is a mistake it too heavy. S going in to be in harder market too many competition.

  6. GL503VS (7th gen) had the 15.6" 144Hz panel with G-Sync and Thunderbolt 3, what is Asus doing with these 8th gen laptops??

  7. Do your research before reviews, the zephyrus does not come in 17inch. All the past Zephyrus models are only 15 inch as of this one.

  8. WTF No Thunderbolt 3 Port? On a device competing with the MSI GS65, Aero 15X, and Razer Blade 15 (2018)? There's absolutely no reason to buy this. Lowest Battery Life of the lot, Heaviest of the lot, no Ethernet Port for direct connection for gaming, no mini display port, and ONLY 8GB of RAM?!! Gosh, what a disaster.

  9. The guy "Gordon" who was showing the laptop is insane, he always says wrong things, even the title of the video is wrong. In the video he said the laptop has GTX 1060 which HERO 2 has, but video title has mentioned Scar 2 which has GTX 1070. That guy shouldn't be doing any video, please change the person for that job otherwise no one will subscribe your channel. And I clearly know that that laptop is Scar 2 because the white key pattern is not same in Scar 2 and Hero 2.

  10. both laptops look like a downgrade from prev gen… unless those specs are not final and will be revised with newer series nvidia 2xxx gpus which would make lots of sense. Coz come on, why choose the new zephrus over the previous Zephyrus M which has full size 1070, thunderbolt and gsync…
    I do think Nvidia forced its AIB partners to paper release those laptop in response to the new RTX leaks.

  11. Hey guys, thank you for the great content, you deserve way more exposure.

    I'm in the market for a laptop, i do a lot of heavy video and photo editing, but also competitive gaming.

    Which option is the best ? The Razer blade 15 is out of stock here in France..

  12. I feel like they should have RGB backlight per-key keyboard and Thunderbolt 3 at this point, kinda disappointing that they don't.

  13. So are new mobile GPUs right around the corner with nvidia 2000 series or is the 1070 maxq still going to be worth it ?

  14. I respectfully have to disagree with the information about the scar II. Actually the scar II version GL504GS despite thicker, it is better than the Zephirus S. (Reference: )
    1) The 1070 version of scar II is the standard version and not the Max Q. According to GPU BOSS, the standard is better than the Max Q.
    2) Scar II is up to 32 GB of RAM, whereas the Zephirus is up to 24GB.
    3) The scar II is dual channel and the zephirus seems to be single (not sure).
    4) The scar II has a NVMe SSD slot (up to 1TB) and an additional standard HD (ip to 2 TB).
    I think these information are really important for who are wondering which version to buy.

  15. I have a scar 17 inch 1070. It is a beast. Gets to about 90 hottest but the heat mgt software is sweet.

  16. I went to the store today. Scar II looks pretty nice. I will wait for Zephyrus S or newer version whit RTX cards. I'm not in a rush.

  17. Purchased the Zephyrus M about a month ago so it's nice to see this is not a superior iteration. Love my full, power hungry 1070.

  18. Got the Hero II to hold me over until the 20xx series laptops drop. End 2018 / Early 2019? Then ill either get a zeph or a msi gs65.

  19. Really appreciate Gordon's thorough testing in regards to new tech. Just wondering when will Gordon be doing test on the new ROG Zephyrus S, I am planning to buy a laptop for using maya, revit, civil3d, unity, after effects, photoshop, etc. I want to know his recommendations before purchasing the Zephyrus S.

  20. Hi,
    I am considering buying the Zephyrus, is it suitable for music production? Does it suffer from DPC latency issues?

  21. i will choose 17" over 15"laptop. its nice asus to make a great portable gaming laptop. MSI too have great laptop. wait for the new rtx to come built for the laptop next year.

  22. So this Asus employee is here to present 2 products and he make so many mistakes.. i would have fired him.. 10 gb error and has to look on the spec sheet for aditional information..

  23. Even though I knew, cough, I still stopped breathing to hear the results of which was thinner, between the blade and Zephyrus

  24. very good fortune for gamers that afford this awesome laptops while playing dota2 in the room while you already smoke and feel that blast. you imagine while playing your character hero feels true that really you wow life. but the truth is i cant afford this kind of laptop even cheap PC i cant im happy now playing dota2 in computer shop and pay per hour. 🙂

  25. I know nothing about computer but I think that people saying the battery life on a portable gaming laptop with this kind power is riddiculous is just as obvious as saying your arms are cold because you are wearing a nice tank top.

    You choose your battle, portable or not. Whos is gonna play 6 hours relying on battery, who is wearing a tank top on a ski trip.

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