Chit hobby board gamers say

What’s that? You’re playing Terra Mystica? Well you want some
moisturizer for those cubes? It’s not balanced. Yeah, I mean I’ve only
played it once, sure, but- This card is clearly over powered. If it’s not Game Trayz then I’m not backing. Look, I know it sounds complicated But it’ll all make sense once you
start playing it. It’s really fun… Just… just… Stick it out… Please… Yeah, you know it’s a real
crunchy experience. It’s a bit heavy It’s light It’s more of a gateway game It’s multiplayer solitaire A real brain burner You know, I actually have a board
game review channel What’s that? Yeah… 13 subscribers… Spot UV as a stretch goal? Seriously? Look! Look! Alright man. I’m backing this at $1. I mean, let’s see if they come to
their senses. No, I’ll hit that pledge manager. You know, Monopoly is actually
not THAT bad if you actually play by the rules. Umm excuse me! Look, I’m able to feed my own
family in Agricola, OK? I think I can make my own decisions. The best thing about HeroQuest,
am I right? I just want some actual
objective reviews. No, I don’t want commentary! Why can’t they just read me
the rulebook? Is that too much to ask? Uhh look. I’m going to tell you what I told them, OK? You’re going to have to be a
little less LGS And a little more FLGS. No cupholders? Hey man, is there a Watch it Played
for this yet? No? Come on, Rodney! You have one job.

46 thoughts on “Chit hobby board gamers say

  1. Sorry about the reupload. For some reason YouTube made the audio only play on the right side. You had one job YouTube.

  2. I think the people in talk to only hear me say things like this once.
    I say things like this all the time.
    People only hear it once because I only get one chance to talk about board games before I never see them again.
    Correlation, not causation, I'm sure.

  3. Love the dig on Rodney's lack of hard work putting out Watch it Played videos!!! (J/K love Rodney). Thank you for the smiles this morning!!

  4. Let's be honest. There is something in this video that every one of us gamers have said at one time or another. SPOT ON with this video. Subscribed!

  5. Ha! This was awesome. The last one may have been me on occasion. It's much easier to get a game to the table when I can send folks a link to that smooth talking Canadian's mellow walkthrough of it.

  6. 9 of these have, in some form, come out of my mouth… although I passed 13 subscribers a long time ago and haven't looked back. 🙂

  7. I think you missed: "I would have won on my next turn!" — or — "If that card hadn't come out, I would have definitely won!" 🙂

  8. I watched this twice and then a full hour later, while working through the 12 sheets of punch board for Clans of Caledonia, thought "ohh! because it's so dry" and started laughing to myself. Is this normal?

  9. When I'm thinking about buying a game, if there's a Watch it Played video for it that's a huge factor. (Even if I don't watch it, just knowing it's available makes me more likely to buy the game.) Same with Gaming Rules!

  10. What do you think about Rebellion? I am playing the solo version at home and I find it a really interesting and strategic experience.

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