Choosing & Installing Video Cards : Video Card Requirements

Hi I’m James Adams I’m here on behalf of
and now we are going to go over how to buy a PC game, how to figure out if the certain
game you want will run on your computer, and we are going to go through the steps now.
So the first thing that you do is click on start, control panel, then go to system, and
right there it says the CPU I have. I have a long 6400 1.8 giga hertz and it got to get
in my computer has a giga RAM. So write those things down. Now figure out what kind of video
card you have. Again hardware device manager, display it after and right there it is I have
a NV force 7600GT so write this things down and now I’m going to show you a box on the
game and it would help you figure out if your computer can run it. Okay so here I have two
really popular games. The Elder Scroll’s Oblivion, really good you should buy it. But, normally
you have a minimum system requirements in game boxes and they recommend don’t ever go
by the minimum because minimum means very very minimum it would barley run. So if we
look at the recommend on Oblivion 3 gigahertz Pentium or four equivalent in my case I have
a Athlon 6400 3000 that runs on 1.8 gigahertz and in the case as the A and Ds you look at
the name of the CPU Athlon 3000 so it performs as well as a Intel gigahertz. The one giga
Ram that I had and then look at the video card right there it says ATIX 800 series it
means that or better. Then VG force 6600 series or better or higher in video card. Right there
on the bottom it says all the different cards that the game would run on under. So you want
to be aware of that when you buy a game and here on the bottom I have a game that runs
a little lower little lower specs. This one requires a Pentium four 1.6 gigahertz I got
the 256 RAM I got that I 300 mega of space. Then it says GE force or greater so the specs
in this second game is lower so it will run just about anything modern and then mouse
and keyboard. So as you could see this is how you look, how you shop for games. You
go to system write down what you have, take to the store, look at the bottom of the box
and right there you could read and compare. You do not want to buy a game and then get
home and find out that it doesn’t run because store take games back. I have tried. So make
sure when you buy a game that it will run on your computer.

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