Choosing & Installing Video Cards : Video Card Upgrades

Hi I’m James Adams I’m here on behalf of
and now we are going to talk about upgrading I’m assuming since you are watching these
video researching on the subject you are looking to up grade you video card or see what options
you got. First thing you should know is if your system is to old it is not worth the
upgrade you middest well save that money and by to old I mean lets say you bought it in
99. If you bought it in 99 and under you probably shouldn’t even be looking at up grading your
video card. At that point you should think of taking that machine to the dumpster and
getting a new one. But, if your machine is newer then that you can upgrade it and it
will pretty successful. One thing to note is if you buy a machine like a HP or a Dell
the motherboard sometimes they can not support the newest cards so you have to buy older
ones. Also you need to be thinking about what kind of video card you are going to get whether
you are going to use for. Are you going to looking to upgrade your video card to play
games or do … and modeling, video editing or do you just want your computer to run faster.
The choice is you got there are very very different basically we could divide it in
two counts games and autocrat, editing, video, and stuff then checking your email. If you
are just doing to buy something to check your email make your computer faster don’t it is
not worth spending like 300 hundred dollars or 200 hundred dollar or even a hundred dollars
for a card. But, if you are going to play games things get a little bit tricker and
so you need to be thinking at this point what am I going to use the computer for and why
do I think I need a video card because sometimes you may not need to in stall one for what
you are doing.

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