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Happy children’s day to all of Aayu and Pihu show’s friends and thank you for the goodies come on let us see the video, it will be fun Hi friends Happy children’s day You must be thinking what is this? These are Aayu and Pihu’s children’s day gifts But I won’t give them these just like that I will make them play, a police-thief game Even you must have played this game then like this video and subscribe too Oh police and thief thief and police, come fast so here is our police man and here’s our thief But Mom so many gift’s What is in them? These are Mattel toys I got these for you, for children’s day But Mom so many gift’s for us Yes Why? You don’t want them? No, we want it, we want it No let it be, I’ll keep them What will we have to do You will have to play a game In which Pihu will be a thief and Aayu is police It’s the thief’s job to hide these toys and my job is to find them Those toys which Aayu finds no, no The toys which police finds police will keep those and the one’s which you can not find that will be thief’s toys If I find them all? Then they will be all yours Pihu won’t get anything then Should we start the game? Aayu you will have a blindfold during game Why will I be blindfolded Because then you will see where I am hiding these Ok I’ll do it So this is a blindfold Aayu can you see something ? What’s the number? He is a very big cheater He always tries to take a peek Aayu I am going to make you sit here You sit here you lie down here Pihu hide it fast Aayu you will not turn until I tell you to Come on hide all the toys fast Should I tell you a secret? Aayu and Pihu will get toys in this There is a secret gift even for me sshhhh… secret Come on Aayu, Oh sorry police Your time starts How are you? You are making the police lie down Oh sorry sorry This is our small, sweet little police man Police’s job is to find But sister tell me Thief sister Tell me Do I have to go upstairs? no In these 4 rooms This hall, Mom’s room kitchen and our room Okay, I am going to find it Police on duty Oh god I found one Where is it? Sister thinks I am stupid that you are You thought I won’t look There isn’t anything in the hall, is there? what happened? Aayu found it? OOOhhh Aayu won Open it fast come on Police man won which police man? Me the police man You the police man The car will race down from 4ft Yesss…. Oh god Thief is feeling sad Police is feeling happy that is such a nice car Aayu’s car will go from here then take twists and turns and then 2 rounds It will be fun Yeah, yeah, yeah Aayu won, Aayu won Mom let Aayu be happy no problem He got a hot wheels track Why are you happy? Because to make this children’s day even more special Mattel has launched a toy blast offer Ohh… So there was a scratch card in this I will scratch that Now see, there will be a magic what? Now we will have to give a missed call on the number given on the screen Then we will get an sms from there That sms will have a website’s link Now I enterd that code on the website So see what we got after putting the code 100% cashback so our toy is now FREE!!!! So then why shouldn’t Mom dance? Such nice toys that too for free Aayu isn’t that fun? But sister didn’t had fun Do you know what’s the bumper prize for this contest? what? Volkswagen Polo car Means we will buy so many toys Yes and I will get a cashback Now I will look for another toy Yes yes get to work If he finds the 2nd toy too then you will loose the 2nd gift too Aayu Yes Mom what happened? We don’t have all day There is only 1 minute, do it fast You come here Should I come there? yes Lift me up I will have to lift you? yes Police needs our help Yes Oohhh, mine It is in there Give it to me Aayu found his 2nd toy too Come on Aayu won I defintely lost all the toys You are playing game with Aayu What is it? Oh wow See I won these toys for you Oh woww… I bought these from a shop So many barbies for Pihu I bought these from a shop, for you You bought these? Yes from a shop See a brother gift to his sister I didn’t gave you anything for Raksha Bnadhan so here take it Wowww….. I got so many barbies Yeah Pihu sister got so many barbies Woww…. You are again feeling happy You do know that it is special for mother too Even from this Mom will get a cash back!!! then we will get these for free too What’s in it? They’ve worn such nice dresses right? yes This is Pihu sister’s favourite Fashionable doll She has to do fashion all day So Aayu gave her sister a really nice gift Thank you Aayu See isn’t he such a nice brother Ok, I will find the next one. Hmm…. That’s so nice for Pihu This has a comb and clips a hairband and a rubber too wow…. Yeahh… I got one I got one more yeahhh.. one more Yeahhh I got one more Yeahhh… One more open it What is it? Scrabble…. Yeahhh…… Now won’t you ask why is Mom happy? We know you will get a cashback Yes Even I can play this game Yes the whole famiy can play it together Yes, this is Race to play your word first yes Aayu your last minute is remaining find them fast Faster Nothing here fast Aayu your time will be up it isn’t here it isn’t here Aayu your time is up oohhh yeeaahhh Aayu got 3 toys You got 3 toys, but you will have to give one to Pihu sister too No I won them So you will play with barbie Yes I can Sister I got only 3 Where are the rest? I was unable to find them come Now Pihu will go and get her rewards I did check in here Oh so it was at the back come Pihu will tell you her secret places I did look here, I didn’t found anything here though This I hid behind my blazer I knew that you won’t be able to find this Open this set this aside remove the bag now take this So Pihu sister got her gifts yes come on let us see, open it open that one first OOhhh.. barbie doll house It is so nice and this is UNO Woww…. a set of 5 hot wheel cars that’s mine no it’s mine no mine, mine Oh, oh You both come and sit here I will give yo the gifts you won yeeahh.. I had fun Ohh.. Mom what will I run on my tracks I need these 5 hot wheels car set Please give this to sister Yes, yes exchange it and what did I get kids? scratch card Now I will scratch these cards and I will get a 100% cashback 80% 30% 90% Now I will also enjoy and with the cashback we get we will buy more toys from that and yes friends This Mattel’s toy blast offer is valid till 31st December 2019 only We got some amazing toys and I got cashback and for more inforamtion go to the website link is mentioned in the description box below Thank you Mom you gave us such nice nice toys Thank you Mattel toys for giving me so much cashback Happy children’s day to all our friends

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