100 thoughts on “Clash Royale: Introducing Goblin Giant! (New Card!)

  1. I named myself SUPERCELL! I saw som vids that u could get free items. I thought it was true. Can u change my name back to FlamingAstrount

  2. I knew it that giant goblin was join in clash royale because I was thinking about giant goblin and I saw there's a new card call giant goblin and I knew it

  3. A goblin steals builders hat And
    Inject A weird giant Blood
    To become shrek and Steal goblins from goblin hut

  4. im late but, I guess i predicted this card a bit, but instead of spear goblins i imagined it would throw a goblin barrel at the nearest building upon death

  5. Tragically, the spear goblin brothers suffocated to death during the filming of this production 😞 hearts and prayers go out to their families and fellow villagers

  6. I always like the part of the outro when the little cuckoo clock says, "Subscribe. Subscribe." And points at the logo/clock!

  7. 1.Goblins
    2.Spear Goblins
    3.Goblin Gang
    4.Goblin Barrel
    5.Dart Goblin
    6.Giant Goblin
    7.Goblin Cage
    8.Goblin Hut

    The Ultimate Goblin Deck!

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