Clean & Cheap upgrade laptop graphic card (eGpu x230) (French tutorial)

Hi everyone here is PseudoAzerty for a new video on how to boost your laptop thanks to an external graphics card called eGpu. You will use it to boost your computer for pretty cheap, with less than $150 you can have a pc gamer laptop. […] So, let’s meet again with the computer. To start with this project, you will need start installing the latest BIOS you will find below in the description for Lenovo Laptops as mine, which is an x230. You will also need to buy an Nvidia graphics card. Why Nvidia, because they compress the signal sent to the computer while the AMD do not and therefore would not work. So here is the graphics card, it is a Nvidia 750TI, […] you will need also a power input, I recommend DELL 220W DA-2 AC […] that costs about $ 20, […] the graphic card costs about $100 and the support […] about $30 […] that allows to plug in the graphic card and connect it to the computer through an Express Card. In fact, there are 2 connection types […] , the one I use is the Express Card it is a little slower than the MPCIE MPCIE but easier to install, signal speed ~ 1GB / s. So, let’s plug it into the Express Card port […] So, there it is after all pretty simple you just turn on the computer and the graphics card launches. Now I disconnect it because I do not need it. Afterwards there is another type of card, MPCIE cards, they are a little faster, but difficult to install ( open the computer, remove the Wi-Fi card and use an Ethernet cable or an USB Wi-Fi ) […] The external graphics cards are limited to around 70% of their normal speed through an Express Card, because the signal speed is limited and here using laptop screen has to go back which slows down a bit more. […] Installing a graphics card more powerful than a GTX 1060 would useless due to signal limitations 1GB/s. As I mention before, use Nvidia over AMD, because the Nvidia compress the signal while AMD does not Now we are going to test with GTA5 […] The game crashes without graphics card. […] With the Graphic card, you see it works really well […] with very high graphic quality Like, subscribe and share the video, thanks for watching!

15 thoughts on “Clean & Cheap upgrade laptop graphic card (eGpu x230) (French tutorial)

  1. Holà, pourquoi dans certaines vidéos les gens branchent les pin et toi tu clipse juste ? ça m'inquiète mdr

  2. Thanks A LOT! This is a relly cool and cheap alternative to buying a tower for 1000€… =]

    Did you still have to upgrade RAM (the X230 only has 4GB; I don't really think this is enough for gaming).

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