Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Install a Video Card on a Computer

In the ever revolving world of computer gaming,
one of the things you eventually going to have to do is upgrade our Video Card. Hi,
I’m Charles Steward, Jr. and I’m going to tell you how to upgrade your computer’s video
card. First thing you want to do is make sure what or see what your computer can handle.
This computer I built and I know what motherboard went into it. But let’s, most people probably
have a Dell or an HP, you’re going to want to go to the manufacturer’s website and go
to the support section and look up the model no. of your computer and see if you even have
a video card that can be upgraded. Sometimes, on the lower budget computers, they integrate
the graphics into the motherboard itself. That means, there’s no port for you to upgrade
and you’re just kind of stuck to what they gave you. However, they do offer some other
ways around that if you have PCI slots, which pretty much all computers do. They make video
cards with their PCI slot compatible. So, you can still go around it, depending on if
you have a PCI Express, which is a newer technology than PCI, you can get faster graphics cards.
As a matter of fact, most of the graphics cards today are a form of PCI Express. So
first, you want to take off your case. Let’s say, you can’t find out, or you can’t find
it on the website, or it’s a built computer and you’re not sure, you’re going to open
up the case. So you just look on the back and unscrew your screws or sometimes there’s
a lever, you just push the button, it will come right off. But for this one, it has screw
and for the sake of demonstration I’ve taken out all the screws. So you pop that off and
we’re going to look inside. And here, we can see this is the graphics card right here,
you can also tell, on the back you’ll see that these are the monitor inputs. Now, for
this one I know it’s an AGP Card, and that is an older technology. So if I was going
to upgrade, I’d have to make sure whatever computer graphics card I was going to buy,
was an AGP Card. ‘Cause a lot of them nowadays are PCI Express and if I bought one of the
newer cards and try to throw it in here, it won’t work. So let’s say, I got a new card,
I’m going to have to take this one out and to put in my new one. Well first, you’ve got
a screw right here that’s mounting it, your card to the case. So you’re going to come
in and find a Phillip says, screwdriver and unscrew it from the case. Alright. Once your
screws out, then it’s pretty easy to do. Some slots over here, there’s a little lever you
have to pull out in order to pop your card out, it’s a way to secure the card into the
thing. Also, some of the newer cards are very power intensive so, there might be a place
over here where your, where you’ve got a power cord attached from the power unit into the
card to give it extra power. So you want to unplug pretty much everything from the card
before you take it out. Okay, you just pull it out and then once it’s out, you can see
your slots available now. And then you just grab your graphics card and just for the sake
of this demonstration, we’ll put the old one back in, it should be exactly the same. So
you’re going to come in, again, make sure everything is clear, line it all up with the
ports and then again, when you’re putting it in, don’t force anything. Give it a light
push and if you feel that it’s not going, then don’t try to push it in ’cause you might
break it and then obviously, the graphics cards are expensive. So you push it and then
I hear a click because my port has a little tam and that’s in there. And then I’ll just
take my screw to attach it back to the case and then once that’s securely in there, it
should be good to go and when you boot up the computer, you should notice that your
new graphics card installed. Again, on a side note I didn’t mention earlier, when you are
handling any electronics, make sure that you ground yourself, by that, it mean, touch the
case or wear your strap that attaches you to the case whenever you’re handling anything
like RAM or your graphics card because one transfer of a static discharge onto that card
will destroy it. So you definitely want to make sure you don’t destroy this, you know,
new graphics card that you bought. And that’s it for how to install a graphics card in your

35 thoughts on “Computer Maintenance Tips : How to Install a Video Card on a Computer

  1. nope, that's one of the drawbacks with gaming laptops, you cant put any better graphics cards in it. only those bigger PCs can switch graphics card

  2. yes you can a PCI-e graphics card i believe. but its best to open you case and check the pci slots first before you go out and buy a card.

  3. Alienware computers usually use top of the line tech, but if you get their cheaper models or just want to upgrade later, finding a PCIe card would do just fine, unless you've got an AGP slot, which is rare these days.

  4. He mentions it's an AGP card, so its old. It's simply used for demonstration purposes. Some people really have no clue how to install one, this shows you the basics. If you want to play Left 4 Dead, you'll need to get a card that meets the requirements you can find on the Steam website product page for Left 4 Dead.

  5. And if your really cool you do SLI my pc:
    AMD Phenom x3 8750
    x2 XFX 9800gt (PCI-e 2.0)
    XFX nforce 750a SLI
    4gb 1066mhz DDR2 OCZ Fatal1ty
    500gb WD
    700watt OCZ GameXstream

    This vid made me laugh, anyone else have a REAL computer?

  6. i just bought a desktop and i wanted to upgrade my graphics/video card my budget is around $150 i play alot of world of warcraft what would be the best one

  7. @2506flavaflave Alienware computers are in no way top of the line, and are overpriced. I could get a better computer for less.

  8. @chris06g but its al ok now if instald my new video card and i didnt had to change my motherboard but tnx for the help anyway =)

  9. So a video card and graphics card are the same thing?
    We play a lot of online games and when looking at a video or pictures our pc sounds like its running very hard and fast. Sometimes so loud we have to restart after we watch a video or play a game, or look at pictures. The pc is only 3 years old.

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