Computers & Laptops : What Is the Definition of a Graphics Card?

I’m Jonathan Ayres with Network For Success.
And today, we’re going to talk about. What is a Graphics Card? A Graphics Card is a device,
a mechanical device that is inserted into your computer to help you see graphics and
video better, faster, more clearly. Now you have to ask yourself, right off the bat. Do
I have to have one of these? In some form or another, your computer has to have some
way to display graphics. Now in general, most computers will come with a small built in
chip. Into the main part of the computer that allows graphics to be displayed. But it’s
very weak and doesn’t have any features. So consequently, if you look at a lot of photos.
Or you do video. You will want to go out and buy yourself a good graphics card. And add
it into your computer. I have it right in front of me, here. A good graphics card. And
it has a lot of memory. It has it’s own processing engine. And that means that it can take photos.
And render them very, very quickly in high quality. It can display pictures on any size
of monitor. And it can provide video playback at the highest resolutions. So when you go
out to buy a graphics card. What you want to look for is. What you’re going to use it
for? So if you’re going to be using the graphics card just for displaying photos. Then you
won’t need a graphics card that is enhanced for playing games. Most video cards are focused
on playing games. So you need to ask for it carefully, when you go to look for one. Well,
what’s the best card that I can buy for displaying photos, or doing video? And then that card
will come with a certain amount of memory. Usually it’s 256 or 512 mega bytes of memory.
That will take the load off, of the main computer. And help display the photos or video faster
and better. And in higher resolution. Now you’ll notice on this graphic card, that it
has a number of features. I just want to point out, a few of them to you. One thing is, it
has it’s own fan. And that’s to keep it cool. And why does it keep it cool? Because down
here this thing gets hot when it’s processing pictures, quickly for you. And then, on the
end of the card. We have a number of various connectors. And this is true of all video
card. All video cards are going to have one connector for connecting a monitor. The small
blue one here. And then you can have various other ones like this S video out for us to
watching TV or playing video. And then another type of connector here which looks like an
HDMI connector for your modern flat screen, LCD panel TVs. So when you’re out shopping
for a video card, ask the questions. How much memory does it have? Does it have it’s own
fan, does it fit in the right slot in my computer? Make sure that you get the card configured
for your computer. And is it priced right? Does it have the right out connections that
you’re going to need. And that’s the easiest way to buy a good video card.

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  1. "A mechanical device", that was just a slip and nothing else, this videos if way to simple for me, but is a great video for those who do not know much about computers.

  2. agreed, it's slightly to simplifyed, but I belive that there are people out there who don't know anything in their computer besides somthing called a mother thats bored…

  3. Thanks for making this video, it Helps Me a Lot .. on How i choose the Right Video Card when i will buy.. Thanks More Power!

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