greetings gamers friends in this new
video tutorial of the channel we are going to teach to create a set for
female character compatible with all generations without the need to
menu mod and is that in this new stage of the channel most sets
what we will be doing will be for new generation compatible with old gen
if you are from playstation 3 or xbox 360 remember that most garments
that I will be showing you are in said platform the only thing you have to
do is follow the methodology applied to create sets in old gen as is
as I have done in previous videos in the channel so without wasting any more time
we go directly to our second character we press the options button
we go directly to gta online and we let’s go change character
press x automatically it will upload to the cloud and it is important that
know what to do this glitch most of the sets you have saved
everyone will be lost and well gamers friends we are already
here in the rockstar cloud let’s proceed to select our character
secondary remember that for this glitch your character can work
main has to be in the box number one let’s select the
secondary character let’s press x very good here an alert is going to jump
wondering if we want to copy the level of our character
let’s press circle for not and once here the only thing that
we have to do is select the sex of our character in this case has
have to be very good male sex and a Once placed we will save and continue
let’s write any kind of name let’s finish
press x and now we are going to skip a message asking us if we want
skip or skip the tutorial press x and we will get off the
cloud an open session where there will be other players
if you are killed by any of them or if you have failures in the connection of the
net the glitch will not work
and good gamers friends we we found here with our character
secondary in online mode let’s touch the tactical panel of our remote
of PS4 we will activate the passive mode and we are going to go to the clothing store
closest to our surroundings a once being behind the store we are going to
go directly to the section of upper garments we will enter and here in
the upper garments we will go in T-shirt section search
of suspenders, let’s look for them here, here we have them, and in tank tops
we will choose the number 35 of braces black once selected we go back
with a circle we will go to the section of the coats we will look for it here very
good here we have it and in the coats we are going to
select number 53 in this case the green coat once selected
we leave all this with a circle we are going to walk the garments section
lower we will go to the sports pants and on
sports pants let’s select number 58 here we have it
very good white sports we go back in a circle, we leave
all this we will go to the section of the shoes let’s go let’s go
towards sports tennis and tennis of sport we will select the number
42 here we have the graphite sneakers
very well you get out of all this let’s keep walking
let’s go now to the section of the accessories very well let’s proceed
to enter and here in the accessories we are going to go in search of gloves and in
gloves we will go to select the blue surgical gloves that is on
in this case number 44 we go back with circles we come out of all this let’s go
towards the eyeglasses section we go to go to the aviator lenses and in
the aviator lenses let’s go in search for smoke police lenses
number 13 I get out of all this very well let’s go now to the accessories
for the head we will enter the head accessories let’s go
towards the fedoras section in fedora let’s choose the fedora
ash number 20 very well how can you see if you are from PS3 or XBOX360 all those
garments as they are in bliss platform let’s save the set
we will place it as a set 1 receiver Why 1 receiver? this type of
set is joint merger that is to say
they need two sets to be can create a set then this
set will be the garment receiver also all this applies to old
generation once placed friend gamer we leave all this we are going to do
let’s go back to create now the set that is the donor of the
clothes and we will go to the section of top garments that we are going to make
we will enter until the section of the coats very well let’s go find it and
we are just going to take off our coat perfect we go back with circle very
ok and let’s go now to the t-shirt section here what
we have and in t-shirts we are going to select number 68 neck V
coffee, very good and once selected we will press square and we will
save our set as the donor in this case I will put 1
we will place here the space “d” which is the one who is going to donate the garments that
they need our set once created gamer friend we have
all our set created perfectly we go now in the case
for new generation we have to go to creative mode
if you are old generation simply change character delete character
secondary and you go to story mode and in this case we will go to the creative mode
let’s press options let’s go directly to gta online and being here
in gta online we go to the creative mode press x to load us said
mode and well friends gamers we are already here in
the creative mode is important that remember next gene is not necessary
create the race so just let’s go to options let’s go to gta
online and we are going to choose character press x to load us
back to the cloud and well gamers friends we are already
here in the cloud rockstar step fundamental is to erase the character
secondary very well let’s wait for to load and being here we select
to the secondary character we press square to delete we confirm that
we want to delete let’s write the word delete
very well let’s finish let’s wait for the character to erase and now once the character is deleted
We are simply going to press circle. You can’t go to online mode,
let’s press circle, perfect and now it will redirect us to mode
history and depending on your progress you go to appear with Franklin with Trévor or with
Michael and good gamers friends of all
generations already already in mode story with franklin let’s press
options for PS4, Start on PS3, let’s go to gta online, play gta online and you
you can go to any session of your preference all serve I’m going
a closed friends session press x to charge us said mode
and well gamers friends we are already here in online mode directly
after we got off the cloud we are here with friend Vitoton since
Chile, greetings friend Vitoton and that we are going to do we will go straight towards the
online mode clothing store main character let’s go inside
directly to the clothing and being here we will give the explanation
we will enter the saved sets so you can observe, the whole
number “1 Receiver” is a set that of itself is patched that is is a
set that is created but not you can see why rockstar doesn’t allow it,
then that receiver set we need some activity, here in
new generation so it can appear combined with the donor this is the
donor set the one you can observe here in advance, then what
we will do to pass this set to the receiver let’s go to the corrupt cop
ok if you are from playstation 3 or xbox 360 it’s simple what you have to do you leave
to place in the set “1 Receiver” what you select then you go to the donor what
you select and return to the first one and you pass the set,
as we are in next gen to do this we have to do it in corrupt cop
then we get out of all this very well we are going to go to corrupt cop, Vitoton is going to
help let’s press options we let’s go online gta, activities, play a
activity, created by rockstar, we are leaving to go to versus mode, very good, and here at
corrupt cop, we press x so that we load this activity
and once here in the cop corrupt, here the clothes of the
player is the one to select We confirm the configuration I am going to
close let’s go to friends very well let’s invite Vitoton,
ok let’s wait for you to join the activity to be able to do the glitch,
very well Vitoton has already joined the activity let’s go play
and here we are going to go to own sets this is the one I have
put we are going to go to the “1 Receiver” look how is it passed automatically
but if it doesn’t appear what you have to do is go to the “1 donor” and then you
you go to the “1 Receiver” so that at once receive the garments of the second
set that is the donor repeat we we are going to locate in the receiver we are going to
donor and then to the recipient to be come in and let’s go ready to play and well we are here in the
mission versus of corrupt poly friends gamers
and what are we going to do, perfect, let’s press the touchpad very well
let’s go straight to style accessories and here we are going to place
simply the “LCD Hearing Aid” I do not recommend putting on a respirator
because you will automatically lose the hat therefore it is important
just press the arrow towards the left and choose the “LCD Hearing Aid”, if
you don’t have it you can go anywhere Ammu Nation store and buy it, a
Once the hearing aid is placed, we leave everything this we take out the phone we go to the
list of activities press xy we are going to leave we press square and
then x, and well friends gamers we it’s coming down from the cloud how can you
observe here we have our set fully combined super luxury
striking sexy for female character so let’s go full speed to
all march at once towards Ammu Nation that we have it close here very well we go
proceed to save the set we are arriving
Ok, here it is, let’s go to where they are once
the garments, the sets, we press square and what we can keep where
you want in the receiver or in the donor I’m going to keep it in the
receiver press x confirm that I want save I’ll leave it as “definitive 1”,
ok finished and now what are we going to do to this set we will place the
respirator and we will place the aviator pilot helmet hose
good gamers friends here we meet directly in the telescope area
to pass the mask to the respirator at set remember you can go to
any map telescope i’m going to press options I will go to the map and in
this section that you can observe here in this area of ​​the map we have the
telescope near the beach and what let’s do let’s press the touchpad let’s go to style let’s accessories we put on the respirator
very good and now what are we going to do we go to run straight to
telescope and whatever we go through the telescope twice right arrow to
that can enter example here we go, 2 times, very well notice that it has stopped not
enters the telescope but stops and a once this is done we press the touchpad we go directly to the style and we go to select the set to which
let’s put the respirator in this case “1 definitive”
very well we left all this with circle and we keep walking there it is very well we have it on
let’s ride directly on the car let’s go to some clothing store
closest and we will see what we are in there, and well friends gamer already we
We found here in this clothing store let’s press options is
It is recommended that you come here to this area of ​​the map near the club
striptease considering we’re going to place the pilot helmet hose
of aviation for this we will enter the clothing store as we have placed the
respirator let’s save the set let’s go in press square
we save the set in “definitive 1” very well we left all this very well and
now what are we going to do let’s go to the flight sets let’s select
the black flight suit very well and we go to go directly now to the area of
the strippers remember that in playstation3, xbox 360 to be able to pass
the masks or the respirator at sets you have to use some
Simeon, Gerald, Ron’s activity with the bed glitch or telescope in the
channel is how to pass the masks to the sets in old gen, and
now once we enter here the club of the strippers, what are we going to do? we are going to
press the touchpad let’s go straight to style and let’s go to
set that we created once selected you leave all this and we
we left the strip club here this friend gamer is placed super
attractive and striking that we are going to do you’re going to run, it’s important, to the
clothing store, don’t get in a car because the hose is going to be removed
to go to save it very well we are already arriving excellent let’s proceed to save it
press square on write and here we have the final set
Gamer friend, appreciate it in all your splendor we have here the hat
checkered, checkered lenses, the respirator with the hose, we have the
checkered denim jacket, the Checked short top T-shirt, gloves
white, checkered shorts and boots checkered, good friend gamer of next gen
and old gen, any questions you have regarding the set let it know in the
comments I will really be answering all the questions since
we are already working in sets in All generations, for PS3, I’m going to
leave in the description remember that vary the number of garments with respect
to that of playstation 4 with respect to ps3 So in the description of this video you
I will leave the accuracy, the number of the garments for old generation so
it will be until a new opportunity is dismisses his exclusive friend Eduard
Navarro and friend Vitoton from Chile until next time
Bye …


  1. Saludos amigos gamers es importante que leas la descripcion del video, en ella dejo las reglas generales para la creacion de conjuntos en todas las generaciones y los motivos por los cuales no funcionan. Si eres de PS3 o XBOX 360 tambien en la descripcion dejo el numero de las prendas del conjunto para dichas plataformas cualquier duda dejenlo en los comentarios. Exitos para todos.

  2. Yo también tengo PS4 bro y PS3 también juego más en PS4 pero en PS3 me pongo a regalar dinero y nivel en sesiones públicas

  3. Hola, por favor haz conjuntos tambien para personaje hombre ultimamente nomas haces para personaje mujer. Ya descanza el personaje mujer y vuelve hacer para hombres como antes…ojala lo leas saludos

  4. hola Bro buen vídeo Bro aunque no juego gta5 online porque se me borraron los juegos y con los moders que hay . se requiere Bro sigue haci ☺️☺️☺️

  5. Jajajaja ahora debo acostumbrarme a que digas presionamos "options" vamos a GTA online xd antes decías presionamos "start" vamos a GTA online xdd

  6. Eduard yo no tengo ps4 la llevo pidiendo hace años pero no se puede pero igual soy feliz con mi play 3 por favor un corazón y puedes subir un video de como tener cinturón de poli

  7. hola eduar soy vitoton536 este va a hacer el canal definitivo bro excelente video compa te espero para jugar ahora su golpe de bodgan saludos desde chile suerte para todos
    hay agregen mi ID ; vitoton536

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