ConSet 501-11 Electric Motorized Desk | Cure Back Pain

The Conset Height Adjustable desk looks great,
feels right, and helps you to be more productive. We are spending more and more time at our
desks. Back & neck pain, eye strain, carpel tunnel,
are just a few ailments that rob us of our productivity
The Conset Height adjustable desk offers the perfect solution. With a height range of 25
to 47 inches, you can easily change your workspace from sitting to standing with just a push
of a button. An electric motor allows for smooth quiet
height adjustment. Optional casters turn your office into an
upwardly mobile workplace. The Conset 501-11 comes in several sizes and
colors. We also have a wide variety of designer tops.
Installation and setup is a breeze. Call Closet Masters at 800-548-1868
See us on the internet at Or, email us at [email protected]

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