Core i9 9900K vs Ryzen 7 2700X: Here’s what Gamers Nexus picks

special guests don’t even have to
introduce him Steve Burke gamers Nexus this guy’s all over the place
everybody knows Steve because he’s got strong opinions he’s got such strong
opinions makes mine seem weak it’s crazy first question I’m asked Steve core I
$9.99 hundred K best gaming CPU ever that was rad vs. 2700 X at this point
what’s your we haven’t tested it so we’re not gonna buy it so that’s what
we’re gonna say what what do you think that’s the end of the question it’s it’s
9900 K versus 2700 X there’s no there’s no if I’m using it for X if I’m using it
for y so that’s all the questions I’m the Internet Steve okay don’t say like
what are we getting it shouldn’t be rational things I need a 32 core 28 core
CPU just to run counter-strike but just for counter strike you know what I think
I think you might need more than that I need more than that it’s pretty severe
it is CPU intensive sound is excellent so for the the thing is if we just
ignore price for a second it’s there now at core parity there at court and threat
parity 8 vs 8 so that’s a big deal in tall still has their frequency advantage
IPC advantage is kind of drifted with the 2000 series and AMD so IPC advantage
not quite as strong as it used to be frequency had managed for sure is there
okay give me this the intelligence right hand yeah so kind of like that but then
there’s the price oh that’s now your yeah so that’s where it gets hard and I
think and I hate to do this to you Gordon I hate to do it but we got to
have some what-ifs here so what if you’re using it for production in our
game that I’m probably I’m probably still pushing towards the AMD side okay
if you’re if you’re trying to save some money because the thing the way I look
at it is asked one who produces content if I’m rendering a video to some extent
time is money so in Oh Piper yeah yes I mean if time
is money then you’re you’re not buying a 900k anyway you’re not buying a 2700 tax
you’re buying an h EDT CPU or thread right that’s up there right so that’s
not even part of this so as far as I’m concerned the 99 hard K
2700 acts are more enthusiast hobbyist you might make some YouTube video out of
everything okay and for that user if you’re if you’re
doing things that are legitimately threat intensive and I mean I don’t mean
people who are like in the comics like but I multitask I opened this court and
play games and therefore more courses better cuz that’s no it’s not alright
okay so so I’m talking about like if you if you are a hobbyist who does 3d art
then I’m probably still pushing AMD for the value that we’re still in design is
really good there so it’s pretty hard to beat them there because what’s what’s
the price difference so 523 for 900 cake today 2700 X with a heat sink 300 bucks
I checked the last week yeah that’s rough value there for gaming okay for
gaming for gaming intel still objectively and I don’t even need to
test it to know that they’re going to be a-okay because the frequency is higher
we know the earth actually one to two cores right yeah so it’s just it’s just
an eighty eighty six K with more cores at a high frequency so it will be better
than gaming it’s just it doesn’t matter so you’re saying there it just it
depends on what you use it for yeah but I need to know what’s better to buy I
don’t need to know what’s it better for me I just need to know what’s better
you’re doing a good job of being the Internet
right now depend a great job of behavior yet I
would like 27 I think you are an Internet incarnate is what you okay so
I’ll have to haunt me Steve Steve says depends on what you do
you need hike locks and cork out and you want to pay for it until sure my only
tested it so I got a hedge there right everybody I haven’t tested it you’re not
gonna be fat value I don’t know wait till we review it of course but just
strictly on paper if you got the money and all you care about is having 240
frames instead of 230 frames then maybe I guess Intel’s probably going to be
advantage I’m not saying necessarily buy it
because I don’t know yet right but I’m saying they will they will have an
advantage but it is certainly a safer by I mean this pretty pig thats all you
care about probably it’s safer okay second question it’s official Intel’s
using a solder Tim and that’s actually one thing that oh damn Sam asked him the
thing that almost pissed me up the internet people say like well one is
solder the other one’s a paste it’s just Tim right about like a both
the Tim is the stuff between though it’s inside the oreo cookie you got Oreo you
top the Oreo cookie you got the bottom and then you got a Taman the Tim is in
the middle right don’t eat their daughter as the solder is it just
depends what it is so it’s official to solder Kim is it
okay for people to complain about it now we did a video on earlier I just want it
on the record is it we can’t complain about it now right it’s like we got it
you can always complain okay nice complain it depends I don’t know what
kind of solder it is they still use silicone adhesive around
the edges which is okay I guess AMG doesn’t – but there’s possible there’s
possibility that maybe I know they use the type of solder that’s not quite as
good as we want it to be but Intel’s not gonna tell us what it is so we just have
to wait for someone like Rome and their power to tell us what it is right so
I’ll leave room to complain but I’m only leaving 10% room to complain right now
okay so I I withhold 10% of complaining room right overhead
I’m just I’m just saving the internet complaining because all the complaining
it was like no no solder Tim finally got your solder Tim you can’t complain
I feel like what you want I think there’s probably legitimacy to that yes
overall I think that it reduces the amount you are allowed to complain about
that specific on the processor okay last question of course Steve is famous for
kicking off the rage over copy text 28 core demo right
today it’s official Xeon WX twenty eight cores 31 75 85 w 3175 X 28 cores four
three on turbo I don’t know they don’t think they’ve said the base said they
said base clock they I think I said base but I remember what it was but four
three on turbo for sure is correct I don’t know if they said base okay yeah 4
3 on turbo how happy are you I mean cuz clearly you are like that all
the internet like funneled through you to complain about the 5 gigahertz demo
which you know AMD Intel of course says was a mistake hey we left one word out
you’re killing us over one word right really like important was like your are
you the people in the internet they go like well this is the incorrect usage of
this one except long they’re there it’s like the difference between being hurt
and being killed okay over but that’s a big difference like all right
overclocked or not how do you forget that okay all right yeah you know this
story they call they’re like hey the guy was jet-lagged he forgot a word and I
mean I look I plead at I want to I’m tired too I’m not gonna complain you
know I forget where this is that so am I happy the question the answer is
always going to be no but I’m not a not a happy person when it comes to products
Gordon okay right yeah wouldn’t be a review or otherwise would what would
make me less happy is if I were always happy that’s true that in fact that
would be the paradox that would end my career so in reality I I think like well
it’s still we don’t know the quark do we or just sky act did they confer the case
I was told sky like a so what did I say you smell again I said it was that some
people were saying would be cascade that’s gay right right yeah and I was
told that as well but we know at the time at demo is guy acts
and I think this was supposed to be cascade late really I think it was
according to this the same sources that helped me get a lot of the information I
had at Computex told me that this was supposed to be cascading so I don’t know
what happened I don’t know if that part’s maybe still coming right
or it like is this a completely different thing and it’s a stopgap
before the cascade lake one but either way twenty eight cores fifty-six threads
4.3 gigahertz probably single or dual core turbo and
six six channels of memory right yes the the memories big the the turbo for sure
is 4.3 is still pretty high even if it’s only one or two cores right so I don’t
know what it costs I don’t think any of us do
well I think Ian cut risk of a non tech said five thousand dollars question
Martin I did talked into all birds little little birds instead no I said
there’d be way lower than that of course way lower could also be four thousand
nine hundred ninety seven dollars right I think it’s gonna be I you will it’s
not gonna be five dollars yeah yeah so I don’t know I don’t review workstation
part I can’t really confidently comment on them but I will say I was right at
sky like axe so you’re like you’re right okay I just wanna that they anger was
yeah he’s wrong there I’m sorry yeah you’re like The Hurt versus killed yes
that’s a pretty wide gulf yeah overclockers overclocked 5 gigahertz are
you using like this stuff to cool it or is it is it stock like anyone else would
you to say okay that’s the question on the demo they did today the ones are
doing it’s just on SCLC so it’s not crazy
so not crazy stuffs no that was actually that was a much better demo yeah okay
all right well thanks for the time Steve hopefully we’ll get Steve on another
time because he’s just got opinions on everything
let’s try to hear it angry about everything so that’s that’s actually
that’s absolutely true Jordan and you’re here to balance me out yes I’m here too
I’m I’m just happy about this encounter well I’m happy to be I’m happy the PC is
still here you’re just like happy that’s true that’s just sometimes cuz they look
bad oh you’ve seen it almost died a few times yes yes we we we passed a few
there were definitely some times where it’s like
my god this is really good I’m gonna have a job yeah it’s like oh my god are
you gonna be using tablets but yeah so clearly better
but anyway check back PC world combo so gamers neck says awesome channel awesome
website Steve goes into the deep dive stuff go to the bathroom first cuz
you’ve watched the whole video and you grab no pass I’m pretty long good stuff
to get stuff so check back piece of real calm and gamers Nexus

100 thoughts on “Core i9 9900K vs Ryzen 7 2700X: Here’s what Gamers Nexus picks

  1. Subs in this video are not auto generated. Whoever made the subs for this video is an idiot, timing is off, words are wrong and left out. Grammar is just terrible. "9900 cake"…

  2. For light video editing and gaming above 1080p then AMD Ryzen 2700x, take the savings and put it into other important parts such as ram, nvme SSD, or a better graphics card depending on your most important use cases. For competitive gaming at 1080p then Intel all the way. One question I had was which of these CPU's are better for running virtualization such as VMWare?

  3. In the end gaming just doesn’t matter but if u r content creator u normally can afford high tier to top tier i9 but think i9 builds u need super good liquid cool Xd

  4. Choosing the AMD over the Intel chip, you save enough money to buy yourself a motherboard AND 16GB of 3200MHz RAM. And the performance, even in CPU intensive games, is within 5-10% of the Intel setup. Also, since more and more games are taking advantage of multiple cores/threads, the AMD will likely take the lead in upcoming games. For the price, it's a no brainer.
    You also must bear in mind… the Intel CPU doesn't even come with any sort of cooler.

  5. To all the people complaining about price you guys do know you can save up right?? Lol you dont need everything today it has ALWAYS been intel if you dont mind paying for performance and AMD to save money its like Lamborghini vs Toyota they are both great and work fine but one is obviously better but you pay for that premium I mean you get what you pay for.

  6. No one freaking cares what your using it for. When someone asks which one is better you tell them! None of this gibberish! We just want to know which one is more powerful! Which one is faster! Thats all! So which one or ill never watch your channels again! Please the ppl! Now!

  7. I really only play csgo I OC’d my i7-7700k and get 400-500fps never drops below, only after a while of the pc being on. Probably due to the cpu getting warmer. But if it’s only 8 -10 hours, it performs the same.

  8. For me it's 2700x for production then use the saved money and add it in a better GPU for gaming. Most games out there still rely on GPU rather than CPU anyway.

  9. These "biggest bang for the buck" arguments are tiresome. I love my 9900k. Not arguing value. It's the best. So you bargain plebs can just stick to your opinions and quit calling people stupid because they can afford what they want.

  10. pfff people keep saying the thing about the price thats not the question its one or the other thats the question !!! if you got the money and you dont care about price then that isnt a valid comment to that person …. but yea the price diffrence is bla bla bla not the question

  11. Cheaper, comes with cooler, cheaper mobos that can use the next gen of cpus, almost the same performance… it's a though choice…

  12. Im making a pc setup next week after 4 years of console gaming. Said to my self, get the newest and fuck the €.. Gonna build around i9 9900k and rtx2080, 2x 8gb ram.. Just above 2000€

  13. The answer is simple buy a 2700x and with the difference in price with 9900k buy a much better video card and fuck the i9. B/c better a super rtx 2080 or something like that more fps. The end

  14. Honestly both Intel and AMD are both bang for the buck. AMD performances great for the low price and affordability and of course Intel should performance 2-3x better if you are forking hard earn money at their products.

  15. the i9 9900K has great value and perform much better than all of ryzen prozessors, but if you cant effort the i9 than ofcourse the ryzen 7 2700x or even a ryzen 5 2600 is just good enough. But you have to consider maybe you gonna need buy a new prozessor in about two years if you pick up AMD ryzen D;

  16. If you want to build a future proof system that you don’t want to upgrade for years and you have tons of money get the 9900 but if your an average joe get the AMD none of these parts are worth going in to debt for it will just be trash in 5 to 7 years anyway. Buy cheapest best performance that’s upgradable.

  17. Everyone knows Intel is better, AMD is for cheap people or fanboys. There's no benchmark where the very top is AMD. Price/performance is an argument that's getting old. Only in this space is it an issue. If price per performance mattered in real life everyone would drive mopeds instead of cars and Samsung and Apple wouldn't exist we'd all have some crappy LG phone like the $40 ones you get in a straight talk box, lol. We'd all be living in a trailer park, lol. Shut up about the price for performance crap I'm sick if hearing about that tired old argument. Fastest is fastest and best is best cheaper is cheaper that's it.

  18. All the PC noobs saying 2700 better ahahaha you kids don't know anything Sam set up got 340fps with 2700 and 530 with i9 so STFU

  19. For most people, the i9 just does not fit into the budget. If you have the money and you are mainly gaming then the i9 is the better choice, especially if you play at 1440p on a 144hz monitor. In some games you'll get a significant increase in fps compared to the 2700X, which can make a difference on a 144hz monitor. That being sad, if you game on a 60hz monitor, it's almost useless to buy the i9, because at 4k you're gpu will bottleneck anyways and at 1440p or below you'll reach over 60fps with both processors. These are the options that are most logical in my opinion.

    144hz 1440p monitor and mainly gaming = i9 if you have the money
    144hz 1080p monitor and mainly gaming = 2700X so you can buy a better gpu
    60hz at any resolution = 2700X
    Gaming and "productivity" aka watching porn on second monitor = 2700X

    In my opinion the i9 only makes sense, when you play on a 144hz 1440p monitor. You will come closer to the 144fps at 1440p with an i9, and that's what you ultimately want when you buy a 144hz monitor. At anything below 1440p 144hz, you're gpu will do the heavy lifting anyways. So it's just wasted money.

  20. btw, overclocking is nice, but it really doesnt improve performance that much. kind of a waste. but for the enthusiast who just wants to play around, fair enough.

  21. AMD 2700 without the X, for the VFX graduate trying to keep producing demo reel shots `~_~` …. if I could scrap the money together for it

  22. Safe 350$ go Ryzen, 9900K need a aftermarket cooler aswell, runs hot as hell.

    The AMD Ryzen comes with a excellent cooler. Even OC potential.

    350$ more for a graphic card if its gaming, will beat the frames of the 9900k Anyday. All games are Graphic dependent

  23. No matter how you slice it, 2700X is the better option. Even if you can afford anything, "just because", the 2700X is STILL the better choice.

  24. AMD would be far more superior in gaming if most gaming applications didn't strictly use Intel Compilers, it's not a Intel is better than AMD situation.

  25. I mean Intel will always be better for gaming but the price is just ridiculous. I'd rather buy AMD because I'm only concerned with gaming at 120hz to 144hz at 1080p and my 2700x paired with my 1070 does it with no problem.

  26. bs bs bs if money isnt an issue everyone would buy Intel just admit it. im no fan boy and ran amd forever but as soon as i could afford intel i did and did. you dont buy a hypercar and complain about mgp but you do buy go puffy chest like i got more for my money because you did but intel is faster.

  27. So when ryzen 3700x comes out will you compare it to 9900k since it will also be a year apart and closer in price range

  28. Lets make story short. If you are videos content creator it would makes sense to purchase i9 instead of saving $200. For budget gamer it Ryzen is no brainer.

  29. the difference is just around 10 fps and if you're not too particular about that then choose Ryzen all the way plus it's cheaper!

  30. Guys Remember.

    Intel CPU's get hotter and also use more energy than AMD cpu's.
    Look at benchmarks on youtube.

  31. All good stuff but the more power you have the more future proofing you have! 'i9 9900k' if you can afford it. Though I can't , so I'll go with AMD lol 🙂

  32. When i buy a gaming pc i dont care about price. Quality and HIGH FPS are always the way to go. Thats why u will always buy intel like 99% of esport players and will be good to go.

  33. The additional 235 you save on the chip and 30-60 you save on the motherboard will buy you a loooooooooooot of fucking graphics card and memory, though–so ryzen wins handily.

  34. oka MSI GeForce RTX 2080Ti GAMING X TRIO 11G + i9-9900KF or Ryzen 2700x // gaming + streaming HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLP

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