CORSAIR RGB Fans, RGB Case and RGB Mouse Pad – Do It With The Lights On

MM80 POLARIS: Light up the playing field CUE 2: Gaming software SP120: Vivid illumination HD120: Vivid illumination K70 LUX RGB: The best made better SCIMITAR RGB: Set your thumb free VOID SURROUND: Unrivaled comfort Do it with the LIGHTS ON serious skill doesn’t hide in the dark Corsair

100 thoughts on “CORSAIR RGB Fans, RGB Case and RGB Mouse Pad – Do It With The Lights On

  1. where are the 140MM versions? I've been waiting since they were announced at computex, and I finally gave in last night and bought some Riing fans. (the one with the manual controls sadly)

    come on Corsair, I need HD140MM to fit my H110i GTX:/

  2. Can someone please answer one question for me. Will the sp120 RGB fans be able to sync with the keyboard, headset, and mouse with the cue software?

  3. All corsair need now is to make an rgb backlit monitor and they would have covered all peripherals, unless they have already done that. Then in which case forget I made this comment

  4. Yeah, I'm officially moving over to corsair, been going with razer for a while but watch and did alot of searching and i feel like i made a mistake and should have started with corsair x)

  5. is the squence at the beginning of this movie availible as a download? would be nice to have this running if the pc is in sleeping mode..

  6. Dear Corsair, I'm pretty sold on the 460X RGB. Can you turn off the lights completely? Since my PC often runs all through the night, that would be helpful…

  7. The only thing holding me from buying the hd ones is that they are not controlled by the CUE software. C'mon Corsiar, be like NZXT with their new AER RGB fans (referring to the fans being controlled by software, the Nzxt ones are ugly af).

  8. Hola mucho gusto Corsair estoy muy interesado en adquirir algunos productos ofrecidos por ustedes, deseo me colaboren ya que me encuentro en el pais de Colombia y deseo mucho estos productos

  9. If I instal corsair H115i in front side it's ok, and I install 3.5 hdd too in bottom side,.????
    Or if I install corsair H115i in top of the cases it's ok to my ram,.? I use high profile ram corsair vangeance led ram in MSI x99 pro carbon motherboard,..

    The cases is so amazing
    I want it,..

  10. Corsair, I have wrote you on your website 4x and I am in Mid build SOOOO WHY NO HD 140 in RGB?? OR the ML in 140's like the 120 HD lighting series and not the SD series?

  11. I purchased corsair 460x case yesterday which includes 3 SP120 mm RGB fans at front, its really amazing but is there any way to turn of the fan lights ? thanks in advance ^^

  12. My biggest complaint is that while the keyboard, mouse, headset and mousepad can all be controlled and synced in CUE2. Corsairs RGB strips and HD120 RGB fans are all synced using Corsair Link. Why the fuck would you have 2 different RGB softwares. Just combine this shit together For Fuck Sake!!

  13. Man, i love corsair, but the customer service sucks. Had to buy another aio water cooler cause they didnt want to honor the "5 year warranty" cause i didnt have a "proof of purchase" it was the H100i GTX, and it had only been 2 years, and the pump failed on me. Well this time around, i went with the H110i, and only because it was at my local bestbuy, and needed a cooler quick. This time around im gonna make 10 copies, and save the receipt, not only on my desktop, but my laptop to. I even have the original box with everything in it, and they still said no. Thanks Corsair.

  14. RGB IS LIFE. THIS VIDEO IS BEAUTIFUL. Im making my first pc soon and I chose the 460x and 3 more sp120 fans. I hope I haven't made the wrong choice!

  15. How do you link the peripherals with the fans? I am using 6 HD120 and Commander and RGB strips. But how do you link everything together so that it is synchronized? That is where I am confused?

  16. Corsair i have a question , the 460x rgb version im considering getting with my build with pc specialist has 3 x HD 120 rgb fans on it instead of the usual hp120's , will the hub/controller only accept more HD120 fans on to it ? or could i use LL fans and still have it work along with the HD fans using the controller built in on the top of the case ? as i know the 570x hub only accepted more SP120 fans but not other varieties of rgb fans even from corsair , thanks

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