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JUSTIN: Crimes against humanity. Can you just accuse somebody
of crimes against humanity? RYAN: Yeah.
They just did. [MUSIC PLAYS] RYAN CLEMENTS: Hello,
everyone and welcome. We are playing Cosmic
Star Heroine on PS4. Heroine or heroine? JUSTIN: Heroine.
Cosmic Star Heroine. RYAN: Heroine.
I’m Clements. I am joined by Justin.
Hello, sir. JUSTIN: Should I play
Super-Spy difficulty? RYAN: I think you should
probably be a Tourist. JUSTIN: A tourist?
I’ll do Agent. Agent. RYAN: No, no.
Heroine. Agent, agent. JUSTIN: Okay.
Agent. I don’t want to die in the
middle of this gameplay session. RYAN: Cosmic Star Heroine
is a science fiction RPG, turn-based RPG inspired
by the JRPGs of Yore, if I could say that. JUSTIN: I love Yore. RYAN: It looks
absolutely fantastic. It’s got a little
bit of that cyberpunk, a little sprinkle of cyberpunk. JUSTIN: Look at how
good that pixel art is. RYAN: Oh. Yeah.
It’s very nice. So, Justin. JUSTIN: Hi. RYAN: How are you? JUSTIN: I’m great.
We’re at GDC. We’re playing video games. RYAN: So we don’t actually know
how this game is going start. There’s our hero. JUSTIN: Our heroine. RYAN: Our heroine. She may or may not have
cosmic or star abilities. JUSTIN: Okay. RYAN: Oh, wait. Should I be doing a
dramatic reading of any of this? No? JUSTIN: Should we
get a — that’s okay. RYAN: Too late. Too late.
You were flying. JUSTIN: I want to
get to the good stuff, get to the gameplay. RYAN: I’m going to go out on a
limb and say that this park is not safe. JUSTIN: It doesn’t look like it. RYAN: It looks a
little dilapidated. There is empty cans around. JUSTIN: Okay. Confirming you can use the
analog joystick or the D pad to move around. RYAN: Do you already
get like a new school, Chrono Trigger
vibe from this game? JUSTIN: A little bit.
Yeah. RYAN: Because that’s
definitely what I’m getting, and I love it. JUSTIN: Yep. RYAN: Basic tutorial. JUSTIN: Style and Hyper.
All right. RYAN: Oh. You could improve
your style gauge. I know a few games
that have a style gauge, and generally I’m
not very stylish. JUSTIN: You’re pretty stylish. RYAN: In real life, no. JUSTIN: Well, yeah.
Sure. RYAN: Neither in real life
or in-game am I stylish. Okay.
Battle already starting. JUSTIN: All right.
I’m going to do laser. Lasers are good; right? RYAN: Justin, I have no
idea how to play this game, but I think you’re
already doing a great job. JUSTIN: Thanks
I’m doing my best. I’m going to bash this guy.
Let’s see. Does that do a decent
amount of — oh, yeah. That worked. RYAN: That was easy. JUSTIN: Victory! RYAN: Well, that’s been cut.
I am just kidding. JUSTIN: I gained a CR. RYAN: I love that they have
the little victory animation and everything.
This is great. JUSTIN: Okay.
Triangle is your menu. You can go in
here and look — oh, yeah. Look at this art.
The character art is great. RYAN: Justin I am all
about — JUSTIN: Oh.
There’s a run button. RYAN: There you go. So I am all about
exploring menus. I have been made fun of before
for the fact that when I start a game,
the first thing that I do is start poking around
in the menus. JUSTIN: Yeah.
Same here. But I don’t think that would
make a very interesting gameplay session, so. RYAN: Are you kidding? It would be the most thrilling
segment we’ve ever recorded. JUSTIN: Recharge ability.
Okay. Defend. Oh. Okay. RYAN: And then, like, Rest. So does she just
snooze in mid combat? JUSTIN: Just kind
of stand around. Just lay her head
against the wall. RYAN: Just fall
asleep on her feet. I’m sure I won’t be attacked in
this delapidated alleyway in the future. No problem.
Yeah. I already love the sort of
playing with perspective that they’re doing. That is one of the greatest
things about 2D and sprite-based games, that you can really —
the developers I feel can really have fun with perspective and
— oh, my gosh. JUSTIN: So here are the options.
It’s “Yes” or “Booyah.” RYAN: Definitely “Booyah.” Booyah!
Here we go. JUSTIN: Here we go.
Yep. Look at that. RYAN: Oh!
Battle! JUSTIN: We’re doing stuff. RYAN: Okay.
Here we go. JUSTIN: Water damage
should be good against robots; right? RYAN: I mean, you’d assume. It worked.
It worked. JUSTIN: Okay.
But so that is recharging now. Got ya. First aid, I think I’m good. What is this?
Rest. Okay.
So that recharges. RYAN: And you’re saying you
can’t bash them when you’re rocketing through the
air on a grappling hook? Who knew? Good job, Justin. JUSTIN: I got 4 CR that time. I leveled up. Okay. So wait.
Let’s see. Here are the stats. Physique, Hackitude,
Sparke, and Cunning. All right. RYAN: Ooh.
I like it. JUSTIN: I like that more
than I think strength, dexterity, magic, luck; whatever
the luck stat even does. RYAN: What does luck even do? JUSTIN: It’s like it makes RNG
even more — RYAN: Probably the
same as hackitude. JUSTIN: Yeah.
There you go. RYAN: “What are you doing here?” All right. Well, we have our first friend. Agh. [LAUGHTER] RYAN: Oh, man. JUSTIN: Here it goes. RYAN: Oh, snap. JUSTIN: This is awesome. RYAN: Whoa.Whoa. BOTH: What? RYAN: I’m glad we recorded our
first reaction possible because this is priceless. Nonstop action and
excitement in my life. JUSTIN: All right. RYAN: I need that too. JUSTIN: And who doesn’t? RYAN: What are the — okay.
Too late. I was going to ask what the
panels on the ground were, but it’s not important. JUSTIN: Too late.
Desperation. RYAN: Oh, no. JUSTIN: This is the
desperation tutorial. RYAN: Desperation is the sinking
feeling that you get in the pit of your stomach. JUSTIN: Oh, this is cool. If you have enough style points,
you can survive with negative HP. RYAN: What? JUSTIN: Desperation Mode. Ah. Okay. RYAN: I can dig it. I thought it said if you really
have to go to the bathroom and there’s no bathroom
around, that’s Desperation Mode. JUSTIN: I mean, that’s
real life desperation mode. RYAN: That’s real
life desperation. When you’re just sitting on
the bridge and there’s cars all around, and you’re
like, “I don’t know. It’s getting dicey.” JUSTIN: Don’t forgot to save. RYAN: All right. JUSTIN: I guess
that’s a good idea. Can I check this out? Oh, yeah.
Environmental details. RYAN: Now how perfect would
it be if you walked up to the giant, glowing fusion
reactor and just melted, just game over
screen right away. JUSTIN: Anything in the trash? RYAN: No. Always check, though. JUSTIN: Yes.
Always check. RYAN: Not in real life. JUSTIN: Oh.
Here we go. So I like that it doesn’t
actually cut away from — RYAN: Yeah.
That’s really nice. JUSTIN: It doesn’t
cut away into a battle. RYAN: And, again, very, very
much inspired by classic JRPGs. And you can tell that the team
at zBoy games is in love with those style games because — JUSTIN: I’m going to
use an item. “Likes to shoot.
That’s about it.” [LAUGHING] RYAN: Hooligan. All right, you hooligan. Ah.
Now he’s vulnerable? Look at that animation.
That’s nice. JUSTIN: Heal Blaster?
Gunmancy? All right. This is great.
I love it. RYAN: Focus, so next. Okay. And then she can
defend the party. Boom! JUSTIN: Oh. Okay. RYAN: All right.
What else can you do? Boom! JUSTIN: Got ’em. RYAN: Whack! And then so it looks like the UI
on the right is just for turns, I guess. JUSTIN: I believe so. RYAN: You’re in the blue lane, and the bad guys are
in the red lane. JUSTIN: There’s probably more
complexity to it than that, but, yeah. I don’t think we’re going to get
too deep into the finer points of the combat system
in this short gameplay. RYAN: Justin, you’re saying that
when we boot up a game for the first time and it’s an
incredibly complex JRPG style game, we’re not going to
understand it right away. Come on. JUSTIN: I’m saying we’re
probably going to have opportunities to
explore this more when we actually get the game. RYAN: Yes. Poison mist. Okay. Ooh, ooh.
Equip the item. JUSTIN: I have to equip it.
Okay. RYAN: Ooh, ooh, ooh. My favorite thing. JUSTIN: Ooh, ooh, ooh.
Equip the item. RYAN: All right.
She’s got a Steel Striker. She has a Stealth Satchel. JUSTIN: Okay. Okay. RYAN: She gets hyper
every second turn, Hyper Repeat.
I don’t understand. JUSTIN: Let’s see
what Chahn — Chahn? Let’s see what Chahn can equip. I don’t think we
have any other — oh. Okay. RYAN: But her Sparke is 23. JUSTIN: Here we go.
Poison Mist. Okay. Cool. So you equip the items in
these different item slots. So you don’t just have
access to every item in your bag automatically. Like, you have to choose which
items you take into battle it looks like. RYAN: Justin, you’re saying that
you can’t just reach into your backpack and take out
anything that you want? JUSTIN: No hammer space here. RYAN: All right. Use your — oh. Did you give it to — JUSTIN: Yeah.
Item, here we go. RYAN: Here we go, Poison Mist. JUSTIN: Organic enemies only
though, so I don’t think it will work on this guy. RYAN: Well.
Robo dog’s not organic. JUSTIN: But we’re learning.
We’re learning how — RYAN: Oh my god.
His name is actually Robo Dog. I was just — I
made a name up for it, and it was Robo Dog. JUSTIN: I think you should break
into the world of game design. RYAN: I’m gonna get zBoy
Games on the phone right now. JUSTIN: Demand royalties. RYAN: “Hey, look. I know you already
named it Robo Dog, but I have really good
feeling about Robo Dog.” JUSTIN: So I’m thinking I
probably shouldn’t have engaged this battle from in between
the two different enemies. RYAN: I feel like
that’s probably a good call. Hindsight is always 20/20. JUSTIN: I’m
facing the wrong way. I wonder if that — oh. RYAN: Turn around. Hurry! (Singing) Turn the star around. JUSTIN: Is that an original
Ryan Clements’ composition? RYAN: Yeah.
Totally. I love their little
victory animations. JUSTIN: It’s so good. RYAN: So cool. JUSTIN: Look at all
the little, like, guns flying around there. RYAN: I know. That’s what I’m talking
about, spinning a stick. Cycling Gunmancy guns.
Nice potted, purple plants. JUSTIN: Uh-oh.
People. RYAN: Oh my gosh, hostages. Here we go.
Yes, we are here. JUSTIN: I mean I wasn’t — I
didn’t come here to rescue you, but since we’re here. RYAN: You’re like,
“Um, yeah. Totally. I was here to rescue you.” JUSTIN: Oh.
You’re the hostages. RYAN: The hostages?
Right. Of course. Oh god.
Groff. Now Groff, that’s
a bad guy name. JUSTIN: That’s a name. RYAN: That’s a bad
guy name for sure. If Groff turns out to be
the secret hero of the game, then I got to commend zBoy
because they really through me a curveball. JUSTIN: “You!” Groff Brokston. RYAN: Brokston, yes! JUSTIN: Guilty of
crimes against humanity. Can you just accuse somebody
of crimes against humanity? RYAN: Yeah.
They just did. JUSTIN: Are you then
justified to attack them? RYAN: Also I know what my
next child is going to be named, Groff Brokston. Daughter or son,
it doesn’t matter. JUSTIN: I’m going to inspire
Chahn to do a bunch of damage in the next three turns. RYAN: And blows a kiss, perfect. I couldn’t think of a more
inspirational technique than blowing a kiss. JUSTIN: Here we go. Next
Gunmancy affects all targets. Here we go. RYAN: Boom. JUSTIN: We’re going to do it. Oh, his style went up.
That’s bad; right? Okay. RYAN: Wait.
Who’s style went up? JUSTIN: Groff Brokston. Groff! I’m going to heal myself here. RYAN: At what point in the
battle is Groff jumping into that giant robot?
What do you think? JUSTIN: Oh, man.
Don’t. Please don’t. RYAN: I’m just
calling it like I sees it. JUSTIN: Okay. So her attack is
raised due to the inspire, and because I did focus,
this Gunmancy will attack all targets. Let’s see how we go. RYAN: Justin, we only have
a couple of minutes left. We need to finish this battle. JUSTIN: I need to defeat. RYAN: You can’t
let Groff walk away. Okay? He has done crimes
against the humanities, as in the art
form, not just humans. JUSTIN: Okay. I’m going to shoot
her to heal her. RYAN: Okay. JUSTIN: Okay. RYAN: Yep.
That makes sense. This is science fiction. JUSTIN: Yep.
Here we go. Oh, that was a good hit. I’m going to —
he’s an organic enemy. RYAN: Poison him. JUSTIN: “Not a two-bit enemy,
at least a sixteen-bit thug” it said. That’s great. RYAN: I feel like this game
does not take itself totally seriously. JUSTIN: It knows what it is.
Oh, I got him. Take that Groff. RYAN: I feel like that’s about
all the time — I think Groff might have to just
escape into the night, Justin. We are out of time.
We are fresh out of time. JUSTIN: — oh, my goodness. RYAN: I’m going to let our
viewers think about how this is going to end, and you can see
for yourself with Cosmic Star Heroine. It’s coming out
April 11th on PS4. Justin, thank you so much. JUSTIN: Thank you. Don’t let Groff
Brokston get away. RYAN: You need to
finish the fight for us. Good-bye. [MUSIC PLAYS]

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