Could This Hologram Headset Replace Your Office?

The cubical represents a tyranny that confines
your imagination and thoughts are confined to a small physical area. Imagine pretty much every software engineer
or finance person being able to disconnect from their desk and look at holographic monitors
on a beach and doing their work from there. that’s not going to be science fiction
– it’s the modern office place. Silicon Valley is all about building the future. A startup called Meta thinks it’s getting
there first, thanks to a big bet it’s made on Augmented Reality. How are you? Good, Thank you.  Welcome to Meta. Thank you. Call it a 360 degree office where you can
spatialize your thoughts as part of your workflow for education, architecture, design, engineering,
etc. People often mix up Augmented Reality with Virtual
Reality. VR totally blocks your ability to see or
hear the real world. AR overlays holograms onto what you already
see. Meta has tried to make its version of the
workspace feel familiar. You grab the hologram, instead of using a
controller or a mouse and your brain already knows how to do it. In other words, we’ve designed an operating
system that humanity has always known how to use. So you can see this eyeball, which is, by
the why, photo-realistic. You can see my hand is including the eyeball
and now the eyeball is including my hand. Right. See those two circles? They get small and then they turn into this
glowing white ball and then I can move my hand around super naturally. I can do this with two hands and I can rotate
the thing, I can stretch it. I can throw it back into the shelving system
and that’s all you have to learn to become a modern worker. And to prove this, the employees at Meta have
started to get rid of their computer monitors — trading them in for Meta’s augmented
reality headsets. Meron thinks it will be less than a decade
before we’ll all be wearing strips of glass that can project holograms. In the early 80s, everybody had computers
on their desktops but nobody was using them because they had a lot of work to do. So they were still using typewriters. At some point the CEO took all of the typewriters
away and everyone was forced to use the computers so it’s very exciting to see a new generation
of technology, a new paradigm. I consider us like pioneers in the holographic
wild. I’m, you know, pulling up my browser with
my hands and I’m sending out emails to my colleagues and just kind of really acclimating
to the new environment. Now you’re putting on my computer essentially. Our digital lives live on our phones they
have all of our pictures and notes and things – so why don’t you write yourself a little
sticky note. Go ahead and take your first right over the
sticky note and close your fist. And now…. What?! Meta’s own transition to Augmented Reality
has run into plenty of unexpected problems and it’s still gonna be a while before you’ll
start to see these devices in YOUR office. But I think it’s a future worth waiting
for. If we could see these holograms between us,
we will have been able to share our work with one another more naturally, more efficiently
and more productively than ever before. Humanity will have evolved slightly.

100 thoughts on “Could This Hologram Headset Replace Your Office?

  1. touchscreens for computers invented 20 years ago, nobody uses it because your arms get tired after such long day of use, thus the same for this..could work for some but not all

  2. Moving things around is hardly the most time/effort consuming activity in office work(There could be exceptions in certain industries) I can't see how this equates to the transition from typewriter to computer. A virtual screen that's basically the same as a physical screen is not solving any significant problems. I however see great potential for AR in outdoor activities.

  3. :}
    a. Isn't this similar to "Google Glass" that was dropped like that old "Hot Potato" not to long ago?
    b. I guess another symilar "Millennial Generation" dysfunctional personality disorder on the way????
    c. The sex industry will really expand on AR I predict…………………………………………………………………..

  4. Sounds like the future is going to raise a new generation of socially awkward workers who do not communicate among themselves

  5. Clunky and slow. There's little to no enhancement in productivity here. Some modeling tasks could possibly benefit from this technology, but only where people doing such work aren't possessed of the cognitive visualization skills they could or ought to be. Such persons therefore aren't truly suited to such design work.

    We are embodied, as much as digital life may incline us to deny this, and these bodies are made to work with matter to a large degree.

  6. The stock market where you pay a surcharge to get butt fucked. Awesome! Got out of the market in 2009 to protect my ass.

  7. This would be perfect if it was also a helmet so you know it doesn't break. But a halo mask would be cool

  8. Nice.. although i don't think i would want to be swinging my hands around all day. Using my key board would be less tiring.

  9. This is the 8 track of our generation. Looks dumb as fuck. It doesn't mean that something may not come from it but this definitely isn't our future tech innovation.

  10. Can someone please tell me what the field of view of this thing is. TBH thats really all thats holding back ar and vr so much.

  11. Can not believe! But it's really exactly… in future! I think we can go to travel around the world when at home😊 lolI like travel😊

  12. And all that crap going straight to your brain.Right cell phones don't cause brain cancer.And enjoy all that 5 G radiating you. It's stupid !

  13. So you can spend the day practicing interpretive dance and your boss thinks you're hard at work.  This is genius!

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  15. Augmented reality. So, fake reality? This should really come as more of a shock. I think we've been too desensitized or something. There's an eerie frog in a boiling pot of water thing going on and if it's classified it's the CIA, NSA, or some criminal acronym at work. A.I. needs to take those jobs next due to the savings in the long run to societies spanning the planet.

  16. it takes more 5 years to get into a working condition commercial product if some big investors finds it viable right now

  17. I could use this in the future to manage my soon to be 8 YT channels and 2 social media accounts 😅

  18. This looks nice but I'm afraid spending the whole working day waving your arms about in front of you is just not practical. For a start, it sounds exhausting.

    I can almost feel the neck and shoulder strain just watching these people.

  19. oh god, here we go again, another tech start up claiming they are going to "revolutionize the way we do this or that"…imho new technologies are adopted because they allow us to do something more easily than before…how is waving your arms in the air like a lunatic better than just using a mouse? don´t get me wrong, I think there is potential here, but this is just way too crude and doesn´t solve anything.

  20. instead of focusing on augmented reality technology why not transfer more funds to research and development of holographic technology?

  21. I can stand transparent windows on my regular desktop. I can't imagine the eye strain of AR for anything that requires tuning out the real world.

  22. Meta is not the direction I would go. Augmented reality is ergonomic fail. No one wants an utility that requires more then minimum intervention

  23. Too much effort needed to use MEta. People making physical gestures that are extreme to simple keyboard operation. People do not move toward this physical action series anymore then speaking voice commands to siri. Minmalist actions are the winning systems and utilities of the future. Facebook is being used as a social tool to stay in touch over long or short distances. The utility is what makes it a success.

  24. It is good that they’re exploring the possibilities of AR with these glasses. Notice in this case how these glasses are used inside the workplace. (Personally) it would be easier to use a touch screen monitor or tablet as supposed to using the glasses at the office.

    Where I think a good use with these glasses would be is when I’m (say) on the train, bus, or sitting outside at the park. I have a phone with me, and using my phone, AR glasses and miniature keyboard together I have access to a computer using a virtual display. It might end up being more convenient than carrying a laptop around (though not sure compared to a tablet). I don’t think waving your arms out is a good idea – just stick to a mouse or touchpad. Of course, the glasses must be thinner (looking like traditional glasses), and no cameras please on the glasses!

  25. I am an English tutor who gives lessons on Skype (video-conferences). I have got a 27' display to look at the client. I would like to have some glasses to see the students, but this big box on my head would cover my eyes. They would not see my facial expressions, which would make the teaching process less effective, as the learners need some non-verbal response to know if they were correct or not. I am still waiting for really transparent glasses, and not this grey shield in front of my face.
    Hololens and Meta are moving in the right direction by making the glasses transparent. Would you like to look like a storm trooper from Star Wars?
    However, if I had more money, I would buy it to play games.

  26. It'll need to be in contact lenses to really become popular. I suspect that glass panels on your desk and a connect style camera would be a more suitable augmented reality for the office.

  27. Intel's glasses are laser projections and the headset is just a pair of glasses …i think that's the future of AR just a pair of normal glasses

  28. OMG, poor employees stuck with poor tracking, hard-to-read displays and tired arms all because of the words of the CEO!

  29. FBI Agent Norman Jayden from Heavy Rain had these kind of Glasses called ARI. Would be cool if it comes to the real world like that.

  30. Cool, but just looks ridiculous in itself and usage. Shame.
    And we mostly work in 2D office programs. At the moment. ?
    In the interim make a simple low key monitor replacement, and I'm down for it.

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