CR-10 Motherboard Swap

Remove the bottom cover, now remove the power supply and lay it aside. Label the themistor connector on the end. (Use a Binder Clip) Now start unplugging all the other connectors. Move them to the side. Using a small, flat screwdriver, unscrew all the power connections. Main power from the power supply, ground from
the power supply, internal fans, MOSFET, Nozzle Heater If you have a tweezer, use it to remove the
small screws. It’s easiest to plug in the power supply connections
before trying to attach the motherboard. Again, using the tweezer, set the screws in place. Tighten the screws. Start reconnecting the loose wires. The yellow are non-directional. The MOSFET ARE directional. And the internal fans ARE directional. Start plugging in all the connections. X, Y, Z, Endstops, and your thermistors. The one on the end was marked with a binderclip. Plug it back in. Plug in your stepper connections, extruder
first, then Z, Y, and X. Don’t forget to put the LCD back in. Make sure the USB jumper is on voltage regulator

20 thoughts on “CR-10 Motherboard Swap

  1. Why did you swap it out? Was the original broken or is this an upgrade? Thanks for sharing this video, very detailed. 🙂

  2. I bought it to be able to upgrade for a auto bed leveling (wich need Marlin 1.1).
    A tip for potential buyers. If you see nothing on the lcd screen just check the usb jumper he must not be on the usb side (check this video). Tinymachines must have forgotten to turn it back when they made it flashable. No big deal but newbie like me might loose some time not finding the solution 🙂

  3. would anyone know where to get info on why my motherboard is giving me a max temp error with the bed cool to the touch? I'm unable to clear this error and would think its a bad board

  4. assembled my cr-10 today and the control box isn't turning on all connections are in place and plugged in but its not turning on lcd display is blank. even switched it onto the right voltage (110v) please help me.

  5. So I just stumbled across a pic of a CR-10 motherboard that has dual extruder circuits on it along with a bunch of other connections. Anyone know anything about this?

  6. Thank you for caring and sharing this tutorial. It is for people like you that everything is possible through the internet

  7. Can someone help me here. I have the original single z axis cr10 and was looking to upgrade mine but this looks like he replaced an old board with another old board. Doesn't the new board have dual z connections and extra plug ins like filament sensor and other options? I was looking to buy a board on ebay. How do I know what is the correct option? I want mine to be able to add auto bed leveling abl type sensor and also have all the upgrades of the CR10S. The kits I have seen are $200 for dual z, board, lcd, and other CR10S updates. That seems a bit high when you compare the individual parts to ebay and can get them for $125 for everything. Anyone else do this? Thanks for the help.

  8. having trouble getting my cr-10 to turn on out of the box havent known what to do started tinkering with the control box and power supply. Something I did while unscrewing the power supply started it up temporarily. I turned it off then tried to turn it back on to see if it was ok. Hasn't turned on since. From what I can tell the 4 minutes that it was on it was good. I have ordered a new power supply and am waiting on it. Do you think swapping the power supply will do the trick? if not what do you suggest?

  9. Where can i buy the individual board to replace it, and does it have a name or serial? Thx

  10. I would love some help if anybody knows, I did this board swap myself but for some reason the power supply fan and the two internal fans no longer work. I even replaced the power supply am still having the same problem. I checked all the connectors & made sure they’re on there good. I just don’t know what to do.

  11. I installed a new motherboard for the cr10. now my LCD screen shows no movement for the hot bed. Nozzle temp. works not the heated bed. Because of that the printer wont move. Is it the wrong wiring or I need a new software upgrade for the new motherboard. (I got the motherboard from Gearbest). Need help?

  12. Tiny Machines are like Car lot Salesman, as long as your spending your money for this Chinese junk they have time for you. Support is non existent, They Suck so don't bother!

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