Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Rustland Grand Prix Trailer | PS4

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100 thoughts on “Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled – Rustland Grand Prix Trailer | PS4

  1. Ehhh I'll just wait for all the dlc so far to get bundled together & re-released as an upgraded "definitive edition" before buying

  2. "It's a beautiful day outside….
    racers are racing, nitro fueling…..
    on days like these, gamers like you…..

    should be…

  3. Yes give me more microtransactions please please. I love games that dont need it but are ruined by greed. Yes daddy give me microtransactions……

  4. People out here really thinking this is dlc and not a free addition,
    That says a lot about the current way games are right now

  5. Oh look! they add Kimeramon… I mean… Megamix and he looks great! (Now if only they can add Sly Cooper, Murray and Bentley as guest characters…)

  6. Will characters from the last Prix still be available to unlock while this is going on? I still need to unlock Yaya.

  7. Worst grand prix yet! One character who is super ugly, and every new skin is hideous. At least the new track is decent looking despite half of it being a copy/paste from roo's tubes.

  8. Please bring back the spooky stuff. Was really sick and missed half the grand prix. :< I just hope I get another chance to get the phantom car..

  9. Ohh c'mon we already have a post apocalyptic world before Crash did it.. Can't we just get Beyond Thunderstone?!

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