Creality V1.1.5 Silent Motherboard Review | Stepper Motor Noise Comparison

Creality is offering a new V1.1.5 motherboard for the Ender 3, 3 pro, and 5, advertised as silent The board ships ready for the ender 3 pro. It also comes with a bootloader installed,
which makes flashing it with firmware for the Ender 5 much easier. To flash the
board for the Ender 5, I followed steps in a YouTube video by
Teaching Tech. I followed all of his steps except for setting up an Arduino
as an ISP, and flashing a bootloader via the ISP header.
I tried many times to install USB drivers, but it turned out I just needed
to try a different USB port on my computer. After some troubleshooting,
I finally got Marlin 1.1.9 installed on the new motherboard. Marlin 1.1.9 provides some nice updates over the software the Ender 5 shipped with. It has thermal runaway protection, and it turns on the blower fan when you preheat the extruder. This is good because the fan that cools
the motherboard is only turned on when the blower fan is also on. It might be a
good idea to plug the fan that cools the motherboard into the power supply so
that it is always on when the printer is on. Now that the board is installed, the
printer makes a lot less noise. Hear it for yourself: I’ve noticed the stepper motors feel
cooler to the touch now, but I never measured their temperatures with the old
motherboard installed. Now that the stepper motors are quieter,
the sound of the fans on the printer has become much more noticeable. It turns out the Ender 5 hot end fan is actually pretty quiet. The design of the fan
shroud seems to be what made it noisy, So I cut the grate off of the front of the
shroud using a dremel, and now the hot end makes a lot less noise. Thank you for watching

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