CS:GO for the PS4 (April Fools)

With PC gaming dying, it makes sense for Valve
to venture out into the console market. The future starts today with CS:GO for both
the PS4 and PS4 Pro. I only had access to the base console, which is what you can see
being played here. First impressions were good. Performance-wise,
it runs at a rock-solid 30 FPS, only dipping down below the 20 FPS mark in smokes and gunfights,
though my human eyes found it hard to notice the difference between this and the PC edition.
If you’re lucky enough to have the powerful PS4 Pro then the resolution increases, aided
by checkerboard rendering. From what I’ve heard, the older maps can
typically run at 4K, though newer ones like Canals and Dust2 will often drop to as low
as 1440p at bombsites and when stuff was happening. Still, on an HD screen this should still look
fantastic, accompanied by FXAA to blur any remaining edges or detail.
The FOV has been reduced to cater for big TV experience which also helps to target distant
enemies, though it will make close encounters more fiddly.
Thankfully, Valve have added a ‘spin’ key, allowing you to turn 180 degrees almost
instantly. This saved my life a number of times and I really think the PC version could
learn from this. Queue and load-times were long, but thankfully
warmup has been extended to 10 minutes to give everybody time to join. This is all footage
from LEM-level, so the chances are the enemies you encounter when you first start out won’t
be quite so formidable. Valve’s recent obsession with the negev soon became clear as its new
firemode suited the console edition of this game nicely.
It’s a great way for console players to get familiar with CS:GO’s mechanics without
letting their teammates down. The low price makes it viable almost every round, leaving
only the pistol round for them to struggle through with CS:GO’s less-intuitive weapons.
There’s been a great divide between PC and consoles for far too long and it was a breath
of fresh air to load up a casual game on the PS4. Unlike PC, everybody communicated and
seemed really excited to play and to bang my Mum.
In addition to this, all of your favourite cases and skins are included, though unique
to the console version are custom controller cases that you can get by preordering now.
Valve have promised to continue supporting the PC edition for the foreseeable future.
Indeed, any game-breaking gameplay changes will be seen on the PC first. Crossplatform
play is supported and should you find yourself in a mixed game, the console players will
be given auto-aim while PC owners will have their mouse sensitivity randomised every round
to try and keep it a fair and fun experience for everyone.
My have a few concerns- firstly, how this will affect Overwatch. Until a better solution
is found, there should perhaps add another option when you suspect them of being a console
player. Of greater concern is how they’ll keep the two platforms in sync, as the Playstation
edition is already outdated by a few months. Valve’s plan at the moment is to roll out
annual ‘update packs’ for $6.99 to keep it all pretty much the same between the console
and PC- this may sound extortionate for a game you’ve already bought, but when you
consider the number of hours and case openings you’ll be spending on this game then it
isn’t that bad. All in all, I like what they’ve done here.
It’s what CS:GO’s dwindling playerbase needed to remain competitive with the likes
of Overwatch and PUBG, and the surprise comeback by Team Fortress 2 following its Source 2
overhaul earlier in the week.

100 thoughts on “CS:GO for the PS4 (April Fools)

  1. Finaly an honest video! Ps4 is the BEST console ever! I love that sais the trurth because the human eyew cant ser over 30 FPS. Xd

  2. I would actually like to see csgo for console, so i could see how console players overcome the burden of spray patterns.

  3. You might have already heard about it, but you can actually run CS:GO on a PS4 that is running Linux with Steam now. The funny part is that it gets 20-40 FPS with low settings on Dust 2.

  4. Still dreaming of a Switch port. Can't wait to struggle even landing one kill at either 480p low or 240p mid settings and maybe a double digit framerate, if I pray to the right moon goddess that is, for something like 45 minutes before the batteries run out.

  5. I am going to be so mad if all the games can be played on console
    i dont like consoles and consoles players because of the aim asist

  6. i was drinking a mocha when he said "but thankfully warms ups have been extended to tens minutes." i almost choked on my hot drink. lol

  7. the worse part is that they actually wanted to update the console versions but they wouldnt let valve put out free updates

  8. When you play on console and all of these things are true but you don't care because you're not a keyboard warrior

  9. i actually had a bit of a worry for the future of csgo when you said that "valve will still keep up with the pc version" cause i cant imagine csgo being played on anything besides a pc

  10. i want this so i can have extra competitive game-play with thrilling non existent communication and amazing ping all around

  11. Flip should remove the april fools title and put the april fools desc lower cause I dont think I can troll in grp chat

  12. I'm gonna get killed for this. But I wanted it to be real. Of course when he started talking I knew it was a big joke.

    I just have nostalgia for the xbox 360 version and endless bot matches

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