DAY6 Sings Bazzi, Sam Smith, and Kelly Clarkson in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

100 thoughts on “DAY6 Sings Bazzi, Sam Smith, and Kelly Clarkson in a Game of Song Association | ELLE

  1. When "sweet" comes
    Day6 mind: Sweet cha…ooooss
    Still day6 mind: its unrealesed yet, omg omg thinking out loud
    Times up damn

  2. Young K be like: i gotta make lyrics with "funny" next time!

    Or have they? Seriously I don't know. Day6 don't know their lyrics, how can I? 😂

  3. Give me my effing YOU, Pandora, Eyeless, I can, stopbeingcut, raindrops, coffee and better days so I can go off internet 😫😫😫😫

    Edit: so I read some comments and people are saying this might have been before the song was released so they couldn’t spoil..

  5. video: shows the word sweet
    mydays: screaming sweet chaos at their screens
    day6: “never heard of that song sorry”

    (it was recorded before sc iknow)

  6. We do love love Sungjin. Everyone loves Sungjin 💛
    This was recorder before they released Sweet Chaos, it's so funny because they could not sing that song 😂😂

  7. it were funny, hilarious when word SWEET appear…
    they couldn't said sweet chaos by day6 bcoz still in BOX OF Entropy….LOL

  8. Dance : Dance dance by DAY6
    Time : Time of our life by DAY6
    Beatiful : Beautiful feeling by DAY6
    Love : How to love by DAY6
    You : You by DAY6
    Bang : Shoot me by DAY6
    Sweet : Sweet chaos by DAY6
    Body : Nobody knows by DAY6
    Talk : Talking to by DAY6
    One : 365247 by DAY6
    Bye : Goodbye winter by DAY6

    That's 11/15

  9. They have same score with GOT7. When LOVE word is out, they have same answer. They are best brothership ever!

    Ps. 0:40 love when Dongwoon being so extra in here🤣 (that adlib tho)

  10. It looks like this video was recorded before Entropy was released so they can't mention the Sweet Chaos song when there is the name "Sweet" 😅

  11. 1:55 to 2:05 is day6 having a serious dilemma on whether or not to spoil "sweet chaos" hahahaha little did they know this video was gonna be uploaded wayyyy after they have released the song 🤣

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