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One of the other benefits of what we do is the speed with which these projects can be accomplished. There is no 4 week manufacturing cycle, there is no 4 week design cycle A number of times in our 22 year history we’ve had people come to us at the last conceivable moment asking for us to put together large offices I remember distinctly being called by a company telling us that they had sold their high rise office building and needed to move into three other buildings That’s a 300 person office that we were able to – Tear it down, load it out, and ship the product deliver and install it, within 30 days. There was another very dramatic and tragic incident an automotive factory in “small town” Kentucky tragically had an explosion. multiple people were killed, and the factory was destroyed. We were asked if we could help them set up the new factory and get hundreds of people back to work. And in less than ten days, we found the private offices, we found the work stations at an accounting firm in Atlanta, we had, in stock, here in the Mid-Atlantic region, the training rooms, the seating, the board room, we pulled together the project in less than four weeks, delivered it into Kentucky, and had these people in their new facility, up and running in a little less than 40 days. It’s my experience in the new furniture business that it often takes 40 days just to get the drawings done. Just to get the architectural, and the installation interior design drawings done, and we completed the entire project, and had
them up and flying in 40 days.

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