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OK.Hey V2MHD!Hey vivin.What you bought a new
laptop? Yes and it’s not just a laptop,It’s a Beast. This one beast?Size doesn’t matter vivin,Wait
do you people wanna know about my laptop? Maybe… OK… . Vanakkam YouTube. This is your V2MHD with the beast at all its
glory. The beast comes in two colors Black and silver
mine is a silver version of the beast. The dell 5558 is a laptop with the specs of
a beast workstation. This laptop is powered by a 5th gen Intel
core i7 quad core processor clocked at 2.4GHz and with a turbo boost up to 3GHz. The processor is coupled with a 16GB DDR3L
ram which is quite a bit of overkill but it is awesome for a laptop which is priced at
75000 INR i.e. 1120 USD. It has a 4GB Nvidia GeForce gtx 920m graphics
processor which gives this beast a nice essence of gaming. Coming up to the storage 5558 has a 2tb 5200rpm
hard drive which is one of the biggest downsides of this beast. The hard drive gives a writes speed of 96MB/s
and read speed of 98MB/s. Which is too low for a laptop with top notch
specs? With all this specs the laptop is good to
go with any task because it has huge resource to spare and is tough to fill it up with DATA. It has a 1080p display and a stereo speaker
powered by waves MaxxAudio processor with a power full Dual GPU Technology offers you
an immersive media and gaming experience. And the ports, It has 2*USB 2.0 and a 3mm
jack and a DVD Drive on the right and on the left 1 high speed USB 3.0 , a HDMI port , a
sd card slot, a Ethernet port, and a power port. And the keyboard and track pad of the beast
are particularly awesome. The keyboard is not clicky like a hard typewriter
one but is clicky enough for a withstanding a heavy work load and the track pad is one
of the best I’ve ever used it is so responsive smooth and has a lot of gestures like double
finger swipe to scroll and three fingers for multitasking etc.. This beast comes with windows 8.1 operating
system 64 bit architecture and I installed windows 10 os. And the battery department it has a very small
battery i.e. it gives a 4hr screen on time on moderate usage and just 1.5hrs with high
end applications like video rendering and gaming. Even though it is a beast it has some downsides. One, it has an old gen processor so you cannot
expect it to perform as the 6th gen i7 processor. Two, its 5200 rpm hard disk cannot offer a
high speed data transfer which reduces the performance factor of the laptop. Three a average battery and the forth one
is a VGA port, I especially miss it because my old monitor requires a VGA port but HDMI
is good to go for all the latest displays. The last but not least i.e. the 720p webcam
which is just 0.3 MP so technically it is 720p but actually it is not. The mic is a dual mic system so audio input
is very good in this laptop as far as the noise is less because it records the noise
very clearly. As a whole package it is a budget gaming laptop
with some drawbacks like low speed hard disk but as far as the resources and price is concerned
it is not just a laptop it is a beast. What do you think will this be your laptop
choice let me know in the comments section below and if you like this video give it a
thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t and I’ll talk to guys in next one. PEACE….

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  1. Bro. How much copy speed u get when u copy things within laptop only i.e avg speed while copying 2gb of data ?

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