Dell G7 Gaming Benchmarks – 16 Games Tested!

The Dell G7 is a fairly well priced gaming
laptop, but just how well does it perform in games? I’ve tested 16 different games
at all setting levels to find out. Just quickly before we dig into the benchmark
results I’ll cover off the main specs in the laptop. There’s an Intel i9-8950HK 6
core CPU, 16GB of DDR4 memory running at 2,666MHz in dual channel, an M.2 SATA SSD, and Nvidia
1060 Max-Q graphics, however it’s also available with an i5 or i7 CPU, or with 1050 or 1050Ti
graphics, so this is the top end model, expect lower results with different specs. Other than that I was running Windows 10 with
the latest Nvidia drivers, so let’s see how well it runs! Fortnite was running well at all setting levels,
even at epic settings I didn’t notice any issues, I was able to average above 60 FPS
and the 1% low wasn’t too far behind this. Overwatch was tested playing with the bots,
and again it was running very well, no issues at all even at epic settings with the 1% low
result above the refresh rate of the 60Hz display. PUBG was tested using the replay feature,
the 1% lows drop down a bit compared to the averages at all settings which seems to just
be typical of how the game runs, but it played very well for me at high settings or below. CS:GO was tested using the Ulletical benchmark,
and we’ve got pretty decent average frame rates and even the 1% lows aren’t too bad
for this test, they drop a lot from the smokes, nowhere near as bad in actual game play though. Rainbow Six Siege was tested with the built
in benchmark, and even maxed out the results here are quite nice, this game runs well on
basically anything and you shouldn’t have any issues with it on the G7. Far Cry 5 was also tested with the built in
benchmark, and again pretty nice results, averaging above 60 FPS at ultra settings with
the 1% low not that far behind. Assassin’s Creed Origins was another that
was tested with the built in benchmark, and again fairly decent results for this test. Dota 2 was tested using a fairly intensive
replay, so this should be a worst case scenario, realistically you’ll probably get better
results than this while actually playing, and we’re seeing decent results here. Testing Battlefield 1 in the first campaign
mission ran well for me even with ultra settings, the 1% lows drop a bit but I didn’t really
notice any drops, they’re still quite high. Rise of the tomb raider was tested with the
built in benchmark, and again no issues at all, over 60 FPS averages even at max settings. Ghost Recon was also tested with the built
in benchmark and is a more demanding game, it doesn’t score too well at ultra settings
but it’s going quite well at any other setting level. Watchdogs 2 is also on the more demanding
side, but I don’t think it needs a high frame rate to enjoy, I found it to run really
smoothly at very high settings or below. The Witcher 3 was also going alright and doesn’t
really need a super high frame rate either, it wasn’t too bad at ultra but we can improve
the average frame rate a fair bit with lower settings, although the 1% lows don’t really
budge. DOOM was tested using Vulkan, and the average
frame rates were quite high even at ultra settings, no noticeable issues at all while
playing. Shadow of War was tested with the built in
benchmark, and the results here seem pretty decent compared to other laptops I’ve tested. Ashes of the Singularity was also tested with
the built in benchmark as more of a CPU heavy game, and the results are just a little ahead
of the Dell G5 I tested with the 8750H CPU and same graphics, but don’t worry I’ll
compare this further in a future G5 vs G7 video. I’ve said for a long time that the Nvidia
1060 is a great option for 60 FPS gaming with good settings in modern games, and based on
my own testing the Max-Q variant that we’ve got here is only about 10% slower than the
regular 1060, so we’re still able to get some pretty nice results in games, but again
keep in mind the 1060 Max-Q is available in the higher end G7 laptops, expect lower results
with the 1050 or 1050Ti. I haven’t yet tested undervolting or manual
overclocking of the i9 CPU or graphics, as this will vary between laptops based on the
hardware, but I’ll cover those in the full review video along with detailed temperature
testing, this is just how the laptop performs out of the box in games, which is probably
how most people will end up using it. So how do you guys think the Dell G7 gaming
laptop did in these games? As the top end model in the G7 series it’s doing pretty
well, no problems at all running these games even with decent settings. Let me know what you guys thought down in
the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe for the full review of the Dell G7 gaming
laptop as well as future tech videos like this one.

100 thoughts on “Dell G7 Gaming Benchmarks – 16 Games Tested!

  1. I have a question about the 4k laptop video you made. You said they didn't make enough of a difference to warrant the performance drop in games but what if you wanted to edit 4k video from a camera wouldn't it be necessary to have an UHD display to edit it?

  2. I was wanting a video on the performance of this laptop, since I had watched your previous 1060 v. 1060 Max-Q one, and well, my prayer has been answered. This just confirms the fact that the Max-Q version is actually a better value proposition than the full one, since it is a ~10% difference, and also since it is a newer version with less heat, it should theoretically last longer than one with the full 1060 in it.

    The one you tested is the highest specced version they offer, but I am looking at the one with the i7-8750H. I think it would be a nice upgrade from the ASUS G751JL with an i7-4720HQ and GTX 965M I am currently using to reply to this now. 🙂

  3. Great video … covered all the performance points … what will be performance on i7 with 1060 ?looking forward for full review of this laptop … Can you do it fast ??? Cuz I'm gonna buy this laptop for my daily use

  4. Hmm yet another option.. The reason I haven't looked at 15" lappies is because I am concerned about scaling at 1920×1080 on a 15.6" screen. With my 15" macbook and the 2880×1800 res, it basically looks like 1440×900. All Apps just automatically work perfectly and those that have ultra HD graphics will look super sharp even though the "usable" screen realestate is 1440×900. Some (older) apps look a little fuzzy but the thing is that everything is always scaled correctly. I have never used windows 10 and the last time I used win 7 was with two 2560×1440 27" screens, so of course, everything was automatically scaled perfectly. I just have to say thanks again Jarrod in advance, I feel like I should donate some cash to you as you always answer and are my favourite australian tech channel here (do you have a patreon?). I feel a bit bad cause i only joined YT properly a week back (was just a non joined viewer before that) and i've already asked you so many questions! So please forgive me in advance for that.. Anyway, the questions, if that's ok:

    1) Can i put 32gb of ram in the G7, i presume two 16gb 2667 ddr4 sodimms will work? Dell don't offer it unfortunately in the config tool.

    2)Is it worth getting the top model with the i9 or does it throttle all the time like macbooks and the xps? Does it at least manage to always stay above base clock of 2.9ghz? The macbook and XPS do not always maintain even base clock. (and yes that's after apple's thermal "fix" patch).

    3)Is noise reasonable when only stressing one component, say, just the cpu but not the gpu? I am thinking here of when I am composing music.. Real cpu usage (as a music application can only make certain use of processors, so even when the music app shows 80% usage, real usage might only be around 40% of each core).. Let's say, what's the noise like when not stressing gpu at ALL, but using up to 50% maximum real cpu of each core.. ??

    4) There is sata SSD standard which is too slow for me..even if it had NVME i would change it as 128 is too tiny to even get all my apps on.. does it support NVME? I have a brand new 760P 512gb here, as well as a 1TB crucial MX500 which i got on sale and am just waiting for the right laptop to put them in. My plan is to basically get the laptop with minimum storage option and put in the 760P pcie ssd as OS drive, and the 1TB SSD to replace whatever mechanical HD they might have in there.. Is this a straightforward process?

    5) My idea is to use it as a laptop when I am not home, but to have it plugged into a vertical stand going to an external screen when doing my music compositions so i presume it supports video out of 2560×1440 on a 27" monitor?

    Anyway I think I will wait for a sale as that model as is in your video, is currently $2800 AUD and with only 16Gb of ram, but it has that juicy processor.. and really, a 1060 is fine for light video editing and HD gaming….The key is whether the processor is running at decent clocks…and if i can put 32Gb ram.. so it would be like $450 for the ram (shame dell doesn't give one 16gb stick as an OPTION, therefore i would have been able to buy one stick) and the 500 i spent for the two SSD's, so it would be more like $3800… so then it becomes a question, would a metabox 17" be a better buy as the price isn't far off with a 1070, however to get close in price i can't have the 8950HK in the metabox, only the 8750.. Hence why I ask if the dell G7 can actually make use of the 8950HK.. As shown in multiple videos, XPS 8950HK suffers from the same throttling as macbook pro 15 and is basically a waste of money as the 8750H performs the same.

  5. I wanted this laptop so bad…but it costs Rs.125000 in India… Which is close to 1700 to 1800$ …now tell me ….is it worth it…😕

  6. I feel like 1060 laptops are going to last some years ahead. A lot of people say 1070 but i think that thermals, battery life and frame rate is better on 1060.

    Awesome laptop and awesome reviewer 😁

  7. there are some games that take benefit of the extra cores ? like btf1 or witcher 3 are you sure about the result of the BENCH ???

  8. 1- Odd match between the CPU and GPU, max-q is a gimmicky thing for girly thin and light 1600$+ laptops and not meant for this one so the i9-8950HK is overkill here.
    2- The G7 is not thin , maybe a little light due to the plastic body and chassis so weight has nothing to do with the cooling setup (why the max-q !)
    3- companies just keep raising the bar when it comes to games requirements, the 1060 already started getting old and insufficient, yet it's not cheap but considered as a budget entry level gaming GPU!!(1050/TI is a joke so cut it)
    4-something is not right in laptops these days, something is missing, i don't like that the cooling temperatures are the same for the last 5 years and no real development in that section.
    Conclusion: we're being robbed both ways.
    Disclaimer: my opinion may not be the absolute fact of the universe and it's mine only so chill 🙂

  9. Is this worth the upgrade compared to g5? It's about 200-300 dollars difference. For me, if you're in a budget, it's almost the same as g5 but with slightly higher specs and better build.

  10. That's weird I tried a guy but mine was an i7 8750h hmm the GPU ran very well I remember and u can overclock to the real grx 1060 speeds

  11. will you do a video on the Dell G3? Quite interested on the temps of the i5 8300H + 1050 combo, specially when undervolted

  12. Jarrod, don't forget, Fortnite also has a replay feature too. Use it if you want to beanchmark the correct FPS with no issues.

  13. ASK HELP G7 USER!!!
    My G7 is stutter/lag on normal use (not plugged ) and the fan always on and loud enough when i play game (plugged) is it normal?

  14. hey good and informative video!
    Would you be able to test out the ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX501GI ?
    greetings from germany

  15. Jarrod can you recommend me which should i get? Asus ROG G752VS with I7 7700H with 1070 8gb and 4k 75hz or Predator Helios 300 with I7 8750H with 1060 6gb and 1080p 144hz? please help me jarrod 🙁

  16. I use the Dell g7 but with the i7 8750h processor and I have to say, comparing the performance here to my laptop in gaming was fairly similar. Maybe a 5-7fps difference. At most 10. If you are interested in the Dell g7, I suggest the i7 variant. It's your choice at the end of the day. Have a good day 🙂

  17. Hello Jarrod i have a question ?
    Do you recommend buying the Msi gf72 8re, for 1.2k, and is it good for work and gaming too.

  18. Is it possible to do some videos showing the difference when gaming with 8gb of ram or the 16gb variant you have? I have the G7 with the i7 and 8gb of ram so far it's been performing well over my expectations considering this my first intel laptop with high-end specs and discrete GPU. I been debating if should go back for the 16gb ram model but only if it's worthwhile. I don't do any heaving video editing or software that would benefit from it. Just curious if it would improve the games at all.

  19. It says that six siege needs 8gb of ram to run for a computer (6gb of ram and 1 vram and something else) but the dell G7 I am getting has 6 gn which means it can’t support the vram which means it will not be able to recover from crashes… what model is urs and how does it run so well on r6

  20. This is a really good review because I'm thinking of getting myself one of these or the G3 for college and gaming probably the next week or maybe in the next few months, because I'm using an older laptop just for college (and it's not even mine, and it breaks down constantly).

    And I want to start getting into the world of PC gaming

  21. I am planning to buy Dell G7 7588 with core i7 8750H and 1060 for Battlefield 5

    Can i run BF5 with this setup in 64 people Multiplayer with medium setting 60fps and above?

  22. As someone who is just now getting into PC gaming, I'm not sure about all these specs and stuff, but the main games I play right now are Final Fantasy XIV Online and Elder Scrolls Online, both on my PS4 Pro. I'm sure this is a stupid question, but would this be a good laptop that could handle running these games at max settings? Thanks in advance! ^^/ Oh yeah, one other thing. If I wanted to hook it up to my 70" 4K TV with the HDMI, could it handle that as well?

  23. Hey Jadon, help me make my final decision Dell G7 Or Acer Predator Helios 300? Which one is better at gaming and running 3D Animation softwares? Thanks btw.

  24. Nvidia RTX Series is about to launch this October, shall i wait or buy Dell G7 with i7 processer? Damn it's really confusing. 😭 .

    BTW : Nvidia GTX 1050Ti Vs 1060 Max Q Design?

  25. Man, i need some help. I bought this laptop but i cant even run Dark Souls III on 30 FPS, i don't know what is going on.

  26. Hi Jarod, nice video, I planned to buy g7 with 1050ti and 8gb ram, but I have a question, does the laptop become very hot if it used for gaming? Is that normal? I heard some people said that but I still have a doubt, really hope you can answer my question so I can buy it faster, thank you!

  27. Hi so I’m getting the 1050ti version of this laptop this Christmas. 2 main things I want to do with it is replacing the cheap screen with a 60hz IPS screen panel (120hz preferred but 60 is good too) and I also want to upgrade the battery from 5 hours of web browsing to around 8, any suggestions?

  28. Dell G7 17 7790 i7-8750HQ (17") vs Lenovo LEGION Y740 i7-8750HQ (17") can u please do the comparison which is the best 2019in these two?

  29. Jarrod, if I'm not playing intensive games like these but rather games like the sims 4 and tower unite is it better to get a 17.3" with a 1050 ti or should I still go with a 15.6" 1060 max q

  30. Hi Jarrod.
    Thanks for the great reviews, bro! I was just wondering if you were planning on reviewing the new RTX version of this G7? I'm really interested in it for the price, and also the new larger battery too.

  31. What about games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV? I am sorry I am not too great at laptop specs! 😅

  32. I bought this laptop and am happy with it. Except I can't run minecraft shaders or texture packs which is wired because rust runs at 100 fps plus soooo

  33. I switched from console two months ago and I bought this laptop but honestly I like console more so now I’m selling it if anyone is interested I have everything it came with including the receipt I’ll sell it for a decent price for for serious buyers

  34. What does it mean by Low 1% and Average, As Well Are The Frames Tested While Plugged To The Charger Or Not?

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