Dell G7 Gaming Laptop

– We have our new G7 products. You know a lot of this is
really about scaling the screen. So, having more screen real estate. Both of these products will
have 144 hertz panel options. Both of them will have
RGB keyboard options. The 17-inch will most likely
assort with the larger battery. So, we’ll actually have
two sizes of batteries. We’ll have a 60 watt
hour and a 90 watt hour, and the 90 watt hour is going to get you anywhere from 13 to 15
hours of battery life. – And then the G7 comes in
the 15 and the 17-inch both so you can- – Yeah, so, this is a G7 15. This is our thinnest G-series to date. So, the way that we achieved the thinness, is this is an all metal construction. All the other products we
just talked about are plastic. So, basically, this takes
about three to four millimeters out of our Z-stack and gets
us this very thin profile. Now, from a performance perspective, it will operate exactly the
same as the other products. – Which is pretty impressive. The other thing that, this screen, this is an OLED screen, right? – This is an OLED screen. So, this is big news for us today. – That’s a big upgrade. – It’s a huge upgrade. – You got to pace yourself, man. (laughing) – Tremendous response time,
tremendous color gamut, tremendous contrast ratio,
everything you would expect with an OLED panel on a
15-inch gaming platform. – Which, clearly you guys are serious about continuing to sell a lot of these. – Absolutely, yeah. – Nice work, Mark. (electronic ringing)

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