Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Gaming Laptop | GTX 960M (i7559-763BLK) | 6 Month Update

What is up guys? Fated here and welcome
back to the channel for another video. Today we have a quick update for you on
the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series gaming laptop I already have a review of this
laptop up on the channel so go ahead and please go check that out right now before
watching this video I just wanna give those of you who are still thinking
about getting this laptop and update on some of the things that I’ve noticed
after using this PC for a solid six months and four of those months being my daily driver I’m not going to be going into the design of this thing or
anything like that all of that is in review video but sometimes you just
don’t catch everything in the first week or so of use this is going to be a slight
negatively slanted video because I’m only really nitpicking the things that
bothered me so it’s still a great laptop but we really need to figure out if it’s
right for you so let’s get right into it ok so number one the touchpad the
touchpad is garbage I thought I could handle it and there are times when it works but
nothing seems to make it any better it’s always registering left clicks as
right clicks and randomly zooming in on a webpage it seems like no matter what
drivers you use you cannot get around this it really cripples the ability to
use his laptop without a mouse now this one isn’t too bad but I did mention in
the review about the backlight being bad but overall the keyboard is pretty cheap
and I almost suggest getting another keyboard when gaming because the keys
don’t do enough to guide you home to your WASD keys and this can be quite
frustrating now for sound the speakers are pretty garbage even after a driver
update using any enhancements causes popping and crackling in the audio so you
pretty much have to use the stock settings which is terrible and I think
I’m going to even remove the subwoofer and place my own inside of it because it
sounds really tinny and one sided so I suggest a good set of headphones or a
good headset now the screen is nice but the color accuracy is way off and it is
lacking in the brightness category as mentioned in the review but I have
noticed the need to turn up the brightness settings in certain games I’m
merely mentioning this because many have been looking at this for a photography PC
and let’s just go ahead and get another monitor if you’re thinking about getting
this PC you’re probably gonna need another monitor for any kind of
professional work with color adaptation now battery life I can hardly get three
hours out of mine anymore and barely an hour when gaming this is frustrating
when you can’t simply take a backup battery and slap in a charged one and
then throw the other one on the charger while you’re playing with that one this has a detrimental affect on its
portability being that you always need to carry around that adapter you pretty
much need a laptop bag with a mouse a spare keyboard a headset and even your AC adapter this is a lot to carry around so if affordability is your main thing you may
need to rethink this now the webcam is standard nothing going on here but the
mic tends to get a bit of feedback it’s almost impossible for me to Skype chat
without someone hearing themselves unless of course I turn them way down
and this may be a problem for many of you that want to do a meeting or a
GoToMeeting or any kind of conference call using your laptop without a mic or
headset there have been considerable updates to this PC but still from time
to time the wifi adapter just doesn’t want to work anymore every now and again I have to restart it in
order to gain that connection back again but this is quite rare and it’s nothing
like when it was first released lastly temps during the review I had really low
temperatures and they stayed well within reason but I have noticed that after
about 30 minutes of gameplay now the GPU and CPU tend to get quite hot and I do
see some throttling on some cases this is hard to reproduce and it happens
occasionally I’m not sure if it’s some background task that might be causing
this issue but it does get considerably high and it made throttle on you as well
I think this may have something to do with the thermal paste that they chose
to use which is likely going to be really cheap so now that we dredge
through all that I still have to say this laptop has kept up with all the
latest games and I have been able to play just about everything out there and on decent settings as well of course it can’t handle my htc vive but that is
to be expected I have been really impressed with it’s ability to play my
entire library driver updates are pretty steady in with every release games tend
to get a little bit better now I know NextGen GPUs are right around but I’m sure we will see the desktop
releases and then the mobile versions will follow soon after so there still is
some time for this laptop to really shine so overall I’m very happy with
this PC and I am in no way being paid by Dell to say this or anything else this is
all straight from my true feelings I still strongly recommend this laptop because
of its low cost and its high-value but I felt that it was necessary to let
everyone know my feelings after using it for quite some time in many ways you get
what you pay for and you certainly get a quality gaming laptop but without the
bells and whistles of a more expensive model some sacrifices have to be made
but it’s still worth every penny so that’s all I have for you guys if you
have any more questions about the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series please let me
know in the comments below I will try to provide you with as much information as
possible and as always thank you guys SO much for watching and you guys have a
good one

100 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron 15 7559 Gaming Laptop | GTX 960M (i7559-763BLK) | 6 Month Update

  1. If you bought this laptop for gaming then you wont notice any other issue specially if you are upgrading from a normal laptop to a gaming laptop and this is your first gaming laptop to use cause all the issues of this laptop are on normal laptops and they aren't notable if you aren't a professional like the guys who have many gaming laptops and they compare their laptops with each other , so i guess if you are a gamer who just cares about performance then this is the right laptop to go with specially that all the reviews about this laptop pointed to that this laptop is bad in alot of things but when it comes to gaming that is the only advantage you get .

  2. what do you mean by next gen GPUs? Nvidias pascal architecture GPUs,don't you think they'll cost more….I'm just asking cause I'm confused that should I buy this laptop or just wait for some time….??

  3. I wish there was a video on YouTube showing how to change the keyboard out for this model. I wish my palm rests still looked as good as the ones in this video. I'm always having to wipe fingerprints off mine as I know others have to do too.

  4. Hey, thanks for the update. How about the weight? Is it heavy? Is it suitable for college students to carry it around all day?

  5. I bought this Dell with i7 and I wondered if upgrading above 16 gigs of ram makes any difference. it's 8 gigs now but I want at least 16 if not more. can it utilise it?

  6. Thanks a lot man really informative with the reviews, I'll definitely still be getting it but your right not a traveling souls laptop for sure..

  7. Could you do an updated review of the Lenovo? I've been debating between the two and can't find any "6-month" reviews for the Lenovo

  8. I just received this model brand new from Dell Canada a few weeks ago with a 4k touch screen and SSD. However, whenever audio is played, there's a faint high pitched buzzing from the speakers. Does anyone also have the issue? Does anyone have a fix?

  9. got the i7 version from dell outlet for 575$. will be swapping out the hdd/ram/wifi with 350GB SSD/2x8GB sticks/intel 7260 ac as soon as it arrives. Can anyone comment about audio quality? Not a lot of reviews touch on how well or how shitty the speakers are. I don't expect miracles from a small subwoofer but is there at least bass?

  10. I've owned this laptop for nearly a year, and I am so so so so so happy with it! All the points he says are true. But with a great headset the sound quality is amazing, and the portability can be a bit of a pain for gaming. However if you place it into power save mode and lower the power settings then use it for work type of activities the battery should last you 3 to 5 hours. It has for me. Gaming unplugged does not last very long

  11. Kind of wondering if I should wait, Kaby Lake and Pascal Mobile are already out and there's a good chance we'll see an updated version of this, hopefully with a new design as well, in the near future, probably even next month.

  12. I just got this laptop and haven't had any issues with the touch pad or the wifi. I believe they have fixed those problems. The sound still sucks with lots of rattles and vibrations. Temp is great but we will see in a few months. Great machine for the price.

  13. i can get a solid 5 hours of movies in this laptop. Also the touchpad never had any of the issues you said. That being said, the audio it's a problem in some surfaces. On the desk souds pretty good. I think it's your laptop not everyone.

  14. I've had this laptop for a while now and I disagree with pretty much every negative point made here, except for the speakers (they're loud but not great quality) and the screen colours (not great but not very noticeable unless you're a photographer). Portability isn't a problem as the battery is very good.

    My recommendation is to by the laptop with an M.2 SSD and an extra 8Gb RAM stick and it's great.

  15. Well it is a gaming laptop so they expect you to use a headset and a mouse and i only move my current laptop from my desk when i want to watch netflix and have it charging all the time while on my desk so none of these problems will really effect me

  16. Hi Fated. thank you for your videos. I have a laptop exactly like yours except mine is an i7 with 16GB RAM and it isn't a solid state just yet. I have mine for about 6 months and when I am gaming, many times I have A LOT of video stuttering but it is extremely bad! I also just bought battlefield 4 and I cannot play it on ULTRA graphics it is just too slow. I was just wondering if you or anyone else was having the same issue. I would really appreciate it if you would reply. Thank you.

  17. wait you are wright about the speaker and keyboard and trackpad but the battery is something else if you find this laptop heavy its the battery its huge i have it its owesome its pretty good

  18. i see these games he is playing and wonder why my laptop says it can't play them on requirements lab I have the same exact laptop any one know why? I am confused

  19. I thought crawling in pic audio was due to latency issues with drivers. I have two dell laptops, this one right here and an older xps from 2010 when I downloaded windows 10 on the xps. The audio would crackle like crazy, but it was because one of the drivers was taking a lot of cycles from the cpu

  20. The wifi adapter issues are completely thanks to windows 10, switch to windows 8.1 to fix it. Broke 3 of my laptops after the win 10 update 1, so switched them all back to windows 8.1, no issues at all.

  21. SOLVING HEATING PROBLEMS : Clean your dust! A dell laptop typically has 2 vents on the back, and after a while a wall of dust will build up on the inside that you can't see. Clean it, and temps will change!

  22. hey guys,
    im getting into video editing, after effects n stuff. do you think it would run smoothly on this laptop?
    im using a macbook pro mid 2012 now and its just awful. how would this laptops performance compare to the one i have now?

    the negative points you listed here wouldnt affect me cuz id just use it at home, with headphones, for after effects and other adobe stuff…

  23. Huh, I've had this laptop for 6 months and I'm still getting a solid 6 hours out of the battery for normal use. Maybe I just got lucky I dunno.

  24. How do you manage to keep your laptop this clean? i have mine from past 10 months and the matt surface is very annoying! please provide some tips.

  25. FatedCb i have some questions 1 is the gameplay from your video from the laptop? 2 if it is how old is the gameplay plz plz respond

  26. Ordered one. Turned it on. Turned it off and requested a return. The light bleed was atrocious, and I couldn't stand the matte screen. Reminded me of a laptop screen from the 90s or early aughts. Also hated the touch pad.

  27. TO ALL OF YOU HATERS, He said he is nitpicking things that bither him he even says that its a great laptop and he recommends it alot. So calm the ham

  28. Dont really agree with your review but you certainly came out as pro 7559, still some weird people think you just shitted on it with no basis, almost like they didnt fully watch the video

  29. i just got this laptop. For me everything is fine except the sound crackle/pop. Googled the problem, did everything I could find and still had the same problem. I finally solved it by turning off MaxxExciter in Dell Audio.

  30. For throttle issue turn off the speed-step technology from the BIOS. Its a great laptop I've been using it for a month.

  31. Hi there, wondering how you ended up going with the battery life? Did it ever end up getting any better? On paper it looks like it should have 6-7 hours (Dell claims 10) with just basic tasks like word processing/web surfing etc… I'm looking to get this laptop for study/work, but need to be able to go for the 6-7 hours without a charger…

  32. Need a laptop for video editing but heard the Inspiron 7567's screen is terrible, anybody know the comparison between the 7567 and 7559?

  33. Touchpad is complete POS. Really wish I would have found this video before I bought it. The pointer continues to move after you stop your finger. It's like the touchpad is drunk, and makes it hard to click on simple things like x's to close windows, or highlighting text.

  34. i dont know why ppl are so critical about the laptop having some cheap parts on it… it is a budget laptop. You cant have all the premium parts on the laptop and only pay $800 for it. We tend to compare it to the higher end gaming laptops too much

  35. The i7559 isn't perfect but this is just flat out BS. I've seen none of these issues period. The sound (just one example) is INCREDIBLE vs 5 other gaming laptops I tried in 2016. WTF

  36. I just want it to record my gameplays with my elgato hd 60s on 1080 p 60 fps will it lag ? when I record on this laptop

  37. Guys the wifi connecting and disconnecting has nothing to do with this PC! its Windows 10… happened to my Lenovo Thinkpad right after I updated to windows 10

  38. Just wanted to thank you for your reviews of the 7559. I'm too indecisive when it comes to my more expensive purchases, and you really helped me make an informed decision when buying this. I've loved it over these last 6 months or so.

  39. I've heard about this been a fake 4K screen since the technology it uses
    is Pentile RGBW technology that downscales 4K to 75% of its real
    resolution, plus there are some tests that shows some fonts blurry. Does
    anyone who uses this laptop has noticed this issues regarding
    resolution, blurryness of text or color?

  40. great review.. i have a question. after playing for 30 mins my the keyboard area of this laptop heats not warm but heats like it heat below of the laptop.. is this normal pls help

  41. hey man. I was planning on buying this laptop refurbished from dell outlet. i7 model 16gb.I am a student and hope to use it for eplan autocad in college.Do you know if it will be able for it. Also I was thinking of getting one with an ips screen. would that be helpful for autocad instead of standard fhd screen. Thanks

  42. Would you guys still recommend this laptop? I'm not sure which one to buy. It's between the i7 version of this laptop or a gtx 1050 2gb gddr5 and i5 7300hq?

  43. now this guy is a bit stupid here are the reasons why
    1.the sound isn't bad at all and even if you think it is you will probably have a headseat to use
    2.the keyboard is really nice the WASD keys are perfect
    3.the track pad is fine with multi touch and more features and if you want a gaming laptop your obviosly gonna have a mouse for it
    4.over time your system will start to heat up because dust will start to build up but a little clean will fix that right up
    5.they have upgraded the screen so you should be fine
    like if you think im right

  44. great vid buying this laptop this weekend would a decent cooling tray allow me to game for few hours at a time? also i want to plug in exp gdc v8,0 beast egpu into mini pcie slot so can eventually hook a 6gb gtx 1060 desktop gpu to it. do you think cpu will handle big gpu with no bottlenecking problems?

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