Dell Latitude 9510 [5G LAPTOP]

hey guys so here is 2020 in which a lot of smatphones have been released but not with 5g but in CES 2020 dell has launched its latitude 9510a laptop that has 5g this laptop is mainly targeting the corporate users, those who don’t have requirements like Gaming or high end graphics hardware work like people who mainly have their office work, those who need to give presentation, and other stuffs like there are a lot where the grahpics is not needed that high as this laptop doesn’t have any graphics card, but this laptop has a 5G connectivity, which is need of the hour for some people, and this is a big thing as there are soo many smartphones which still don’t have 5g in them so this is a big advantage here it gets the support of E-sim of 5g, so that might be helpful for people, apart from that dell has included some personalised A.I based machine learning softwares here , with the help of which the laptop boots the performance and the optimization and battery backup as per the user habit, and the the type of work is done, so the laptop is quite slim and the display is majorly bezeless here so something like 2020, they have given all the things according to 2020 like the processor will be of intel 10th gen, so there is nothing like something outdated . so be it hardware or be it software, infact the design is so slim that people were confuse that how they manage to embed the 5g modem in this they have used here qualcom’s x55 which is a 5g modem , which makes this laptop interesting, this will come in two variants, one in which there is also a webcam which can be turned or off physically too, with the help of a button, this will for sure will have a ssd in it and the ram will have different variants like 8gb , 16gb or 32gb , and so there will be variants in storage, the webcam one variant is a 2 in 1 thing , it can be turned around 360 degrees and can be used as a touchscreen, so if you are into art and creativity so it can be a good thing also can be used as a notepad if you have a touch pen the other version can only be turned to 180 degrees, that too have touchscreen i guess and for normal corporate work i guess that will be sufficient another big thing here is you people get 30 hours of backup from battery and the A.I machine learning feature learns that what when and how you use things and then it optimizes the system to give you the best battery life, for max backup and not only that this also optimizes the system and cache memory for better performance, so if the battery is below 40 or 30 % it will stop the power going into things which are of no use at that time, which will improve the battery backup, and now this further can only be experienced after they will launch it and someone test these things out this laptop looks more like the xps version from dell but its different series here, the laptop seems good but still there is nothing about the price is announced by the laptop but there are rumours that its priced at 1700-1800$ if that is soo it will be a way more costlier in INR and in that price point there are a way more options so lets see what kind of package will they provide here , so what you guys think about please do comment about it, so for those who doesn’t need a graphics card in their laptop and there are soo many things where the graphics is not required that much, but the thing is people are ready to buy this laptop at this price point , so that’s it for the video guys , PLEASE DO LIKE THE VIDEO, SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH PEOPLE, SUSBCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL AND PLEASE DO TURN ON THE NOTIFICATIONS FOR NEW VIDEOS, THANKS FOR WATCHING

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