Dell XPS 13 Review: Better Than a MacBook?

100 thoughts on “Dell XPS 13 Review: Better Than a MacBook?

  1. You should have already WIPED that SHITTY WinCrap SPY-WARE from the drive and loaded LINUX-LITE!!
    LINUX-LITE is SOLID – SIMPLE and SECURE. Touch screens are also SHIT!! I HATE the smudging and
    skin oils all over my screen.
    GOOGLE SUCKS!!! Everytime they update their crap, they get a little WORSE.
    I recommend the DELL Inspiron 5000 i7 for everyday use.

  2. LOL, Touchpad Scrolling Syndrome has plagued windows since day 1. Apparently Microsoft doesn't give a damn about scrolling. Any touchpad should offer buttery smooth scrolling. OMG, if you want smooth scrolling you gotta jump through hoops or cough up $1500 for a fancy laptop. LOL

  3. Here is how you Enable Smooth Scrolling Feature in Google Chrome:

  4. the touchpad issue is still not resolved, and I've tried almost everything. Other than this, it's a great laptop. I've had it for a year now, and it performs really well. No freezing, and it's fast and powerful. I have the 799 version
    Great Review btw.

  5. Great video…I now think even more so Macs are too overpriced..I'm hunting down a Mini Mac right now as I have never had the Apple experience. Is there any Dell mini computer or any windows PC like the Mini Mac to use alongside a laptop for extra screens for trading the stock markets?

  6. I'm am looking for a new laptop. The information was superb. "productivity, always on the go. Need a strong, solid machine, get things done quickly". Great video.

  7. My 2011 BMp is showing it's age and I've been debating between a Macbook and the Dell. Really great and helpful video as I am in the exact same position.

  8. I'm jelly. That's a laptop with some nice muscle. I had to get a weak and overpriced mac to be able to develop apps for iOS…


  10. Like for Macbook
    Dislike for Dell XPS 13

    I'm personally going with the Macbook because of its sleek design and simple yet powerful OS.

  11. Hi Andy, I'm a postgrad student and I want to buy new laptop. I already own iPhone 6s, iPad Air. I'm confused between XPS13 base version and MacBook Pro without touch bar version ? I do plenty of web browsing, video playback, and listen to music, make presentations and write essays. Which one should I go for.?

  12. Great video! Nice production. It's cool when someone clearly knows lots of cool editing effects and techniques but doesn't beat the viewer over the head with them. Oh, and this beautiful machine ships with Ubuntu if you're into that sorta thing. (Which I am.) Thank you!

  13. I'm tired of these stupid Apple haters. Comparing to this Dell, MB Pro is acutally cheaper in Europe.

    And what's the point of using worse Dell machine with shitty Windows 10 pseudo OS, which does not even handle 4K displays properly and costs more.

  14. somehting is wrong with the dell about the touch pad, i have a asus laptop and the trackpad is so smooth and works very well on google chrome, maybe they did like an update and solved the issue but for me it's working very well

  15. This laptop sucks! It runs windows 10 which is not great as Linux or mac os, speakers are downwards sounds not great and sometimes screen itself is flickering no fix. Its not better anymore! I think MacBook is better than this even MacBook pro 2016 is better. Stupid dell laptop since 2016.

  16. Great video I'm stuck between this and the Mac Book Air. I do already have an iPhone and am use to the Apple Eco system. But I believe I get more bang for my buck with the XPS

  17. COMMENT FROM THE FUTURE: Would you recommend this (with Kaby Lake processors) over a 2016 MBP 13"? I have been using OSX for a few years but am not overly invested in the mac ecosystem, as I am just looking for an ultra book that will last me through college. I love the build and ability to run OSX (and double boot windows) of the MBP but I am not a fan of the "apple tax." Thanks.

  18. Ok your video put me over the edge. I'm buying a dell.
    i have a gaming pc. It's old, but its amazing for the games I play. i play csgo at 1024×768 bb. It doesn't take much to please me in the spec world for gaming pcs.
    the question I have for everyone here is this. will this be good if I wanted to dual boot windows and mac os? I'm thinking about experimenting in that aspect.
    follow up question. will the MacBook pro be good at dual booting windows? it's either MacBook pro or xps 13 for me.

  19. hold your horses, i heard from dell that there is a brand spanky new dell xps 13 coming up late this year. it will blow all xps that came before it. new and improve. oh well, my lips are sealed.

  20. Your review was quite helpful. I recently started a new job and this laptop was assigned to me. Your comments about the trackpad being a current issue with Chrome was a good head's up since that is my favorite browser.

  21. Hello do you recommend this laptop. I will use it to search the internet, play simulation games, casual games but not data-heavy games. I would also use it for office programs and to watch youtube videos.

  22. for the scroll, chrome is not so optimized, to the other this will sound as a blasphemy but try to use Edge, it's pretty buttery

  23. It's funny because I was considering this machine and today I stopped at best buy just to check it out. Same thing I am a Mac person but looking for a lightweight powerhouse to carry around. I been seeing a lot of good reviews on pretty much everything even boot time. So there I stood checking this machine out and it was pretty nice as I was casually zipping through the Windows software checking it out and the pen and all, was just fine. I hit restart to see the boot time and and  and and it CRASHED. It did recover its self after ten minutes as I was checking out the machine right next to it but not being on a Windows machine for over seven years and considering adding one to my lifestyle but I don't know it's a toss up.

  24. what in the world is so special about retina display..only the ones who really know the hardware side of knowledge know that apple have overpriced the mac's also because of the stupid over sell ads of the retina…its just an ips display with twice the pixels …come on stop making it sound like a alien technology …even a cheap smartphone have an ips display nowadays i've got a bunch of em ….the present day is all about oled displays …better contrast …better balance ..even apple realized that and implemented it in iphone xssssssspensive……and by the way even the new mac book pro sucks…what on earth is wrong with apple…someone needs to bring back steve from the afterlife..

  25. And once again: be careful, when you buy the Dell XPS 13 – i7. It does not run fast on Battery. Video can be found in my profile.

  26. Checked out the XPS at Costco, sorry this is not a Mac killer. The design is like comparing a muscle car(dell) to a Porsche(Mac). The aesthetics and ergonomics on a Dell are not even close to a Mac.

  27. Dell customer service (Indian customer service) kept on telling us lies about repairing the laptop and this video shows us even after paying $400 for the motherboard and multiple repairs not only it didn't get fixed. They only connect you to the India's calling center and those people don't give a shit about it. They didn't take responsibility over anything. Do not buy this laptop, don't waste your money and time on Dell. They need to have a fucking US representative to take care of such issues. All they didn't even offer to replace it with another shitty Dell computer . Long story short if you have already got this computer go return it if you can! I suggest you guys to watch this and not to buy any computer from fucking Dell. They don't deserve the support!!! Even to this day I am not sure if the motherboard was the issue since this has been going on since September and it has cost me time, money, and to miss grads during my final exam.
    Keep away from Dell because of terrible Indian's customer service, rude technicians, ignorant and insensitive people. All their models are like that and at the end of the day if you end up with issues it will be directed to someone sitting in India picking up the phone from their kitchen and so many people talking in the same room. I couldn't even hear what the fucking manager was saying because of all the noises.
    Keep away & don't buy Dell!!!

  28. Dell Mobile Connect is an app from dell/microsoft where you can control your mobile phone from Dell XPS – i believe you can send text messages there, because you see your own phone screen at your laptop.

  29. I have a Dell high spec computer cost me £1599.00 earlier this year, brilliant machine…. I'm a spec guy, so when I buy a computer I want to feel value for money for the power i'm getting…. Mac's just don't provide that, yeah the build quality might be better on mac' physically, but if you want a high spec mac in comparison to the price of a windows computer in a similar range you're looking at spending anywhere between £2000-£4000…

  30. Quick answer before watching the video, no its not better. I have had windows computers forever but now I have a 2017 macbook pro with touchbar and it has been my favorite computer so far, I have windows on bootcamp for any apps that dont carry over.

  31. I have the dell XPS 15 and the touch pad is very touchy… liked that you noticed it more with other browsers instead of edge…I too are in the Apple ecosystem. Luv Apple wish they weren’t so expensive and still high end like the dell XPS … great video.

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